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Class Highlight: Total Body Strength & Toning


Total Body Strength & Toning

Kathleen Parker

Leader Kathleen Parker

Lean muscle mass cannot be maintained or increased with aerobic training alone. Without strength training, an adult will lose approximately 1% of their lean muscle mass per year after the age of 30!!


TOTAL BODY STRENGTH AND TONING is set in beautiful Rollingwood Park under a shaded pavilion. This class focuses on strengthening the entire body through low impact exercises using weights, resistance bands and of course, bodyweight.

Though it is low impact, we move at a fast pace with little rest to challenge you, and increase lean muscle!

IMG_0971Many women miss out on the incredible benefits that strength training has to offer. If one of your health goals is weight management, strength training is the key that can unlock your potential for the strong, lean and healthy body you dream of. If this is your goal, I would love for you to come try out this 45 minute class.

The biggest impact on weight loss or weight maintenance is a revved up metabolism. Strength training increases the amount of lean muscle on your body, and lean muscle mass requires more calories both during exercise and throughout the rest of your day. Muscle also requires energy in the form of calories to maintain itself—unlike fat, which requires almost no calories to exist.

Strength training has SO many more benefits for women, including the following:

-Increased bone density
-Increased tendon and ligament strength
-Improved joint function
-Reduced potential for injury
-Better balance
-Increased overall metabolic function—especially at rest
-Improved overall health and well being!


I hope you can join me to try out TOTAL BODY STRENGTH AND TONING! Getting under the weights has changed my body and my life!
It was through strength training that I have changed my own body. I feel stronger now than when I was 30 — or even 20.

Plus, life is so much more FUN WHEN YOU ARE STRONG!

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Featured Testimonial


…I have tried and accomplished things that I never would have dreamed of at 56 years old…
– Nancy D.

Nancy Dacy, iGnite participant since 2010

By Nancy D., iGnite participant since 2010

“At the encouragement of a friend, I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended my first iGnite class in August 2010. It was a cross training class that Neissa was teaching at Barton Springs. The only familiar thing to me that morning were several people that I knew who immediately embraced me and made me feel welcomed and less self-conscious. I have lived in Austin since 1975 and had never stuck my toe in Barton Springs. It was invigorating, to say the least. It was a great morning, and to be completely honest, every inch of me hurt the next day. But, it was the greatest feeling that I had really accomplished something and I could not wait to go back.

To look back at all I have done since I joined iGnite is amazing. I have attended classes at Rollingwood Park, Mt. Bonnell, Butler Park, Pease Park, Northshore Overlook, and the Austin High track. I have gone swimming at the JCAA and danced at Champions Westlake. I have experienced a variety of cardio classes, yoga classes and strength training classes all outside, whether it is 32 degrees or over 100 degrees. Not only have I gone Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) on Town Lake for the first time, I have done it with a Hula Hoop (don’t ask the end result). I have been water skiing and bike riding. I have attended lunches and dinners as well as parties. I have attended, and even participated in, Whole Body Health talks and learned so much.

The icing on the cake was a Monarch Escape with 16 women to Oyster Bay, New York. We exercised, ran the streets of Long Island, played in the ocean, had a sailboat excursion, ate healthy meals, drank green smoothies and just relaxed and enjoyed girl time with some amazing, like-minded women.

iGnite is so much more than just an exercise program. It provides an environment to step out and explore new opportunities, try things you have never done before, and embrace life as a whole. I have tried and accomplished things that I never would have dreamed of at 56 years old. iGnite encourages a zest for life and makes us all better people by feeding our bodies, minds and spirits. It has truly iGnited my life in so many ways!”

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