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Meg’s Day 6 | 10-Day Body Re-boot


by Meg O'Connell

by Meg O’Connell

The Re-boot Cleanse has been a bit different for me this time around. Last time I jumped in with both feet and felt great after the 10 days! In fact, I felt so great, that many of the practices, I have maintained. I continue to have my lemon water twice a day and I really stay away from dairy and wheat as much as I can during the week. I also was much more conscious about how much water I drank in a day…I might not have always had enough, but so much better than in my past. However, I did bring my coffee back into my morning ritual, the evening cocktail returned, and then the chocolate.

tempting birthday cupcakes!

tempting birthday cupcakes!

Therefore, when I looked at the cleanse this time around and saw that it fell right when my daughter had her birthday (how was I going to resist Red Velvet Cake in the house?), I wanted to really pick apart how my body responded to different foods. Therefore, I actually gave up coffee two weeks ago! I didn’t have a headache, which I was excited about, but today as my hubby pulled into Starbucks and it was starting to sprinkle outside and we were heading to my son’s football game, I decided to order a coffee. I enjoyed every second of it! I then began to realize that I had a stomachache and I was starting to sweat and I made the connection: “Caffeine doesn’t make me feel good, so let it go!” I really think coffee is no longer part of my ritual, but I might enjoy the occasional cup, knowing that it doesn’t make me feel good, but that it tastes so good. So I didn’t really miss the coffee and obviously my body doesn’t want it, but SUGAR is another story!  I am on day 6 of no sugar and I want it so badly! I am going to watch how I feel when I finally give it a try, but I really would like to make it for the 10 days, so stay tuned because this is going to take lots of will power.

my "cranberry cocktail"

my “cranberry cocktail”

I have loved my water and Cranberry Cocktail for the past 6 months. Over the next few weeks, I will continue to subtract and add back each of these vices that are apart of the Reboot and pay attention to which ones are my vices, which ones my body doesn’t like and hopefully reset my body physically and mentally, so that I can find a balance in it all!

What are you craving most now on day 7?  Share your experience anonymously by clicking “Comment” below.

Cleanse Day 1: by Meg

Each day of the cleanse, one participant will share how the “experiment”  is going so far for them.  We encourage you to use these daily messages as a source of inspiration, encouragement, laughter and community as we all learn more about how different behaviors and  foods affect our bodies, minds and spirits.   Please comment on the posts with your thoughts and experiences as well — the more sharing the better!
by Meg O'Connell

by Meg O’Connell

I moved into my cleanse with a ‘passing of the torch’ so to speak, the night before!

Last and first sips!

Last and first sips!

I poured an Epsom Salt Bath and I brought the last few sips of my glass of wine and a cup of my hot water with lemon along with me.   I was ready to begin the next 7 days.

'Cranberry Cocktail' prep

‘Cranberry Cocktail’ prep

I woke up and heated my water through my Keurig, so it felt familiar.  I scrambled to get food in me within an hour of waking up, I think I was 10 minutes late, which was pretty good considering I had to get three kids to school solo!

Yummy snack

Yummy snack

At the end of day one, I feel like I can do this!  I didn’t have a caffeine headache, although I was a bit tired at times.  The meals weren’t as hard as trying to figure out that go-to snack.  I am known for grabbing one of the kids’ cheese sticks to get me through, so what did I do…roasted some broccoli and cauliflower, that my youngest ate half of…it was yummy!  I picked up more almonds and nuts at the store today, so I don’t have to spend the time preparing snacks for the rest of the week.

I did miss that little bite of salted chocolate caramel after the kids went to bed and I hope that gets easier because even the cookies as the mall looked good to me today!

So tempting…

I feel confident that I can make it through the week and excited to see how the body changes with each day with all of this apple cider vinegar, lemon and cranberry!

The Road Map & Magnets In Your Life

Mantra: Look up & live now

“Your thoughts bear fruit. Think good thoughts and the fruit in your life will be good. Think bad thoughts and the fruit in your life will be bad. For as you think in your heart, so are you. ”
(Ending Your Day Right)

Point to Ponder:
Have you put off determining your mantra?   Don’t over-think it, just jot down a phrase that inspires you!

Action Item:
If you haven’t already, determine your goal/mantra/intention for Spring & repeat it to yourself first thing each morning.

by Neissa Brown Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

There’s no doubt that our thoughts and words act as both a road map and magnet in our lives. If we think and speak words of encouragement and positive affirmation to ourselves and others, not only will our day and lives move in a positive direction, but the people we attract will add meaningful value to our lives.

Thoughts and words are magic. They can tear down or build up. They can quickly make a bad situation worse, like throwing gas on a fire, or they can boost our spirit in times of complete and utter frustration, annoyance and anger. They can quickly put life into perspective. They, our thoughts and words, have the power to transform our lives and the lives of those around us. Lucky us, because every thought and word we choose to think and speak is a choice, so choose yours wisely!

As we focus one more week on creating our mantra, motto or determining a goal for the spring season, iGnite leaders Betty, Meg and Sha have shared their comical and heartfelt mantras below.

“Look Up & Live Now”

Betty Cunningham

by Betty Cunningham

Too often I let the circumstances of my life overwhelm me and I begin to focus on the negative. “Too much to do, not enough time,” “Complicated problem, can’t figure it out,” etc. If I simply take the time to look up and put my problems into perspective, it changes my reaction. In 2014, I will ‘look up’ more and fret less. Even if it means looking up to the heavens and saying, “Really?!  You have got to be kidding me!”  This gesture at least gives me and God a good laugh.

My dad gave each one of us a nick name when we were in babyhood. My nickname was Short Fat and Ugly. My sister Theresa (a type A+++++ personality & complete overachiever) now calls me the, Short Skinny Procrastinator. It’s so true! (well maybe not the skinny part.) I must say that I am fairly accomplished at completing my day to day to do list, however, it’s the BIG to-do’s that I miss. Therefore, LIVE NOW is my mantra for 2014, especially when it comes to the relationships in my life. My kids will soon be off to college and living their own lives. It’s time to LIVE NOW and love all the laundry and dishes!

“Take Time For Me”

by Meg O'Connell

by Meg O’Connell

“What is necessary is to continue to love. How does a lamp burn, if it is not by the continuous feeding of little drops of oil? When there is no oil, there is no light. Dear friends, what are our drops of oil in our lamps? They are the small things from every day life: the joy, the generosity, the little good things, the humility and the patience. A simple thought for someone else. Our way to be silent, to listen, to forgive, to speak and to act. They are the real drops of oil that make our lamps burn vividly our whole life.” -Mother Teresa

February is here, the month of love. I have to admit, I get caught up in it all: the cute Valentines for the kids, aphrodisiac dinner parties with friends, and champagne and chocolates with my hubby. However, January was more a whirlwind this year than ever before, and because of this, there has been less self-care. As I move into this month’s celebration of love, I feel my desire to focus more on “me.”

With all of the emotional events that I experience or witness, I can easily close off part of my emotional capacity to myself and to others, and as someone who loves to take care of my people, when I don’t take the time to let go of these losses, stresses, and insecurities, I am not able to give. Therefore, in February, I will be taking that time for myself. You will see me on the mat more, running the lake and taking lunches with friends. I will inhale acceptance and let go of all stress when I exhale.

“Be Good to Myself from the Inside Out”

by Sha Klatt

by Sha Klatt

I am at a good place in my life to pay attention to my own daily needs, starting with great nutrition. I’m realizing more and more that ‘you really are what you eat.’  I feel so much better when I eat a healthy diet.

I’m also enjoying and focusing on my spiritual growth. I’ve been attending a Bible study for the first time in decades, and it is wonderful.

Another aspect of being good to myself is of course taking time to be physically active each day. My mom always said, “You have to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.”   It feels good to focus on these words and put them into action!


Heart Opening Yoga Sequence

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A written version of this yoga sequence is below.

by Meg O’Connell

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and I often get caught up in all of the festivities of the holiday, especially with children. It is also wonderful, while celebrating all of this love, to take the time to love on yourself. With all of the emotional events that we experience and witness, we close off part of our emotional capacity to ourselves and to others. We physically let go of our posture and emotionally feel tapped out. So, take a little time to focus on yourself. When you take the time to nurture yourself, you will feel more love in the world for yourself and for your loved ones. Feel your capacity to love grow!

Enjoy this short Heart Opening Sequence:

  1. Chest Opening with the Breath
    You can take this seated in Easy Pose or in Mountain Pose. Interlace your fingers at your heart center and inhale.  As you exhale, extend the arms forward and reach through your palms, letting the upper back round. Stay in the position for your next inhale, then with your exhale, separate your hands and reach the elbows back behind you. Then repeat this 3-5 times.
  2. Threading the Needle Twist
    Come onto your hands and knees, with the knees being just slightly wider than the hips. With your inhale, extend you right arm up to the ceiling and with your exhale, thread the arm back under the left. Repeat this 4 times and then switch to the left side.
  3. Supported Side Arm with bound ankle
    Still on your hands and knees (bring the knees right back under the hips), extend your right leg back, you can keep this foot on the ground or lift it. Float your left foot slightly out and inhale the right arm up to the ceiling, opening the chest and hips. Once you have your balance, bring your right hand to your right foot and press the foot into the hand, spiraling the chest open. Stay for 3-5 breaths. Repeat on the left.
  4. Down Dog with bent knees
    Instead of working with the hamstrings, really focus on the chest. Keep the knees bent and really draw the chest back to the thighs. You can sway, twist —  whatever feels best to you. Take 5 breaths.
  5. Warrior 2 with bound hands
    Bring your right foot through into a lunge and pivot your left foot to the ground. Draw energy into the legs and then lift the hands and open the arms into Warrior 2. The chest and hips are now open to the right. Make sure there is life in the left foot. Bring your hands behind the back and interlace the fingers. Take a full breath in and fold at the hip to the inside of the right knee. Press the back of the hands up to the ceiling and let the head go. Try to keep the spin long. Stay for 5 Breaths. Transition back into your lunge and step back into your down dog. Repeat with your left leg.
  6. Cobra into Childs Pose
    From Down dog, lower your knees back to the ground. With your inhale, bring the hips forward, lowering them towards the ground and bringing your shoulders over your palms. The elbows might stay bent or straighten depending on your back and how it feels. With your exhale, draw the hips back to the heels. With your inhale bring the hips forward and open back up into Cobra, then exhale into child’s pose. Take this movement 3-5 times and then rest back into child’s pose. Bring your arms down to your side and take 3 breaths into the back of the heart. Feel your chest and belly expand against your thighs.
  7. Supported Spinal Savasana
    Take a blanket or towel and fold it so that it is long and skinny. Bring one end to the base of your spine. With the soles of the feet on the ground, roll the spine down along the roll. Let the shoulders roll over each side and the head should be supported by the blanket as well, so you might need a second blanket or block. Let the arms rest to the side or extend them over your head and then bend the elbows, resting the back of the forearm and hand on the ground. You can extend the legs if that is comfortable for you and let the toes fall open. Stay for 3-5 minutes, or as long as you want!