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Alli’s Day 9: 10-Day Body Re-Boot


by Alli Phillips

by Alli Phillips

I actually woke up before my 4:30am alarm buzzed this morning! Granted, at 4am my “baby boy” roused me when he crawled into my bed and curled up next to me. Nonetheless, (or maybe because of the sweet wake-up cuddle-session?), I woke up easily and got out of bed feeling rested and ready to “rise & shine.”

For me, more and better sleep has been the most notable benefit of the reboot so far. I think my sleep improvements are due to, in large part, the evening “technology shut down” and the “social media cleanse.”

I started the morning today, as I have every day during the reboot, with hot lemon water and gluten free oats topped with berries.

I started the morning today, as I have every day during the reboot, with hot lemon water and gluten free oats topped with berries.

At bedtime, I typically knock out a little more work via my phone (which charges overnight on my bedside table), return a few more emails, and also peruse Facebook — all of which, I have come to realize, keep me awake a full hour or more later than my body would drift off to sleep otherwise. (I’m now re-thinking the placement of the phone charger beside my bed.) The effect of “screen time” on my sleep has been a huge eye-opener; pun intended. ūüôā

During this reboot I have also realized that I usually run around somewhat dehydrated and under-fueled. My norm (pre-reboot) is to eat and drink very little in the morning and afternoon and then “refuel” my empty tank with a big dinner and a gallon of water at night. I usually feel a drop in energy in the late afternoon during the after-school hours, when I want and need to be at my best for my kids…. Conversely, while rebooting, I’ve been drinking my iGnite cranberry water and “topping-off” my fuel tank throughout the day (instead of letting it drop to empty) with nourishing snacks and meals every 2-4 hours; and I have been able to stay up and “on” for my family in the afternoons and evenings and have had sustained energy till bedtime.

Snack time: before & after :)

Snack time: before & after ūüôā

My mid morning snack was peanut butter on gluten free bread topped with strawberries. I took “before and after” pictures of my plate because I thought the “after” image was a great reminder of how I feel when I stay nourished and hydrated throughout the day…. Note the big bright eyes, rosy cheeks, and smile, even with a few sticky smudges and smears on my face! ūüôā

Lunch: roasted Brussels Sprouts (leftover from last night's dinner) and walnuts

Lunch: roasted Brussels Sprouts (leftover from last night’s dinner) and walnuts

My late afternoon snack was avocado wrapped in seaweed paper. (I typically also add cucumber and carrots to this snack, which my family has dubbed “sushi nachos,” but I was out of those veggies and didn’t have time to go to the grocery today.)

Dinner was out of the norm tonight because I ate at a meeting during my normal “dinner hour.” The food was typical “meeting-food,” appetizers, but yummy, and I was able to stay within the reboot guidelines: carrots, hummus, apples, and grapes.

My late afternoon snack: avocado wrapped in seaweed paper

My late afternoon snack: avocado wrapped in seaweed paper

Also served were corn tortilla chips and chocolate chip cookies, and of course I was tempted (more by the corn chips than the chocolate chips!), but I resisted. It is day 9! And I feel great!

Only 1 day Left: You Can Do It!

Body Re-boot: Day 1 | by Catherine


by Catherine Sanderson

by Catherine Sanderson

photo 1

Breakfast time! 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado & some all natural salsa (no longer wrapped in a corn tortilla)

Ok, day 1! ¬†Since I was really trying to pay attention to how my body felt all day so that I could record it, I can say that I woke up to my alarm very tired and wanting to go back to sleep (as usual), with bags under my eyes and bloated, even my rings are tight… is that normal? Doesn’t sound like the best start to me now that I’m ¬†sharing it out loud :/

I have to say that after my hot lemon water, Re-Boot-friendly breakfast and my first 20 oz. of water, I was feeling¬†very satisfied. ¬†So far, so good, I wasn’t feeling any bit deprived.

photo 2

I met my mom for lunch at my favorite Thundercloud Subs, excited to enjoy my fave gluten-free sandwich in town: gluten-free bun w/turkey, avocado, lots of veggies & peppers, spicy mustard, olive oil & salt & pepper

At one point in the day I messed up and started thumbing through Instagram for a ¬†brain break before I caught myself and quickly¬†logged out of my account on my phone– oh my gosh it’s¬†not even something I do¬†consciously anymore! It’s almost become second nature to mindlessly grab my phone to¬†browse my friends’ photos or get up and get a snack (I’m not even hungry!?)¬†when I need a quick 30 second escape. That¬†was a big realization for¬†me.

I like to think that I only occasionally look at social media (Instagram & Pinterest have definitely become my social media of choice), but in reality I reach for it a number of times a day, when instead I could do something much more rejuvenating for a break, like get up from my desk and step outside for a quick breath of fresh air. That is now my Re-Boot stand-in activity for social media & mindless snacking.

photo 3

I measured my water bottle the night before to find that it holds 20 oz. of water, so my aim is to keep this baby at my desk with me and make sure I finish at least 3 bottles by the end of the day.

photo 4

Worktime snack time! Apple with a tablespoon of all natural, unsweetened peanut butter. Just enough salty & sweet and very filling. It’s also my favorite for pre-workout energy.

Knowing that I needed to make sure I fit in 7-9 hours of sleep after getting home from school past 10pm and then get up early for work really made me much more conscious of planning out my night and responsibilities ahead of time so that I could get to sleep right when I got home. I have to say, I think I need that incentive to be better about planning ahead. It felt really good to be more prepared.

Even at¬†the end a busy work day followed by school in the evening, I realized that I personally felt much more calm and like my mind¬†was moving at a much more pleasantly slow pace — not always jumping from task to to-do-list task¬†and in between¬†busying myself with distractions like social media or TV. ¬†Lesson learned!

photo 5

My on-the-go “kitchen sink” smoothie dinner for running off to school — frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, spinach, all natural unsweetened peanut butter, almond milk and coconut water

Usually when I get home from class my husband and I sit down and watch a TV show together to “wind-down” and spend time together, but I found that not doing that and instead grabbing books and magazines and getting ready for bed was instead¬†so much more of a wind-down.¬†I was relaxed after only a few minutes and easily fell asleep in time to get in over 7 hrs of sleep. Glorious!

I’m interested¬†to see where the rest of the week takes me — it’s not easy, but I’m determined to push through!

Technology Overload May Be Adding to Your Stress — It’s Time to ‘Unplug!’

Going into what can become a stressful holiday season, it’s important that we know simple ways to de-stress. Jeffrey R. Ulery, D.C. of Austin Whole Body Health shares just how important “unplugging” can be:

by Jeffrey R. Ulery, D.C.

by Jeffrey R. Ulery, D.C.

Many studies show that constant stimulation from our smart phones and computers is creating huge amounts of stress. With every new experience or activity our brain shows new patterns of activity, and it is during downtime that we solidify them into a permanent memory of experience. When we stay constantly stimulated by television, smart phones and computers, we are preventing this process. Studies have shown that the constant stimulation we get while entertaining ourselves on our smart phones is actually taxing our brains, not relaxing them. Have trouble with your memory? This overstimulation stress could be a contributor, as it is well-documented that stress hormones have been shown to reduce short-term memory.

Because of our increasing addiction to information stimulation, there is a growing population of multitaskers who are unable to shut off their multi-tasking tendencies. This contributes to a variety of issues, particularly relational.

Armed with this information, it looks like we all need to work harder to pay attention to the people around us, exercise in a natural environment and take a break from technology so that our brains can process! We all need to remember, myself included, to turn our smart phones and computers off more.

To learn more about Dr. Ulery, visit http://austinwholebodyhealth.com.

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