Soaring Through All Seasons of Life


Point to Ponder:
Do you recognize your significance and the significance of your seasons?

iGnite Neissa

by Neissa Brown Springmann

Last week I attended a women’s workshop called In Sync with Significance. The organization who host the monthly events is called Lifestreams and their mission is to build relationships for Kingdom causes, by inspiring, connecting and empowering people and groups. Having lived in San Diego for nine months and feeling more comfortable, familiar, and enjoying my pace of life, my goal is to be intentional with how I spend my time and what I say “yes” to. As Martha Lynn Mangum, iGnite member and business coach often reminds me, “If it feels good, say “yes” and do it. If it doesn’t feel good, say “no” and don’t do it.” The In Sync with Significance invitation was a definite “yes!”, as will be the ongoing monthly workshops.

Like iGnite, for me there are few things more enjoyable than being amongst like-minded, loving and supportive women, and even for the most confident and resolute woman, discussing the topic of significance is never insignificant. The title alone was captivating, and the workshop was exceptional. Lauren, the founder and speaker, connected the dots between our significance in each life season and how we can find depth in every season. It was filled with big concepts that I am just now, while writing the journal, am able to fully grasp and comprehend. I have never heard our life seasons described this way, but it has allowed me to see the full purpose, significance and opportunities that each one holds. There are three life seasons, with all being of equal importance and each having an impactful role on one another and our life.

  1. Significance in Daily Identity – This is our everyday life that can often feel mundane and routine, but this is where relationships are built, structure is found and absolute joy can be experienced. This is the foundation for our future and where we begin and end each day. Embracing this season and changing our mindset to realize the significance in the ordinary will fill us with peace, contentment and gratitude. The keys for feeling significance in our daily identity season are: hearing love, having vision and impacting the people who we frequently spend time and have access to (family, colleagues, school, neighbors). Avoid the mindset of “when this happens, I’ll be happy”. This prevents us from seeing our significance in the season and being fully present and grateful.
  2. Significance in Trials – This is our season that allows us to trust in the Supernatural Power of God. We would never choose trials, yet they are necessary for building faith, relationships, patience and perseverance. Trials allow us to press into our Creator while experiencing intimate growth with Him. The trials season occurs alongside our daily identity season, and our daily identity keeps us grounded and gives us a comforting home base and foundation when the trials season occurs, as it always will. Once through the trials, we can be thankful for the opportunity we were given to soar through them and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  3. Significance in New Territory – This is our season of new experiences and opportunities. It’s the season for hearing your heart’s passion and saying “yes”. It’s the season of putting yourself out there, trusting God’s calling for you and going for it! It is always simultaneous with our daily identity, but not with our trials. The trials seasons place a pause on our new territory season. The two seasons are not are designed to go through together, as both seasons require a unique set of faith, trust and focus. However, the trials season plays a significant role in preparing our heart and mind to fully see and explore new territories that we have been created to confidently claim victory over. Both the trials and daily identity seasons are consequential in allowing us to flourish during our new territory seasons.

I find it fascinating that every season is connected, which is why they are all significant and we can’t have one without the other. Just as each season is significant, you are significant, and you are in the middle of your story. Recognizing your season, your significance and living in gratitude for the fruit that each season will produce is the key to peace and contentment. All seasons take extreme courage, and standing tall and walking boldly through each season will unlock your power. You were made to soar and fly into everything God has created you for, which is greatness!

Whatever seasons you are currently living in, proclaim it with power and victory. Know that you are not alone, physically or spiritually. Millions of women are walking alongside you and even in your same shoes, while God and His angels are always walking with you–cheering on your every breath and step.

Action Item:
Recognize your season and your significance. Living in gratitude for the fruit that each season will produce is the key to experiencing peace and contentment. All seasons take extreme courage, so stand tall and walk boldly through the season, as this will unlock your power. You were made to soar and fly into everything God has created you for, which is greatness. Whatever seasons you are currently living in, proclaim it with power and victory!

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3 thoughts on “Soaring Through All Seasons of Life

  1. neissa

    Thank you, Elaine! I appreciate your feedback and am so thankful that you enjoyed it and hopefully found it to be helpful. In the past, when I’ve been able to look at my life in seasons, it has always enabled me to see past my nose and focus on the big picture; however seeing the significance in the three seasons identified in the journal (Daily Identity, Trial and New Territories) it has really gave me a whole new perspective and appreciation for each one. Life is so interesting 🙂

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