Thanksgiving for Adversity & What You Do AND Don’t Have

Fall Leaves

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
-Thornton Wilder

Have you ever reflected on your life and given thanks for what you do not have and for adversity?

For example, many years ago while suffering from a broken heart, I prayed over and over that my boyfriend and I would reconcile and live happily ever after. The boyfriend was not my husband, and I am off-the-charts thankful for what I don’t have: a bad marriage and a life that looks nothing like the one I now live, love and am infinitely grateful for.

Also, I specifically remember a friend telling me that she faithfully prayed to no longer have financial woes; however, following a substantial salary increase she was unable to budget and found herself back in financial struggles. This was a tough lesson, but she confessed that she now understands that the blessing of money comes with great responsibility. She is thankful for the tough lessons learned and lives a more financially accountable and practical lifestyle.

Thanksgiving is a joyful time that creates a desire to rest, reflect and give extra thanks for all of our blessings. However, I suggest we go one step further and give thanks for what we do not have, as well as for challenging life experiences.

It seems silly to be thankful for life’s hardships, but for me, they have shaped my life for the best, and provided me with much needed humility, gratitude and the desire and ability to connect and share with others.

Therefore, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am happy to say that I am thankful that I did not marry my high school sweetheart, did not succeed in New York City, and for not having to bake the Thanksgiving turkey 🙂  Have a safe & happy Thanksgiving!

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Point To Ponder:
Are you as thankful for life’s challenges as you are for all of the good times?

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Action Item:
Be grateful for the blessing of adversity, what you have, don’t have and for unanswered prayers.

To your health,


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