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Wait…Can I Have YOUR Mantra?

“Once you become consciously aware of just how powerful your thoughts are, you will realize everything in your life is exactly how you allow it to be.”
-Melaine Moushigian Koulouris

Point to Ponder:
Have you been putting off determining your mantra?
Remind yourself that it can’t hurt to create one,  why put it off when it could do nothing but GOOD for your life?

Action Item:
If you have already determined your spring mantra, repeat it to yourself at least once a day.  If you haven’t, do it this week!

by Neissa Brown Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

Now that we’ve been sharing mantras for the past two weeks, I’m curious if you are suffering from “mantra envy” like I am?  Perhaps you have even asked, “Wait..can I have your mantra?”

I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with identifying with and wanting someone else’s mantra, as it simply means that we have a lot in common. And, the more we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and share, the greater opportunity we have to connect on intimate levels, inspire one another and have the greatest impact. So in the spirit of sharing, below are the  personal mantras of three more of our amazing leaders: Alli, Jill and Kathleen

“Conceive – Believe – Achieve”

by Alli Phillips

by Alli Phillips

For the last several months my husband and I have been casually brainstorming a business idea that has me very excited. Not only do I think our idea is a good one, but I love that it involves us working together. However, even though I WANT to work toward making our idea a reality, I am prone to self-doubt as well as letting the busyness of day-to-day life consume me…. So, this spring, the areas of wellness on which I’d like to focus are “occupation” and “personal growth.” My mantra is “Conceive – Believe – Achieve” based on the quote from Napoleon Hill, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

“Embrace Life’s Challenges, Eager to Gain all the Blessings Hidden in the Difficulties”

by Jill Watts

by Jill Watts

Over the past year I have had many life challenges to deal with, and as I am not always able to stay positive and push through whatever comes my way, I certainly have not embraced many of these challenges. I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to figure out why they happened the way they did, how they could have been different and have whined about them. I realized that if I just accept things exactly as they are in the present moment and embrace the challenge, trusting that everything will work out in the end and that something good will come out of them– a blessing– that life would be so much easier and happier. This pertains to my work, my marriage, my children, relationships…ALL aspects of my life. We are constantly faced with challenges in our lives, especially as we get older and our children get older. Life is constantly changing and bringing upon new challenges, which is what makes us grow and become stronger, wiser and live with more gratitude. I often have to remind myself these days to embrace it rather than complain about it!  Almost always there is a blessing that comes out of it in same way. It also helps me realize how truly blessed I am.

“Don’t Be Afraid to Be Amazing!”

by Kathleen Parker

by Kathleen Parker

I have to confess I borrowed my mantra from the words of Olympic Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler. When I first read her words I knew they meant something to me. Growing up with a driven and goal-oriented father, I remember his words to us 6 kids: “You can search for happiness your whole life and you will never find it. It is through your accomplishments that you find happiness.” Often I get “comfortable” with my day to day life, and at times get stagnant and stuck. “Don’t be afraid to be amazing” motivates me to continue to challenge myself in ALL aspects of my life, even if it leads to some failures and disappointments. My failures have been a vehicle for learning and growth, and if I did not go through them I would not be a better version of myself. BRING IT ON 2014!! I will NOT be afraid to be amazing!!



“I Can, I Am, I Will, I Do” : The Effects of Self-Talk

Congratulations Gretchen! During the second week of our Journey, Gretchen Huddleston said “I am going to win the first place Monarchs on the Move prize.” Her words became reality on September 22 when she punched her eighteenth hole. Gretchen’s motivation and conviction through words led to a determined spirit. Now she has $100 of Monarch Money and new iGnite shirt to celebrate with. WAY TO GO GRETCHEN! (Second and third place prizes as well as prizes for anyone who gets all eighteen holes punched are still available, so follow Gretchen’s lead and get those holes punched!)


If you do not conquer self you will be conquered by self.
— Napoleon Hill

Action:  Speak, receive and reprogram your brain with words and phrases that support your goals and the life you desire.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

Having a coach as a father was great even though there were times when I didn’t appreciate it. My sister and I were the “sons” my father never had, so he raised us to play rough with the boys and stand up for ourselves — even fight with boys if necessary. Despite the occasional annoyance of all-sports-all-the-time talks, I am very thankful because he and my mother built up our confidence with their words. If we ever fell, bumped our heads, or scraped our knees, Dad would make us say out loud “I’m mean and tough” over and over until we stopped crying. Our tears disappeared and our cries turned to smiles. There was magic in those words, and he taught us more powerful chants as we grew.

Mom had magical words too. She boosted our self-esteem with compliments. Even when we absolutely knew we hadn’t done our best, she would tell us how proud of us she was, how well we did and how pretty we were. Words lacking confidence or positivity were not tolerated. “I hope”, “I need”, “I wish”— unacceptable! Instead, we were encouraged to speak in confident phrases such as “I am,” “I will,” and “I do.”  These subconsciously encouraged us to take action.

Looking back, I realize that our parents taught us the power of “self-talk”.  By using words that are positive, confident and convincing, they created programs in our brains that empowered us to believe that we can achieve all things and that nothing is impossible. As I often say, we are products of our past—good or bad—and we are programmed to believe and see ourselves in ways that are not accurate. It is up to us to eliminate self-doubt and believe that we have the power to change and achieve anything. Doing so takes setting an intention and reprogramming our brain with “I am,” “I will,” and “I do” statements:  “I am open minded,” “I am patient,” “I will ask for help when I need it,” “I do love and care for my body,” “I will exercise everyday.”

Another opportunity to reprogram ourselves comes through accepting and believing the compliments we receive. When we reject a compliment, we are essentially saying we aren’t good enough, we don’t deserve kind words, and we don’t want them. We are also denying the complimenter the right to be kind, and sending a negative message into the universe. It’s important that we all speak and accept loving, kind and positive words.

There can be no doubt when setting goals. We must write them down and use persuasive self-talk to achieve them. There should be no uncertainty in your language. Two weeks ago many of you boldly wrote down your goals. During the process, Monarch Patty Huffines shared a past success story. She told us that when she was going through her divorce she was asked to write down what she wanted — with or without a man in her life. She took out a legal pad and wrote down everything she could think of, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Within one year, 80% of what was on her list had been achieved and by the third year, everything was!!! She is living proof that we can create anything we want. Patty has written down a new set of goals and recently spoke excitedly and confidently by saying she KNEW her desires would come true. She has no doubt.  Neither should you!

This week’s video features well-known self-talk expert Dr. Shad Helmstetter and shows the power and positive effect that self-talk can have on your life. When you reflect on your life, will you say “I wish I would have” or “I’m glad I did”?


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