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Member Spotlight: Tracey Nelson

Clemson Tailgate

I was born in San Antonio, but grew up in Europe, Asia, New York and the Middle East as my father was in the intelligence service.

Family Life:
I’ve been married to David for 31 years (…child bride…), and we have two amazing kids: Kate, 25 and Drew, 22.

Work Life:
I’m currently a marketing consultant, after several years of executive marketing positions with Polo/Ralph Lauren, Fila and others.

Biggest lesson I’ve learned through my iGnite experience…
Working out outside is not only more fun, but also more challenging AND reduces stress!

I’m most inspired by…
People who are curious, constantly wanting to learn, experience more and try new things.

In my free time, I like to…

My guilty pleasure is…
Wormholes! I look up one thing on the internet, then that leads to another, then another…

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Member Spotlight: Caitlin Clemenson


I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas, and I’ve lived in Austin for almost 5 years.

Family Life:
No significant other or kids. I have 4 roommates you can find me with on any given day. I’m also very close with my family down in San Antonio, so I see them as much as I can.

Current Occupation:
Personal Assistant/Project Coordinator for an interior designer here in town.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned through my iGnite experience:
How welcoming everyone can be. Everyone is so encouraging, and it definitely makes me look forward to my workouts!

The best advice I’ve been given:
The best advice I ever received was from my parents. They always taught my brothers and me to wake up and love everything about our days. Life is too short to not love what you do, and if you’re in a situation you don’t like, don’t complain. You either allowed that situation to happen or you created it. Harsh, I know, but I’m thankful nothing was really sugar coated for us. Our work ethic is genuine.

Something people may not know about me:
I’m a total nerd. I love to read, especially British literature, and can quote every Star Wars movie.

Three words to describe myself:
Sassy, creative and genuine.

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Member Spotlight: Melinda Twomey


I was born in New York City and raised mostly just outside New York in Englewood, New Jersey. We have lived in Austin for 16 years.

Basic Family Stats:IMG_1621-1
I have been married to Barry Twomey for 26 blissful years, and we are blessed to have four wonderful children: Paul (sophomore at Beloit College in Wisconsin), Margot (sophomore at University of Texas in Austin), Laura (freshman at Trinity University in San Antonio) and Mark (high school senior at AESA Prep Ac

Current/Previous Occupation:
After attending Smith College and Columbia School of International Affairs, I worked in New York at several investment banks until retiring to be a full time mom. I currently serve on the boards of Fountain Valley School of Colorado and Tomorrow’s Children Foundation.

Biggest lesson learned through iGnite experience:
The biggest lesson I have learned through iGnite is to try new things! iGnite had literally been on my mind to try for years, but I was just too stuck to my routine. I finally made the leap in April, and the rest is history – thank goodness!

Who inspires you the most and why?
My girlfriends inspire me the most. They are smart, informed, readers of great books, travelers of the world, givers to those in need, sensitive, funny, interesting, fun, loving and humble. How lucky am I?!

In my free time…
I like to travel, hike, ski, read, do jigsaw puzzles, watch Homeland, Downton Abbey and House of Cards, work on my photography skills, spend time with family and friends, and most of all, I love to iGnite!

What is your guilty pleasure?
I only have two guilty pleasures: Chardonnay and Kone coffee (which we actually order from Hawaii).

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