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There are 2 Kinds of People…

Never Stop Growing

by Kathleen Parker

by Kathleen Parker

I just had to share this quote  because I think it is great for EVERYONE:

There are two kinds of people…One kind, you can tell just by looking at them at what point they congealed into their final selves. It might be a very nice final self, but you can expect no more surprises from it. Whereas, the other kind KEEPS MOVING, CHANGING. With these people, you can never say, “X stops here,” or “Now I know all there is to know about Y.”  That does not mean they are unstable.  Ah no, far from it. They are FLUID. They KEEP MOVING FORWARD AND MAKING NEW TRYSTS WITH LIFE, AND THE MOTION OF IT KEEPS THEM YOUNG. In my opinion, THEY ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL ALIVE.
– The Finishing School by Gail Godwin

I love this and think we can all apply it to our lives! Keep moving and growing like a weed you can’t kill!