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Alli’s Day 9: 10-Day Body Re-Boot


by Alli Phillips

by Alli Phillips

I actually woke up before my 4:30am alarm buzzed this morning! Granted, at 4am my “baby boy” roused me when he crawled into my bed and curled up next to me. Nonetheless, (or maybe because of the sweet wake-up cuddle-session?), I woke up easily and got out of bed feeling rested and ready to “rise & shine.”

For me, more and better sleep has been the most notable benefit of the reboot so far. I think my sleep improvements are due to, in large part, the evening “technology shut down” and the “social media cleanse.”

I started the morning today, as I have every day during the reboot, with hot lemon water and gluten free oats topped with berries.

I started the morning today, as I have every day during the reboot, with hot lemon water and gluten free oats topped with berries.

At bedtime, I typically knock out a little more work via my phone (which charges overnight on my bedside table), return a few more emails, and also peruse Facebook — all of which, I have come to realize, keep me awake a full hour or more later than my body would drift off to sleep otherwise. (I’m now re-thinking the placement of the phone charger beside my bed.) The effect of “screen time” on my sleep has been a huge eye-opener; pun intended. 🙂

During this reboot I have also realized that I usually run around somewhat dehydrated and under-fueled. My norm (pre-reboot) is to eat and drink very little in the morning and afternoon and then “refuel” my empty tank with a big dinner and a gallon of water at night. I usually feel a drop in energy in the late afternoon during the after-school hours, when I want and need to be at my best for my kids…. Conversely, while rebooting, I’ve been drinking my iGnite cranberry water and “topping-off” my fuel tank throughout the day (instead of letting it drop to empty) with nourishing snacks and meals every 2-4 hours; and I have been able to stay up and “on” for my family in the afternoons and evenings and have had sustained energy till bedtime.

Snack time: before & after :)

Snack time: before & after 🙂

My mid morning snack was peanut butter on gluten free bread topped with strawberries. I took “before and after” pictures of my plate because I thought the “after” image was a great reminder of how I feel when I stay nourished and hydrated throughout the day…. Note the big bright eyes, rosy cheeks, and smile, even with a few sticky smudges and smears on my face! 🙂

Lunch: roasted Brussels Sprouts (leftover from last night's dinner) and walnuts

Lunch: roasted Brussels Sprouts (leftover from last night’s dinner) and walnuts

My late afternoon snack was avocado wrapped in seaweed paper. (I typically also add cucumber and carrots to this snack, which my family has dubbed “sushi nachos,” but I was out of those veggies and didn’t have time to go to the grocery today.)

Dinner was out of the norm tonight because I ate at a meeting during my normal “dinner hour.” The food was typical “meeting-food,” appetizers, but yummy, and I was able to stay within the reboot guidelines: carrots, hummus, apples, and grapes.

My late afternoon snack: avocado wrapped in seaweed paper

My late afternoon snack: avocado wrapped in seaweed paper

Also served were corn tortilla chips and chocolate chip cookies, and of course I was tempted (more by the corn chips than the chocolate chips!), but I resisted. It is day 9! And I feel great!

Only 1 day Left: You Can Do It!

Cleanse Day 5: by Catherine

by Catherine Hearn

by Catherine Hearn

Okay, was day 5 a turning point for anyone else?!  I think this was the first day I was actually in a good mood all day! AND the first time I wasn’t craving sweets or caffeine at MULTIPLE points throughout the day.  I didn’t even think that was possible, especially with how things were going at the beginning of the week… :/

Getting in my 30 mins of exercise at an iGnite yoga class

Getting in my 30 mins of exercise at an iGnite yoga class

I didn’t realize until today that I usually wake up in the mornings with tired eyes that feel very heavy, and with pretty significant bags under my eyes. The same was true all week until this morning. I woke up feeling clear-headed and with “awake eyes” — I don’t know how else to describe it, but no eye bags and not feeling like I’m desperate to go back to bed! It was glorious. I’m assuming this is related to the no sugar and no caffeine, because those are the biggest changes to my diet with the cleanse, and my sleep patterns have stayed about the same.  Note to self: probably a good idea to keep that up as much as possible considering how much better I feel! 

Lunchtime! My go-to spinach salad with beans, rice, tomatoes, avocado, lime juice, olive oil, cilantro and salt & pepper (and whatever other veggies I can find in the fridge)

Lunchtime! My go-to spinach salad with black beans, brown rice, tomatoes, avocado, lime juice, olive oil, cilantro and salt & pepper (and whatever other veggies I  find in the fridge…)

To be honest, I spent Days 1-4 in a relatively bad mood, low on energy, and craving sugar and caffeine throughout the day. Thank goodness on day 5 I had consistent energy throughout the day and for the first time wasn’t having the urge to eat out of “boredom,” it was awesome.

Since my exercise was inside today, I got my 30 mins of outdoor time by moving my office outside for the afternoon. I loved it!

Since my exercise was inside today, I got my 30 mins of outdoor time by moving my office outside for the afternoon. I loved it — the fresh air definitely gave me a second wind.





I have especially loved the effects of cleansing from social media this week.  Not allowing myself to browse through Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook on my phone at every down moment or while I’m eating has made me realize how often I do that each day.  Although those little icons on my phone are still very tempting, it has been incredibly freeing and allowed me to be much more present in the moment, whether I’m waiting in line somewhere, eating breakfast or lunch, or just wanting to turn off my brain between work and school.  Simply sitting and relaxing is much more rejuvenating AND keeps me from comparing my own life to the lives of my friends and the people I follow online (as much as I like to tell myself that I’m not doing that).  It’s a great feeling.    Not to mention, it ups the chances that I’ll call my friends and have a solid conversation to find out what’s going on with them, instead of finding out online.  It’s time to get back in the habit of that.

Sick of cooking, we had a low-key Friday date night at Chipotle — super easy to make a cleanse-friendly bowl/salad here while Andy gets to eat a big ‘ol burrito. Win-win!

Overall, day 5 was a game-changer for me. So, if anyone started a day or 2 late and isn’t to day 5 yet, keep the faith! It’s a winner, you’ll feel the results in your mood and energy very soon 🙂

The Antidote for Exhaustion Is NOT Rest, It’s…

Retreat dance party – the ultimate in letting go & wholeheartedly enjoying the moment

“It’s a journey… no one is ahead or behind you.
You are not more advanced or less enlightened.
You are exactly where you need to be. It’s not a contest, it’s life.
We are all teachers and we are all students.”

Point to Ponder:
Does comparison play a role in stealing your joy?
Action Item:
For this one week, eliminate the behaviors (possibly social media)
that cause you to compare your life with the lives of others.

by Neissa Brown Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

Two weekends ago at our Intentional Renewal Wellness Retreat at the T Bar M Resort in New Braunfels, our Saturday morning opening speaker was Dave Sunde. Dave is a pastor at Riverbend Church and leads the adult Sunday School class I attend. Every Sunday he leads us in a thought-provoking, interesting and heartfelt conversation, and his presentation at the retreat was no different. Dave spoke on the topic of renewal: renewal in the sense that we need it on a regular basis, but that we are created for it too. Dave referenced a book called Midlife & the Great Unknown, and went on to say that the author, David Whyte, suggests that the antidote for exhaustion isn’t rest, it’s wholeheartedness. Did you read that?  I’ll say it again: the antidote for exhaustion isn’t rest, it’s wholeheartedness. HO-LY COW! Is that blowing your mind like it blew mine?! Honestly, I can’t type my thoughts fast enough and have been thinking about it ever since I first heard it.

My first conclusion is this: no wonder why our society is  such an exhausted and stressed group of people. We’re over-committed, over-involved, over-stimulated and over-worked. And, it’s simply not possible to be wholehearted when we’re pulled in eighteen million different directions. It’s an unsustainable pace and a lifestyle that sets us and our children up for personal and professional burnout and failure. I believe the way we begin living a more wholehearted life is by saying “no” more often and “yes” less often. In other words, we need to be very selective with the things we choose to give and spend our time on.  Just imagine if we chose a minimum of one and a maximum of three things to pour our whole heart into (and family definitely counts as one). The value and meaning we would add to our lives and our relationships would soar! It’s the whole notion of “less is more” or “addition by subtracting.” I think we would all be better off and less exhausted if we put this into action.

My next wholehearted conclusion is based upon a Teddy Roosevelt quote: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” This one is huge, so here it is again: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Maybe it’s just me, but I think this is a game-changing quote that has absolutely  everything to do with living a wholehearted life. Here’s why: I think we’re all trying to keep up with one another — and that is exhausting. I also think this links back to my first conclusion, as could it be possible that we are over-committed, over-involved, over-stimulated and over-worked because we are trying to keep up with too many people (society) and we’re not living our own life?

Unfortunately we live in a world where nothing is off-limits or sacred, and thanks to 24-hour television access, the internet and social media, everyone’s everything is in our face, and it’s almost impossible to avoid continually comparing our lives.  And where there’s comparison ,there is always judgement — thinking someone or someone’s life is better (either you or the other person). All in all, we’re inundated with everyone’s airbrushed highlight reals, and it’s pretty much impossible for that to not have an effect us. As a result, I think we must strive to live a counter-culture life and live our own lives without the fear of judgement or acceptance of any one else. It’s then that I think our ability to live wholeheartedly, instead of exhausted, is possible.

This week, as one of the many components of iGnite’s 7-Day  Cleanse, iGnite will be taking a break from social media, and we encourage you to do the same. While we do think that social media has a place in the world and we are proud that the iGnite social media presence is building community and sharing a positive, encouraging and inspirational message, we feel that an occasional social media cleanse is healthy and necessary for us all. The purpose of our cleanse is to evaluate what types of unnecessary things we might be addicted to and to analyze the effect of eliminating them. Maybe social media only adds value to your life, or maybe it’s sucking time out of your day, preventing you from doing more of what you love, seeing more of the beauty in the world or living your best life. Comparison and societal approval rob us from living an authentic and joyful life, and we suspect that social media plays a role in this. Ultimately, we expect fantastic results, and we invite you to join us on round one of the “Antidote for Exhaustion Challenge.”