10-Day Body Re-boot: Neissa’s Day 1


by Neissa

by Neissa

On Sunday, I made a big pot of brown beans, brown rice and purchased a few rotisserie chickens. This has made it really easy to create a Chipotle style bowl. I throw some avocado and hot sauce on it and it’s very satisfying and filling. If I had salsa I’d put that on it as well.

I also love our “Wanna Be Wondershozen” smoothie recipe in our Re-boot Booklet.  It’s delicious and extremely filling. It’s great as a meal replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner and it allows me to get plenty of protein, two whole cups of spinach and great omegas and fiber (I get my hemp protein powder from Whole Foods).IMG_0824

As for a snack, I love plain goats milk yogurt with walnuts and berries. The goats milk yogurt is thick and creamy, like the Greek yogurt, but isn’t dairy. I don’t need to sweeten mine but it can be sweetened by adding a few drops of vanilla Stevia to it (I get all of my stevia from Whole Foods).IMG_0822

  • Aspect of the Re-Boot I’m finding most difficult: Grabbing my usual snacks/chocolate.
  • Aspects of the Re-Boot I’m enjoying most: There are a few: I am enjoying the focusing on getting more rest. I gave up caffeine over the weekend and started getting 7-9 hours of sleep then, and I haven’t missed a day of good sleep yet. I was not expecting to feel this good so early in the Re-Boot. I am also enjoying not having so many food options to choose from. Last night when I wanted my ususal chocolate/evening snack, I was forced to go with food that was healthy as well as cranberry water and my hot lemon water. My cravings were satisfied. I feel really good!
  • How was your energy level throughout the day?  Surprisingly, my energy has been great so far. I didn’t think tis was possible without caffeine!
  • Are you having any specific cravings? Yes, chocolate in the evening.
  • Other observations: I’m just really enjoying being more conscious about my hydration, the food I am eating and sleep — self-care in general.
  • Tips/tricks: Hydration is my trick to my cravings, especially when my cravings aren’t “justified” and I’ve eaten plenty. I also keep hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator so I can have a quick protein snack on the go.

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