5 Ways to Use a 15 pound Dumbbell Workout

5 Ways to Use a 15 Pound Dumbbell WorkoutThis 5-step full body workout designed by iGnite founder Neissa Springmann uses only one dumbbell, making it perfect for at home or on a trip when you want to get in a great workout but have minimal space and equipment.

Complete this 5-exercise series up to 3 times (depending on your fitness level), resting 20-30 seconds between each exercise.  Feel free to use a lower weight dumbbell (2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 lb. , etc.) that is appropriate for your personal strength level.

So grab a dumbbell, press play and enjoy a great workout!

First, be sure to warm up for 3-5 minutes. Good warm up options are:

  • brisk power walk
  • jumping jacks
  • march in place
Squat to Press

Squat to Press

Exercise 1: Squat to Press

  • Holding the dumbbell to your heart, squat making sure  knees don’t protrude over toes, keeping your weight in  your heels and belly button pulled in toward your lower  back. Inhale down, exhale up.
  • Complete 20 reps.
  • To diversify, step to the side and squat, 10 each side. Works quads, hamstrings, glutes & shoulders


Plank to Row

Plank to Row

Exercise 2: Plank to Row

  • Get in the plank position, grab the dumbbell with the  left hand and pull the dumbbell up by your side, lifting  up and down. Keep your shoulders & hips squared, your  shoulders elbows & hips in alignment, and your glutes  squeezed.
  • Complete 10 per arm.
  • Works the lats, rhomboids and core.


Exercise 3: Static Lunge to Reach & Stretch

Static Lunge to Reach and Stretch

Static Lunge to Reach and Stretch

  • Step your right foot out in a lunge position, focusing on  externally rotating your knee and maintaining that rotation throughout the exercise to keep your knee and  hip in alignment. Stay in the static lunge position and  reach the dumbbell as far out over your toes as you can while keeping a straight back. Then reach all the way up  over your head and stretch it back.
  • Keep your core nice  and tall, your front knee at a 90 degree angle, your back  heel lifted off the ground, the back knee slightly bent,  and your toes and hips squared straight forward.  If the shoulders get too tired, just curl the dumbbell in using a bicep curl.
  • Complete 10 per leg.


Plank with a Cross Row

Plank with a Cross Row

Exercise 4: Plank with a Cross Row

  • Get in the plank position and place the dumbbell below  your right hand. With your left hand, reach across and  pick up the dumbbell and pull it across to the left side  of your body and repeat. Exhale on the pull.
  • Complete 10 cross rows with each arm.



Lunge to a Twist

Lunge to a Twist

Exercise 5: Lunge to a Twist

  • Lunge forward with the right leg, arms holding the  dumbbell strong and externally rotate the torso to the right keeping the lower body completely still. Push off  and step back up to standing. Then, lunge forward with  the left leg and externally rotate your torso to the left.  Keep your lunge nice and long.
  • Do 10 of these, alternating 5 one direction, 5 the other.  Then, do 10 total lunges with an INTERNAL rotation, 5 each leg.
  • Works the core, the lower body and the biceps.




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