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JoAnn’s Journey to Confidence and Better Health

JoAnn Herness

“I’m not really focused on being skinny, just on being my best self.”
-JoAnn Herness

Point To Ponder:
Are you patient enough to give yourself the chance to be the best you you can be?
Action Item:
Love yourself and view health as a lifelong goal and one that allows you to be your best self.

About Neissa

by Neissa Springmann

Last week I received an email that not only blew me away but inspired me as well.  The email was from JoAnn Herness, a five year and predominantly 6:00 a.m. iGnite member (a.k.a. “Monarch) who was referred to iGnite by a very good friend of mine. However, by JoAnn’s first class my friend was no longer iGniting which meant that she knew no one. Obviously, this certainly didn’t intimidate or deter JoAnn from joining us because she’s been iGniting ever since!  In addition, JoAnn has always had a rigorous and busy work schedule that takes her in and out of town. What’s most impressive is despite her travel and having to leave her home by 5:40 a.m. on her iGnite days, she always shows up with a smile and upbeat spirit.

So, about the email…. JoAnn emailed to inform me that over the course of her five years in iGnite she has lost a total of fifty pounds! That’s right, 5-0 pounds and to use her words, “the very best part is that while I would like to lose another fifteen to twenty more pounds, I’m not really focused on being skinny, just on being my best self.”

My quick response to JoAnn’s tremendous goal is EUREKA, AMEN and HALLELUJAH! I am thrilled that JoAnn has lost her weight in a healthy, slow and steady fashion (the best way!), but knowing that her ultimate objective is to be her best self is the absolute BEST thing I could ever read. I admire this mindset because it’s the opposite of what our fast pace and instant gratification society tells us. For example, how many magazines do you see at the grocery store whose covers read “Lose 5 Pounds in Five Days”, “Get Skinny Now” or “Six Moves to a Sexier and Sculpted You”?  The skinny imagery and negative messaging is everywhere. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to believe that being skinny versus living a consistently healthy life is most important. Women come in every shape and size, and there is nothing more beautiful than a confident and healthy woman who truly loves herself and is comfortable in her own skin.

Thank you JoAnn for sharing your inspirational weight loss news, but more than that, thank you for showing us what patience, persistence and loving yourself looks like.

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