WEEKLY JOURNAL: Are You Nutty, Energetic and Enthusiastic?

You can do anything if you have enthusiasm

“Nobody gets anything done unless they’re a little nutty, have great energy and enthusiasm.”
– Coach Bill Self

Over the weekend while channel surfing for brainless entertainment, I ran across an unexpected inspirational story. It was an episode of 30 for 30, an ESPN documentary series. We own a 30 for 30 DVD set, so I am familiar with and always enjoy the sports stories; however, what grabbed my attention with that this particular film was set in Austin.

To summarize, the story goes as follows: In 1891, the legendary James Naismith invented the game of basketball, wrote the basketball rulebook and founded the University of Kansas basketball program — which is one of the most storied college basketball programs in history. Then, in 2010 Dr. Naismith’s original rules went up for sale at Sotheby’s auction house and a dedicated Kansas Jayhawk fan by the name of Josh Swade passionately began raising money to bring the prized possession back to it’s original home, Lawrence Kansas. It quickly became evident to Swade that the small donations he was receiving wouldn’t be enough to reach a seven-figure goal so he immediately reached out to major Jawhawk donors. To make a long story short, Swade traveled to Austin to meet with an Austin businessman, who is also a University of Kansas graduate, in hopes that the alumnus would provide the generous financial donation. All in all, the alumnus accepted the challenge and won the hard fought bidding war. The James Naismith original basketball rulebook was purchased for $3.8 million and now resides at the University of Kansas basketball arena, in the Allen Fieldhouse.

To most of us, including myself as a sports fan, that is a ridiculous amount of money for a sport rulebook.  I mean, it bid higher than the original copy of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Lincoln, which sold before the rulebook for $3.3 million! However, in addition to Josh Swade’s relentless passion, what gave the story greater value was a quote from the current Kansas Jayhawk coach Bill Self as he referred to Josh Swade’s successful efforts: “Nobody gets anything done unless they’re a little nutty, have great energy and enthusiasm.”

Let’s face it, going to such extreme financial and time measures to occupy the rulebook was nutty, but it is also crazy cool that one person’s energy and enthusiasm could accomplish so much! Afterall, who am I to judge someone’s passion or how they choose to spend their time or money, especially when it is not hurting anyone?

Question: What are you a little nutty, energetic and enthusiastic about in your life? Is it your family, career, philanthropy, faith, travel, empty-nesting, friendships, marriage, an intimate relationship, a hobby, history, entertaining, shopping, a new project, or your health and wellness? Regardless of how you think others will respond or react, go for it and don’t look back. This is your life and what better way to live it than with nuttiness, energy and enthusiasm. It’s the iGnite way of life, and we support you 150%!


Point To Ponder:
What would you strive to do if you knew you couldn’t fail or be judged by others?


Action Item:
Listen to your heart and do something that you have hesitated to do in the past because of others’ concerns and opinions.

By Neissa

Neissa Springmann

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