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Just Do It!


“Confidence is like a muscle: The more you use it the stronger it gets..” (Anonymous)

Point to Ponder:
Do you lack confidence?

Action Item:
Get outside your comfort zone this week by trying an exercise or class you wouldn’t usually try.

by Neissa Brown Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

Well, I did it! Last Monday I flew to Santa Monica for my ‘de-blorfting’ trip— a personal getaway (all by myself and for myself) for the sole purpose of recharging my battery. And just as the wise and wonderful iGnite member Louise Pincoffs warned me I would, the day before I left I began questioning if I indeed needed the trip and if it was worth the hassle of organizing myself and the family for my departure. I won’t lie, there was tension in the household, which made it even more uncomfortable for me to leave. Then, of course, I had multiple conversations with ‘Lady Guilt.’ She tried, almost successfully, to convince me that I was being a bad and selfish wife and mother by doing something completely for me. But I had prepared for her pathetic attempts and for no other reason than to defeat her, I was going on this trip!

Upon arriving and for about the first eight to twelve hours, it was rough. I didn’t know what to do with myself. As much as I wanted to completely remove my ’wife,’ ‘mom’ and ‘business owner’ hats and instantly make the trip about me, it was impossible because I had not practiced it since pre-marriage! I’m a giver and a do-er, and as good as it sounds to completely relax, have a glass of wine and empty my brain, this was waaayyyyy out of my comfort zone and much more difficult than I anticipated. In fact, I even considered catching an early flight back. However, I continued to remind myself that good things always come from discomfort and I would be cheating myself and my husband Russell’s confidence in keeping the children if I didn’t stay the course.

Long story short, after a five-mile walk along the beach, a glass of wine, a few phone calls with two veteran wife and mom friends reminding me why it was so important to be on this trip, the guilt, discomfort and fear was completely gone, and I found my groove. In fact, by sunrise on day two I was ready to add another day!

As I had hoped, this trip did wonders for my body, my mind, my spirit and for mine and Russell’s relationship. Oddly, we had better conversations on the phone than we have had in years. They weren’t rushed or interrupted, they were brutally honest, and there were no arguments. Because our roles were reversed for the first time ever, it was an incredible opportunity for us to see things from each other’s perspective. We shared compassion and gained a greater appreciation for each other and the roles we typically play.

I also finished reading The Confidence Code (our suggested summer read) which continues to get more fascinating with each page. In it, the authors interview a range of confidence scientists and experts. I was completely unprepared for one piece of research: that between 25% and 50% of our confidence is in our DNA, meaning we are genetically predisposed to have less or more confidence (regardless of our environment, experiences, etc). Another finding proved that while we are genetically predisposed to have less or more confidence, much like being born with the certain skill sets and talents, the more we practice confidence, the more comfortable we get at using it. So, to translate this finding into muscular physiology, most of us are born with more slow-twitch muscle fibers, which are the endurance type muscle fibers, however by performing and practicing quick and explosive movements, we can actually recruit fast-twitch muscle fibers, which will inevitably increase our speed and quickness. And so, the notion to ‘JUST DO IT’ (which the authors and of course Nike suggest), by practicing doing the uncomfortable things that we really want and need to do but avoid because we fear failure or the unknown outcome, is absolutely necessary in building confidence.

Lucky for us, summer is within an arm’s reach. I don’t know why, but the summer season has always felt like we can color outside of the lines and tip toe beyond our margins more than we would typically allow ourselves during any other season. With this liberty comes the opportunity to practice stretching our confidence zones. You can actually start in a safe place, like iGnite, and then take a class you have feared you can’t do or practice an exercise or pose you didn’t think you were strong enough to perform. Then you take that confidence/momentum and apply it when trying something else you’ve been hesitant or reluctant to try, do, or talk about.

When you practice enough, your confidence builds like a fast growing snow ball rolling down a mountain. Soon enough it becomes a massive avalanche and you become unstoppable! The bottom line is, you have to say ‘yes’ to yourself and JUST DO IT! Without a doubt, you can count on iGnite to be your never-ending source of encouragement and cheerleaders. We all have one shot at this life and we want to knock it out of the park with you. So let’s JUST DO IT!


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The IT in Your Life


You can talk about it or you can do it.
— Lynn Tilton

Action Item:
Determine what your IT is and let it motivate you to live an enthusiastic, fearless and rich life.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

During the evenings while feeding and bathing my son Durant, I always have the television on and listen to the national news. I enjoy this time of day because as we wind down and settle in for the night, I get my dose of current events and world happenings.

While watching the news last week, I became interested in the preview of a Friday night 20/20 special called “Billionaire Secrets: What They Know That Can Change Your Life.”  Thankful for DVR, I recorded the special so I could watch the World Series (poor Rangers!) and then viewed the 20/20 special early Sunday morning.

My suspicion was correct, as it was a terrific! Barbara Walters interviewed four people: John Paul Dejoria, a once homeless visionary who built Paul Mitchell hair care and Patron Spirits tequila, and resides in Austin (who knew?!). Also interviewed was Lynn Tilton, who specializes in buying lifeless companies, then creates them anew, Guy Laliberte, creator of Cirque du Soleil, and Tony Hsieh, C.E.O. of Zappos, the online shoe company.

The actuality that these people are billionaires was fascinating, since I barely know how many zeros are in a billion. In fact, I learned that in the United States alone there are 403 billionaires, which is 40% of the world’s billionaire population! Again… who knew?! For sure, learning these details was very interesting, however it wasn’t the zeros behind their names that I found most impressive.  Instead what I found most fascinating was their life story, personal character, passion and ability to overcome failure.

Each of the people highlighted in the 20/20 special are like us, as they’ve experienced adversities that would cause anyone to throw in the towel. Between the four of them, their hardships ranged from at least one of the following: being left by a spouse (before becoming wealthy), homelessness, business failure, being fired, harassment at work, and the death of loved ones. And, another one of their common denominators was they had each learned from their failures/difficulties and used them as motivation to continue on and preserver. I feel accurate in my assessment when suggesting that failure or one of their set-backs was the IT that drove their passions and inspired them to never give up.

In thinking about my own life, I ponder what IT is that motivates me… I’ve experienced heartache, deaths of a best friend, classmates, grandparents and friends as well as financial and professional woes. The conclusion I have made is that each of them have shaped and molded me to pursue life with no regret. Therefore, my IT is fear of regret, and the dreadful emotions of regret that remind me to keep my words kind, to love deeply, and to live a spirited, passionate and purposeful life. Glance at this week’s Weekly Intention Guide to help you figure out your IT.

iGnite founder Neissa Springmann has come a long way! Here she is speaking at the 2010 Texas Conference for Women.

iGnite founder Neissa Springmann has come a long way away from her IT! Here she is speaking at the 2010 Texas Conference for Women.

So, what’s your IT? Could it be lack of confidence, excuses, fear of failure, risk or regret like me? Regardless of what your IT is, don’t let it hold you back. Remember that the billionaires in the 20/20 special embraced their IT and IT made them who and what they are today. Let your IT inspire you to live an enthusiastic and good life, which is sung in this weeks music video.


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