Oh Wait, Yes I Can!

The longer you wait for the future the shorter it will be.
– Loesje

Point to Ponder:
What opportunities or experiences do you turn down because you are waiting for the perfect time or simply don’t think you can?

Action Item:
Stop waiting for the “perfect time” or doubting yourself and start saying “YES I CAN!”

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

This summer during the Smoky Mountain Monarch Escape we enjoyed rich and plentiful conversations. You name it,  we talked about it. There was so much wisdom thrown around and shared that I finally just started taking notes on my iPhone. It was that good.

One piece of inspiration came from iGnite member Claire S.- as to how she made the decision to join the trip. Originally, she wanted to attend; however, due to a few potential obligations she felt it was best to stay home. Exactly one week prior to the getaway, still eager to go and realizing her potential obligations were just that, Claire remembered the words from her dream/vision board which read “Oh Wait, Yes I Can!”  Seven days later, Claire was rock climbing for the first time, mountain biking, white water rafting, zip lining and feeding her spirit with nature, adventure, laughter and friendship. Needless to say, she was thankful she gave herself permission.

What I appreciate most about Claire’s “mantra,” if you will, is that it’s the opposite of how the human mind typically operates. Even though I consider myself an optimist, “yes I can” is unfortunately not the first thought that comes to mind when offered an opportunity to go on a trip, join friends for dinner or stretch myself personally, professionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. Instead, I think of all of the reasons why I can’t — which is not only ridiculous, but is the opposite of how I want to live my life.

I suppose saying “no” is an instinctive and somewhat unconscious way of protecting ourselves.  Our tendency is to wait for “the perfect time” (a.k.a. when we have more money, our children are older or we are retired) but wouldn’t life expand exponentially if before rushing to “no” and all of the reasons why we can’t, we paused and said, “Oh wait, yes I can!”

Of course we can’t say “yes” to everything, however next time you have an opportunity to try something new, fun or participate in an experience that could create growth (personally. professionally, spiritually, mentally or physically), how about putting all of your energy into why you CAN rather than why you can’t?! Ultimately, give yourself permission to enhance your life by joining Claire and adopting her “Oh Wait, Yes I Can!” mantra.

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