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Class Highlight: Running Training

Alli - Running Training

Running Training with Alli

Alli Phillips

by Alli Phillips

The Running Training class is a mixed level workout appropriate for the casual “lifestyle runner,” the 10k age group competitor, the experienced marathoner, and everyone in between. Moms are welcome to bring children in jog strollers to the class.

Running Training follows a circuit format, wherein stops along the beautiful 2-4 mile loop around Lady Bird Lake allow the participants to re-group. During the “stops,” drills, exercises, and cross-training are performed in order to:

  • emphasize technique
  • focus on proper form
  • correct body alignment
  • work on body balance

MountBonnell-1My focus is on teaching good form first and foremost, but improving speed is a secondary focus. Good form and faster times go hand in hand; the better your form, technique, and body mechanics, the more efficient you are and the faster you run. Further, for individuals with specific running goals (training for an event), I will personalize programs and coach tailored to individual needs.

11923338_10153536468405406_4264830825102078105_o-2The Running Training class includes activities and drills that foster the natural love of running and movement that I believe we are all born with.  I encourage community and friendships within our group… I try to help the runners in my class find the kid inside who just wants to “run and play.”

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The Secret is Exercise QUALITY Over Quantity

by Molly McCauley

by Molly McCauley

As I’m reading through my Jillian Michaels Making the Cut workout book, I came across a really great couple of paragraphs that I’d like to share with you all. It makes complete sense, and it is something we iGnite leaders try to emphasize throughout our classes. Of course we want to have fun, visit with friends, and make new friends (that’s what iGnite is all about!), but we also want to make sure we have proper form and technique with every exercise we do so that we don’t get injured and so that we see the results we are wanting and hoping to see!

Here’s the info from the book: (Don’t worry, I’m only going to give a little bit!)

So what constitutes proper form and technique? Precision, concentration, control and breathing.

Concentration: Concentrate on what you are doing and the specific muscle you are training. Your mind should be focused on the task at hand, isolating the muscle group you are working and really feeling the work you’re doing. To achieve maximum results, you must focus on the muscle you are training and make every rep count.

Control: You must perform your exercises through a full range of motion in a deliberate, steady manner.  This will ensure that you are stimulating the entire muscle, not just a portion of it.

Breathe: Not only is breathing essential for keeping your blood pressure steady, but it also promotes slow, controlled movements, which will max out your results. Additionally, by holding your breath during even a single repetition of an exercise, you are depriving your body of valuable oxygen and encouraging muscle fatigue.

There’s much more to be learned, of course, but let’s focus on these three components!  Keep up the hard work and keep iGniting!