Thinking Big & Trusting the Process

Sunrise at Butler Park- Based on the Austin skyline it’s obvious there are plenty of big thinkers amongst us. Just imagine, post 9-11 the Frost Tower was the tallest building constructed. Also, this week we celebrate the Birthdays of Laura M. and Louise P… Happy Birthday to you! We wish you a perfect birthday filled with all things wonderful!

I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.
— Donald Trump

View everything as possible and eliminate thoughts of doubt and fear. Think big, trust the process and watch your goals, dreams and best life unveil before you eyes.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

As I wrote in last weeks Journal I love inspirational quotes, movies, books, stories and people that follow their passions and never give up. I’ve determined that I am attracted to these types of things because they inspire me to think big!

I’ve always been a big thinker and dreamer. For as long as I can remember I’ve had extraordinary expectations for my life and never considered anything to be impossible. My mom encouraged me and my sister to shoot for the stars, while my father taught us to participate in sports with the motto “I’m as good as the best and better than the rest.” However, when it came to moving from Riesel (population 850) to live in Austin and attend UT (population 500,000) and then on to New York (population 11,000,000), he wasn’t as enthusiastic about the motto he engraved in my heart and mind; but it was too late and there was no looking back. Thinking big and believing that anything is possible was a lifestyle.

As a professional, thinking big has not been a problem either, as I have a grocery list of BIG ideas, goals and dreams. However, within five months of starting iGnite I concluded that in order to move forward I needed help. You see, while I am a big thinker I am not a strategic thinker, and when the two are combined the outcome often times is “big ideas, no result.” So, as an effort to organize my thoughts and goals I hired a professional coach. Try this week’s Intention Guide to help organize and strategize your goals!  Weekly Intention Guide (PDF)

Michelle helped me in ways I never could’ve imagined. One of the most valuable tools I learned was to ‘trust the process.’ There were many times during our meetings when she challenged me to answer tough questions and think WAY outside of my box, which I thought was impossible. Then, when I finally wrote down my big ideas I would panic because I logically couldn’t understand how everything was going to work out. She taught me to be an intentional thinker and to take action. In addition, I learned that when big ideas, dreams and goals are written down the next most important step is to believe and trust the process. Michelle and I never knew exactly how things would turn out, but they always did and trusting the process was a crucial component.

As a result of a continued effort to think big, set short term goals and be mindful of your dreams, below are more worthwhile nuggets from Jim Rohn:

1. Thinking big forces you to challenge conventional wisdom
Most people have been unconsciously programmed to abide by tradition and a certain mindset. Anything outside this mindset of theirs is termed “impossible or outrageous.” But when you think big, you force your mind to challenge such limiting wisdom and your brain begins to fashion a way out. If the Wright brothers hadn’t thought big and set big goals, humans wouldn’t have been flying today in airplanes. If Columbus had agreed with conventional wisdom that the world is flat, I wonder what would have been of international trade today. Think beyond conventional wisdom and it will be so.

2. It challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone
When I set the goal to become a billionaire in my life-time, I knew I was going way out of my reality. I felt uncomfortable because that goal seems like impossibility. But… I set it anyway, and today, I am on the journey towards achieving such goal. That’s why I love thinking big and setting big goals; it pushes me beyond my own realm of possibilities.

It takes determination and enthusiasm for your goals to get results!

It takes determination and enthusiasm for your goals to get results! Take after iGniter Ryan and push through!

3. Thinking big stirs your passion and enthusiasm
How do you feel when you set a big goal? If you feel awful that you are gunning for something big, then you need to have your head re-examined. But if you feel excited and motivated, then you are on track. A big goal is meant to fire up your enthusiasm regardless of how challenging it is.

4. It unleashes your creative instinct
Thinking big unleashes your creative instinct and helps you uncover ideas that will help you achieve your goal. When the Wright brothers toyed with the idea that humans could fly, their minds came up with the possibility of such idea becoming a reality. When I set the goal to become a billionaire, I initially doubted the possibility. But as my mind began to absorb the goal, I began to see the possibility of achieving it and my mind came up with a lot of creative ideas that will help bring that goal to reality.

5. It challenges you to expand your means, rather than live below your means
Have you heard the statement: “Live below your means?” Well, there’s nothing wrong with such statement but I believe that perception is for small thinkers and average achievers. Big thinkers don’t live below their means; they expand their means to suit the lifestyle they desire. Big thinkers are not content with average results, they aim for excellence. So would you rather be a big thinker or prefer to live in mediocrity? The choice is yours.

6. It eliminates impossibilities
Lastly, the true magic of thinking big is in the breaking of impossibilities. Thinking big makes the impossible possible. That’s why Adidas said “impossible is nothing.” This statement is only true if you think big and go for it. To many, the goal to become a billionaire is out of their reality and an impossible mission. But to me, it’s achievable because I have a perception that accepts big challenges. So when next you think about setting a goal or executing a project, think big and your thoughts will be brought into existence.

I hope you are convinced to join us and ride the Think Big/Trust the Process train. Combining the two actions will take you to unimaginable places and knock your socks off! An incredible true story example is from the movie Dolphin Tale. I saw the trailer for the first time this weekend and I’ve literally watched it at least ten times. Check it out and be inspired! We’ll set an iGnite movie date soon and be inspired together.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION- What is your HUGEST goal imaginable? 

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