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Stay Active While Away: Your Go-To Travel & Vacation Workout

the only equipment you need!

Who says that staying in shape has to go out the window when you’re traveling? The energizing effects of starting off each day of your vacation with a quick 15-20 minute pick-me-up workout will have you enjoying the escape even more.  Staying active while away requires nothing more than 15 to 20 minutes and two light, inexpensive and easily packable tools: a jump rope and an elastic resistance band.

We’ve made things easy for you! Toss your jump rope and elastic band in your bag (together they weigh less than 7 ounces!), follow this workout created and demonstrated by iGnite founder Neissa Springmann three times per week (resting at least one day between workouts), and you’re good to go.

Repeat Exercises #1-5  three times with 30 seconds of rest between each exercise.  

Total Time: 15-20 minutes

Exercise #1: Jumping Rope
1 minute

  • Form: Stay light and on your toes
  • Benefits: Great cardiovascular exercise that works all muscles
  • Don’t have a jump rope? Jumping jacks are a great alternative.

travel workout 1

Exercise #2: Push-Up
1 Set of 10-15

  • Form: Position arms wide at a 90 degree angle, chest falls between arms, tighten core and firm glutes to protect the lower back and look at the tip of your mat (don’t allow your head to droop).  To decrease difficulty, drop to knees.
  • Benefits: Works chest, arms and core (when tightening the abdominals)

travel workout 2 travel workout travel workout 3 travel workout 4

Exercise #3: Squat to Shoulder Press
1 Set of 20

  • Form: While holding the handles of the resistance band, stand with feet hip width distance apart (6 -12 in.) on your resistance band. Squat, while keeping weight in the heels, eyes forward and chest open.  Come to standing while pressing the resistance bands above the head and firming the glutes. For less resistance, alternate arms.
  • Benefits: Works glutes, quads, hamstrings and shoulders.

travel workout newsletter workout 027 2 newsletter workout 028 2

Exercise #4: Plank
30 seconds – 1 minute

  • Form: Position body so shoulders and elbows are in alignment. Look slightly forward while pulling shoulders away from your ears, firming glutes and pulling abdominals up and in.  If lower back bothers you, lift glutes higher or drop to your knees.
  • Benefits: Works all core muscles (abdominals and lower back) and shoulders.

newsletter workout 041

Exercise #5: Alternating Lunge
1 Set of 20 (10 each leg)

  • Form: Start standing tall and looking forward. Step one leg out in front, making sure the ankle and knee are in alignment, with the back leg bent and the heel lifted up toward the sky. With a strong core and eyes forward, push off the front leg and come to standing again, to then alternate legs.
  • Benefits: Works glutes, hamstrings and quads.

newsletter workout 039 2 newsletter workout 037 newsletter workout 039 newsletter workout 038

3-Step, At Home Total Body Workout

This 3-step total body workout is quick, cardiovascular, appropriate for all fitness levels and requires little or no equipment. It’s a fantastic and easy-to-remember routine to do at home.

Jill Watts

Exercises demonstrated by iGnite Leader Jill Watts

Perform each set of exercises between 1 and 3 times (depending on your fitness level), resting 30 seconds or more between each set.

3-Step Total Body Workout

Step #1: Jumping Rope    Up to 1 minute

  • Look forward and stay light on your toes with bent knees
  • Avoid landing on your heals or with your legs locked, which causes jarring and can lead to a back or knee injury
Jumping Jack

Equipment free option: jumping jack

Low-Impact Jumping Jack

Low-Impact option: low-impact jumping jack

Step #2: Squat    Set of 10-20

  • Either place hands behind the head, arms at a 90 degree angle by waist or with hands gently placed on the back of a chair.
  • Stand with feet hip-width distance apart (6-12 inches)
  • Squat, while keeping weight in the heels, eyes forward and chest open. Lift your toes while squatting to keep weight in heels.
  • Stand and firm your glutes.
  • Safety Tips: To protect the knees, keep weight in the heels. While squatting, avoid knees coming together and keep them at a hip-width distance apart.

Step #3: Push Up  Female: *5-15 reps; Male: *10-20 reps

*Depending on fitness level: your last rep should be a struggle, but not such a struggle that you compromise good form.

  • Position arms wide at a 90 degree angle, chest stretches between arms, tighten core and firm your glutes to protect the lower back and look at the tip of your mat (don’t allow your head to droop).
  • To protect the shoulder and maintain the integrity of a pushup, keep the pace slow as you move up and down and do not exceed a 90 degree angle in your elbows. If your lower back is tender and you’re unable to keep a plank position, lift your hips.
Modification: drop to your knees

Modification: drop to your knees


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