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10 Day Re-boot: Kellie’s Day 8

iGnite 10 Day Body Reboot


by Kellie Strickland

After a stressful last couple months with buying a new house I knew I needed some serious changes in my daily routine. I was stress eating, binging on TV all night, and breaking out like crazy. Let me give you some perspective on just how far down this hole I had gone. Every night on my way home from the new house I would inevitably have forgotten to eat dinner so I would stop by P. Terry’s which was conveniently right on my way home and get a cheeseburger then I would proceed to go home and eat some ice cream straight out of the carton. I’m not talking about those cute Ben & Jerry’s pints of Chunky Monkey. I’m talking the full on, half gallon Blue Bell carton sitting in my lap while I watch TV. This brings me to my unhealthy habit of falling asleep to the TV. I don’t even know how I got into this habit or when it got so bad, but I was to the point to where I HAD to watch Friends when I was in bed. I needed the soothing voices of Monica and Rachel to lull me to sleep. Last, and most annoying in my eyes, was the fact that my face was breaking out worse than when I was 13. I felt like my pimples had pimples. This is to give you ladies a good idea of where I was going into the Re-Boot.


7th Street Hill-1

7th Street Hill

I started my Monday with my usual 6AM class with Molly. She had floated the idea last week that we were going to have an entire class at the 7th Street Hill (Note the capitalization. The 7th Street Hill deserves the respect of being a proper noun) and boy did she make good on her promise. Life was so much simpler before I knew this hill existed. After five trips up the hill sprinting (I use “sprinting” loosely as I can barely make it to the top of the hill in what would be considered one step above a walk) and some circuit training, I checked “Exercise” off my Re-Boot list so exhausted yet happy as always to have woken up and started my day there.


The Judging Lemons

The Judging Lemons

Full disclosure … I hate lemon water. Let me take that one step further, I hate lemon in any of my drinks. It’s weird and un-American on some level I’m sure, but I just can’t do it. I tried the warm lemon water on the first day of the Re-Boot and not a day since. Give me half a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar and oil pulling over lemon water any day. I have the lemons in a bowl in my kitchen and they judge me every morning that I don’t pack one to take to work with the rest of my food. Well judge away lemons, I will not force drink you.


Dog Walking

Taking my dog on a walk during my lunch break

I went home for lunch today to check on my sweet dog who has not been adjusting to the move from New York to Texas well, let alone the move to the new house over the weekend. We went for a walk around the block and played fetch in the huge backyard that I hope he grows to love. I packed myself a quick salad and headed back to the office. A big challenge for me has been the packing of the food. I am incredibly unorganized and hate the prepping that goes into most healthy diets. I have really struggled with getting things together for work in order to get all the meals in so I have ended up having three meals and done more snacking in between (gluten-free delicious snacks that I never knew exists until this week), but I have YET to drive through any fast food place and I have stayed away from all desserts.


Salad for lunch at work

Espom Salt Romance

My favorite part — the Epsom salt baths

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the Re-Boot has been the Epsom salt baths. Let me put this out there that I am not a bath person at all. I haven’t taken one since I don’t know when and the thought just skeeves me out. I gave it a go and my life will never be the same. Granted, I put the water on way too hot the first time, scalded myself and only lasted about 15 minutes and sweat poured down my face but when I got out, I fell asleep almost immediately (Your hold on my sleep ends now Chandler Bing!) and my knees that always give me problems felt amazing during my run the next day. I have gotten the water to a manageable level and I am loving this time to myself where there is nothing else to do but relax so this was naturally the perfect way to end my Monday.


All-in-all this Re-Boot has been the perfect thing my life needed at the perfect time.

Sha’s Day 3: 10-Day Body Re-Boot Detox


by Sha Klatt

by Sha Klatt

Hi Everyone,

For some reason I got off to a slow start this re-boot go around. So after not being as on top of things as I had hoped and letting a day get away without doing all the steps, today is day 3 and I’m finally getting into my re-boot groove!

Got day 3 off to good start with hot lemon water instead of coffee.  Ironically, I think my energy was much higher today!

Got day 3 off to good start with hot lemon water instead of coffee. Ironically, I think my energy was much higher today!

On day 1, I had a pretty big headache. Day 2 — a milder headache. I hadn’t slept that well either, so I decided to make sure to check everything off the list for day 3 to see if it helped. So far, so good! Last night I took my first epsom salt soak, turned off technology and slept like a baby.

I awoke this third day feeling way more energetic. In fact, I have felt amazingly energetic all day. I’m thinking the lack of coffee in the morning is actually giving me more energy, because I’m not getting that dip that I usually feel when the caffeine runs out on me. Whoa! I hate the thought of giving up my morning Joe, but it may be really worth it!!!

I had my lemon water and a KIND bar to start my day.  KIND bars really help me when I need quick energy on the run; I usually eat half before a workout and the other half afterwards.  After my iGnite workout for the day I fixed up a green smoothie with peaches.

Delicious, filling and healthy ruby trout salad from Z Tejas

Delicious, filling and healthy ruby trout salad from Z Tejas

I had to run some errands this morning so I went ahead and fixed a tall iced apple cider vinegar and water with stevia and sipped on that around town.  Meal 3 was a delicious ruby trout salad from Z Tejas.  I’m pleased to say that I didn’t have my mid-afternoon slump today, but I did start getting a slight headache.

Dinner: a yummy filling power bowl from Maudie's.

Dinner: a yummy filling power bowl from Maudie’s

I don’t usually eat out twice a day, but I had an out-of-town guest and that’s what we ended up doing. Soooo for dinner I had a power bowl with shredded chicken at Maudie’s. I avoided the chips and salsa and left feeling very satisfied.

I got my cranberry water ready for day 4 and headed to the tub for a relaxing soak and some spinal twisting before another great night’s sleep!