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10-Day Reboot: Allison’s Day 10

iGnite 10 Day Body Reboot

by Allison Quinones

by Allison Quinones

Day 10! I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Reboot and have loved this process of self-discovery.

Breakfast! My morning breakfast is always the same, flavored differently. Today it was cooked quinoa with almond milk, blueberries, strawberries, protein powder, ground flax, chia, and maca powder

Breakfast! My morning breakfast is always the same, flavored differently. Today it was cooked quinoa with almond milk, blueberries, strawberries, protein powder, ground flax, chia, and maca powder

Aspects of the Reboot I’ve found the most difficult:
Throughout the Reboot I committed to trying all of the elements listed in the guide. I’m happy to report that I’ve done them all, at least once! However, the most difficult has been taking time for Epsom salt baths, time outdoors, and a full 8 hours of sleep. To me, these three things all have one thing in common – they take TIME. Seeing how busy I am isn’t a groundbreaking realization, but I do know how nice it has been to actually take time for these things when I have been able to.

Turmeric Tonic tea at work meeting, although caffeine-free, my mind still believes it will help me feel more alert. I love turmeric for it's anti-inflammatory purposes

Turmeric Tonic tea at work meeting, although caffeine-free, my mind still believes it will help me feel more alert. I love turmeric for it’s anti-inflammatory purposes

Aspects of the Re-boot I’ve enjoyed the most:
Technology Turnoff and Breaking from Social Media are two things that I thought would be the most difficult. Not surprisingly, this has been SO refreshing. I’ve noticed my habits throughout the day when I go to switch on my phone and catch myself automatically going into social media. Going into Facebook or Instagram has become such a mindless activity for me, and I’ve been aware that I need to check myself on this for a while, but there was no real motivation to do so. I don’t miss seeing what the world of Facebook is doing, what new recipes or exercises are posted on Instagram, and I’ve found myself being less critical of myself through these two elements of the Reboot.

Lunch consisted of Butternut Squash Mac 'n "Cheese" with Brown Rice Macaroni, Roasted Broccoli and Kale. This is from Oh She Glows blog. This is a favorite fall recipe!

Lunch consisted of Butternut Squash Mac ‘n “Cheese” with Brown Rice Macaroni, Roasted Broccoli and Kale. This is from Oh She Glows blog. This is a favorite fall recipe!

A couple things I’ve learned about myself over the Reboot:
I’ve committed to staying away from social media, and it’s crazy how many times throughout my day I mindlessly turn on my phone and almost open Facebook or Instagram. I’ve enjoyed reading ‘Made to Crave’ which is a highly encouraging book on eating and body image. I’ve been putting off reading this for a while and I am so grateful for more time to read this book and focus on myself.

Secondly, I’ve noticed I CAN abstain from sugar and tortilla chips! My two weaknesses. I can do it in private at home and in public when there is a delicious bowl of guacamole, salsa, and cookies just waiting to be eaten up.

Afternoon snack of apples with cinnamon, drizzled in homemade coconut butter with a tablespoon of freshly ground peanut butter

Afternoon snack of apples with cinnamon, drizzled in homemade coconut butter with a tablespoon of freshly ground peanut butter

My personality is to be very self-disciplined, so eating clean and exercise haven’t been a challenge for me. I enjoy prepping ALL my meals for the week on the weekend, so it eliminates any desire to eat outside of what I’ve planned for. I teach RPM spin at the YMCA and have enjoyed several HIIT workouts, as well as a few swims and a yoga class. These two aspects of my self-discipline give my body and mind self-care to help me function the best I can throughout my day.

Evening treat, leftovers from weekend baby shower. My own recipe of Lemon Cashew "Cheesecake" with Blueberries and Mulberries. It's oil-free, refined sugar free (sweetened with Medjool dates), soy free, dairy-free, all plant-based!

Evening treat, leftovers from weekend baby shower. My own recipe of Lemon Cashew “Cheesecake” with Blueberries and Mulberries. It’s oil-free, refined sugar free (sweetened with Medjool dates), soy free, dairy-free, all plant-based!

Tips & tricks that have helped me:
Let people around you know what goals you’re working on. Your support system will then avoid innocently tempting you with a glass of wine or checking Facebook for a trivial reason.

Not pictured: My dinner on the run of Wild Rice Pilaf from Forks Over Knives.

10-Day Reboot: Molly’s Day 2


by Molly Daniels

by Molly Daniels

With this being the fourth time I’ve Re-booted with iGnite, I knew what to expect, and I knew what would be easy for me and what I would crave more than ever throughout the 10 days: my Mexican food with black beans, rice, avocado, corn tortillas and chips! I know I can have everything I listed excluding the tortillas and chips, and I told myself Sunday night that I was going to be okay without going to Trudy’s (my favorite) for 10 days — this would be good for my system! I think I actually want it more now than I ever have because I know I can’t have it (it = chips). I haven’t caved…so far, so good! 😉

Snack time around 10am while working: almonds, rice crackers and hummus 😋

Snack time around 10am while working: almonds, rice crackers and hummus 😋

Day 2 was great for me.  I found that I had slightly less energy than I did on day 1 and struggled to make it through the 2pm slump. I took at quick 30-minute power nap before teaching my afternoon class and felt much better. SLEEP cures all!  On another hand, I already feel ‘clean’ from two days of focus — my organs, my stomach, my mind…everything feels great!


Enjoying my book before bed

I am really enjoying and appreciating the quiet time I’m having. Usually, when I’m finished with work and sit on the couch to relax before we get dinner started, I can spend several minutes mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Words with Friends, and Snapchat and not even realize how much time has passed and been wasted. I note that I could have spent that quality time with my husband!! Because he is away for work this week, I am taking the time to read a new book my sister gave me two weeks ago. I love to read, but shamefully admit that I spend more time on social media. My sister asked me, “Will you be finished with the book by the time I come to Austin?“, and I can now say with certainty that I will be able to give the book back to her this weekend! My mind feels more at ease, and my eyes and brain thank me for not stimulating it with bright lights right before bed.


Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with salsa and avocado and my apple cider vinegar

One aspect I am really trying to work on is getting more protein in my diet. I am a vegetarian (but I do eat fish and all seafood), and I do not enjoy cooking. My goal for myself for these 10 days and beyond is to spend time looking through recipes to find more creative ways to incorporate protein into my meals. It’s hard for me to do, but I will make it work! I did start the day off with two scrambled eggs, which satisfied my hunger when I woke up. I’ve learned I need to carve out more time for myself in the mornings in order to fit in my protein-packed breakfast rather than grabbing a bar and running!


Our Cardio Circuit workout


We’re AWESOME! Feeling good and happy after iGnite Cardio Circuit class at Rollingwood Park

Last week I didn’t get to fit much exercise in my schedule and noticed I was grumpy because of it. Being active is (obviously) a huge part of my life and not being able to spend time with the iGnite community in classes last week (outside of my own that I teach) made me sad! Knowing we are encouraged to exercise 4 days per week and spend time outside (and with friends!), I enjoyed a challenging and FUN class with Kathleen yesterday morning and 18 of my friends! It started my day on the right foot, I felt strong and proud and left with a smile on my face.

Day 3, here we come! We’ve got this!

10-Day Reboot: Catherine’s Day 1


Getting my "outside time" in as much as possible -- a great excuse was enjoying the sunset, distraction-free!

Getting my “outside time” in as much as possible — a great excuse was enjoying the sunset, distraction-free!

by Catherine Sanderson

by Catherine Sanderson

Morning lemon water with no phone distractions -- so nice!

Morning lemon water with no phone distractions — so nice!

With my pregnancy, I told myself I was going to eat as clean as possible, not just for me, but of course for the benefit of the little human inside me. Well… I did great during my first trimester, but the second trimester has come with the craziest sweet tooth, and unfortunately I completely fell off the wagon and have been eating sweets like crazy! And with all I know about health and nutrition, I know that just can’t be good.  So, needless to say, I was really excited for the Reboot to start to get back on track and have a fresh start of cleaner eating for my pregnancy and to balance my healthy habits during such an important time in my, and my future baby’s health.

Snack & work time: apples (with the seeds!) and natural, unsweetened, organic peanut butter

Snack & work time: apples (with the seeds!) and natural, unsweetened, organic peanut butter (I made sure to bring this with me b/c I knew I wouldn’t be able to find it in the stores in Port A)

It turned out that day 1 of the Reboot for me was over my family’s long weekend beach trip to Port Aransas.  “Cleansing” on vacation has looked a little different than it would at home, but it’s always good to figure out that you can make it work no matter where you are!

Aspect of the Re-boot I’m enjoying the most:
So far, I’m liking most what the technology turn-off and break from social media are doing for me. Waking up knowing that my only option was to get ready for the day, make my lemon water and sit outside and stare at the ocean for 15 minutes as opposed to checking emails or scanning Instagram on my phone was so freeing! I found myself really soaking in the relaxing moments a lot more than I would have if I knew I could look at my friends’ and family’s pictures any time I’m sitting down.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, avocado & tomatoes -- all with some olive oil & salt & pepper

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, avocado & tomatoes — all with some olive oil & salt & pepper

Also, it was great at night excusing myself from the TV watching (we were just watching whatever was on) to go read for 30 minutes before falling asleep. It was a great, relaxing way to cap off my night and get ready for bed.

I’ve also found the journaling to be a great system for accountability for mindless snacking, knowing I’ll have to write everything down that I eat. It’s also made me pay more attention and ask myself how I felt all day and how I feel first thing when I wake up. I’m excited to see those things  change over the course of the Reboot!

It was helpful to have the journal out on the table staring at me all day, keeping me accountable

It was really helpful to have the journal out on the table staring at me all day, keeping me accountable

Through the food journaling, I also realized that I naturally reach for and eat a lot more fruit throughout the day, and not so many vegetables. So, I’m going to make it a goal over the 10 days to flip that ratio & make my journal each day filled with more veggies than fruits!

It’s not easy, but I am feeling newly empowered. I’m realizing that getting back on track just takes some willpower and knowing you’re trying hard alongside a group of friends!

My dessert vs. everyone else's: Cranberry ACV "Cocktail" vs. Nestle cookies. The cookie smell was taunting me!

My vacation dessert vs. everyone else’s: Cranberry ACV “Cocktail” vs. Nestle cookies. The fresh-baked cookie smell was taunting me! But the cocktail felt  surprisingly like a treat and curbed the craving

Exercise time: dragged the husband along for a 30-minute beach walk :)

Exercise time: I dragged the husband along for a 30-minute beach walk 🙂 Not a bad way to fit it in, but this will obviously change when I’m back home!

The Compliment Dare

Loving Yourself & Others, Part IV


by Neissa Brown Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

When I sat down in January to plan what I was going to write about in February, the idea of loving ourselves and others felt natural because February is all about love. As I pondered different actions we could take that would demonstrate love, the one that continued to stir in my head was the ability to receive a compliment with a simple and gracious “thank you.”

Let’s face it, we women are THE WORST at receiving compliments with a “thank you” or without the extra “oh”, “well”, “but”, and “really?” On the flip side, we are THE BEST at giving compliments! We have no problem showering others with compliments, but when it comes to loving ourselves and the person giving the compliment enough to graciously receive it with a “thank you”, as a whole we’re pretty bad.

How do I know this? Because graciously accepting compliments was something I once stunk at, and I continue to struggle with. It wasn’t until a friend called me out many years ago that I became aware of how rude, ungrateful and unflattering it was for me to not to be able to say “thank you”. I thought a lot about why I couldn’t receive a compliment. Did I feel unworthy? Did I not love myself enough to receive a beautiful compliment? Or was it because I was too focused on my imperfections that I couldn’t see or appreciate what others saw? Honestly, it was probably all of the above.

Taking it a step further, my whole life I’ve wished I had long, slender legs. I’ve never been satisfied with my long torso and short legs until Dietitian Anne Wilfong spoke at one of our winter retreats. She too referenced her dislike of her short legs and long torso, and said that it wasn’t until she ran her first marathon that she realized how grateful she was for her short, strong legs. Not only did they carry her for 26.2 long miles, but they allowed her to train all of those miles! It was then that I realized I needed to stop wishing I had longer legs and simply be grateful for what I do have. So, to my short legs: I am blessed to have both of you. You are strong and allow me to run, jump, walk, play, skip, ride my bike and go everywhere I need and want to go. Thank you, and I will never wish you were longer again!

Gratitude. I’m learning that expressing gratitude is the key to living our best life, and while being able to receive a compliment with a gracious “thank you” and complimenting a body part that we are typically critical of might seem trivial, to me it all equals loving ourselves, loving the person who was kind enough to give us the compliment and appreciating what we’ve been given.

This week and moving forward, I invite you to join me in the Compliment Dare. The goal is to begin receiving compliments with a simple “thank you”, while also loving yourself enough to say “thank you” to your unique features and characteristics. And as you embark on the Compliment Dare, below are two beautiful iGnite leader examples of complimenting a body part that will inspire and encourage you to start saying “thank you”.



“On a good day when I’m feeling confident and self-assured, I call them my “character lines.” On a rough day when I am feeling anxious, worried and insecure, they show up as “old lady wrinkles.” What I realize when I am honest with myself is that every single one of the deep groves in my forehead and furrowed brow carry a lifetime of rich living. The etched wrinkles are complemented by the crows feet around my eyes that light up my face every time I smile and laugh…..which I must have done a lot of in this lifetime if their prominence is any indicator!  I have earned every single one of my wrinkles; a testament to a life well lived!”



“When I get the occasional compliment on my hair, my tendency is always to respond with the bad — “oh really? Wow, it’s so fine and straight and flat and there’s so much of it…and this…and that… but thank you though. ” When really I should just rock it. Why am I responding with negativity when someone is saying something nice to me? The fact that my hair is relatively ‘easy’ to handle is something I should be incredibly grateful for and stop nitpicking about the things I wish were different about it. So, there — thank you God for this crazy head of hair that I should be nothing but grateful for!”
– Catherine

Action Item:
When given a compliment, practice receiving it with a gracious “thank you” and begin complimenting and being grateful for the physical features you are often critical of.

Meg’s Day 6 | 10-Day Body Re-boot


by Meg O'Connell

by Meg O’Connell

The Re-boot Cleanse has been a bit different for me this time around. Last time I jumped in with both feet and felt great after the 10 days! In fact, I felt so great, that many of the practices, I have maintained. I continue to have my lemon water twice a day and I really stay away from dairy and wheat as much as I can during the week. I also was much more conscious about how much water I drank in a day…I might not have always had enough, but so much better than in my past. However, I did bring my coffee back into my morning ritual, the evening cocktail returned, and then the chocolate.

tempting birthday cupcakes!

tempting birthday cupcakes!

Therefore, when I looked at the cleanse this time around and saw that it fell right when my daughter had her birthday (how was I going to resist Red Velvet Cake in the house?), I wanted to really pick apart how my body responded to different foods. Therefore, I actually gave up coffee two weeks ago! I didn’t have a headache, which I was excited about, but today as my hubby pulled into Starbucks and it was starting to sprinkle outside and we were heading to my son’s football game, I decided to order a coffee. I enjoyed every second of it! I then began to realize that I had a stomachache and I was starting to sweat and I made the connection: “Caffeine doesn’t make me feel good, so let it go!” I really think coffee is no longer part of my ritual, but I might enjoy the occasional cup, knowing that it doesn’t make me feel good, but that it tastes so good. So I didn’t really miss the coffee and obviously my body doesn’t want it, but SUGAR is another story!  I am on day 6 of no sugar and I want it so badly! I am going to watch how I feel when I finally give it a try, but I really would like to make it for the 10 days, so stay tuned because this is going to take lots of will power.

my "cranberry cocktail"

my “cranberry cocktail”

I have loved my water and Cranberry Cocktail for the past 6 months. Over the next few weeks, I will continue to subtract and add back each of these vices that are apart of the Reboot and pay attention to which ones are my vices, which ones my body doesn’t like and hopefully reset my body physically and mentally, so that I can find a balance in it all!

What are you craving most now on day 7?  Share your experience anonymously by clicking “Comment” below.

Avoiding the Blorft

“Blorft is an adjective that means completely overwhelmed but proceeding as if everything is fine and reacting to the stress with the torpor of a possum. I have been blorft every day for the past seven years.”
-Tina Fey, Actress and Comedian

What type of investment could you make in your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bank accounts that will allow you to feel your best so you can give your best?

Decide how you will invest in yourself this summer.

by Neissa Brown Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

A few weeks ago I found myself unmotivated and tired. Despite partaking in my usual pick-me-up rituals of iGnite, rest, and a clean diet, I couldn’t shake my lethargic state.  After dropping off the children at Mother’s Day Out, my skin began to crawl. If you haven’t heard of “skin crawling,” it’s a term my mom always used when she was having an out-of-body stressful experience that was usually caused by me or my sister. So, as I was driving down MoPac with crawling skin, it dawned on me that maybe the mysterious rash I’ve had on my hands for six weeks and the bizarre and annoying itching I’ve been experiencing at night just might be stress related, which meant one thing — I MUST GET AWAY!

Despite the urge to drive to Fredericksburg and check myself into a bed and breakfast and call my husband Russell (who was in California for work) and give him an aggressive wake-up call, I decided to call my calm, cool and collected dad and proclaim my decision to treat myself to a getaway. As my wise father usually does, he just listened, which was all I needed.

Then, last week when Russell’s travel for work ended and he was home, I decided it was time to kindly and gently make him aware of my feelings. I really dreaded this conversation and was beginning to feel guilty. I was literally having to pump myself up with my motto, “YOU. CAN. DO. HARD. THINGS!”  Ultimately, I knew that if I didn’t communicate my feelings, our relationship (amongst many other things) would suffer. So, upon looking at the master family calendar together and first allowing him to tell me of all of the dates he would be traveling (yes, that was strategic), I began to explain that my fuel tank was on empty and I needed a few days alone to recharge my battery. Despite warning him not to take my comments personally, he did, and only heard “I want to get away without you,” which was not what I was saying. After twenty minutes of heated, but much-needed, conversation, we worked it all out and Russell understood my needs.

The fact was, if I didn’t do this for myself, there was no way that I would be worth two cents for months upon end, for anyone. If I hadn’t communicated my true needs, I would continue to be a passive aggressive martyr and my stress would eventually lead to resentment, a compromised immune system (which I think has already happened) and illness — which a very dear and wise friend reminded me that had our moms communicated their feelings and needs and taken occasional breaks, it’s possible that some of their health issues like depression, thyroid disease, high blood pressure and obesity could have been avoided. And as for my ongoing, let’s call it “unpleasantness” that Russell has mentioned, well…it was directly connected to my needing a break.

So, three weeks from now I’m hopping on an airplane and heading to my favorite getaway spot, Santa Monica, California where I will get a few nights of uninterrupted sleep, enjoy walks on the beach, inspiring sunsets and quiet time. This is just what I need to avoid ‘blorft’ and to recharge my battery so that compromised and irritated Neissa can be replaced by the loving, passionate, level-headed and fun Neissa that I am at my best.

With summer and family vacations around the corner, I want to remind you that vacations with family and children are most often not vacations, rather they’re an investment in your family. So, my question to you is, what type of investment do you plan on making in your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bank account that will allow you to avoid ‘blorft’ and feel your best so you can give your best?


Cleanse Day 1: by Meg

Each day of the cleanse, one participant will share how the “experiment”  is going so far for them.  We encourage you to use these daily messages as a source of inspiration, encouragement, laughter and community as we all learn more about how different behaviors and  foods affect our bodies, minds and spirits.   Please comment on the posts with your thoughts and experiences as well — the more sharing the better!
by Meg O'Connell

by Meg O’Connell

I moved into my cleanse with a ‘passing of the torch’ so to speak, the night before!

Last and first sips!

Last and first sips!

I poured an Epsom Salt Bath and I brought the last few sips of my glass of wine and a cup of my hot water with lemon along with me.   I was ready to begin the next 7 days.

'Cranberry Cocktail' prep

‘Cranberry Cocktail’ prep

I woke up and heated my water through my Keurig, so it felt familiar.  I scrambled to get food in me within an hour of waking up, I think I was 10 minutes late, which was pretty good considering I had to get three kids to school solo!

Yummy snack

Yummy snack

At the end of day one, I feel like I can do this!  I didn’t have a caffeine headache, although I was a bit tired at times.  The meals weren’t as hard as trying to figure out that go-to snack.  I am known for grabbing one of the kids’ cheese sticks to get me through, so what did I do…roasted some broccoli and cauliflower, that my youngest ate half of…it was yummy!  I picked up more almonds and nuts at the store today, so I don’t have to spend the time preparing snacks for the rest of the week.

I did miss that little bite of salted chocolate caramel after the kids went to bed and I hope that gets easier because even the cookies as the mall looked good to me today!

So tempting…

I feel confident that I can make it through the week and excited to see how the body changes with each day with all of this apple cider vinegar, lemon and cranberry!

Daring Greatly #3: Expressing Gratitude & Appreciation the Old-Fashioned Way

Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you.  Remember, life is an echo. It always gets back to you. So give goodness.
– Unknown

Point to Ponder:
Who in your life do you wish you would hear more “thank yous” from?

Action Item:
Realize that what goes around comes around, and tell at least 3 people in your life a genuine “thank you” this week.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

Per last week’s ‘stop stealing your joy quest’, I give myself an A-.  I was much more conscious of my thoughts and words and focused on the gratitude piece; however, what came from it was unexpected, interesting and much needed.

On a ‘daily joy and gratitude scale’ of 1-10, I give myself a 9. I consider myself simple — I see the glass half full and I have very few needs, except when it comes to my husband Russell. Because he is my life partner and I can be completely vulnerable with him (which translates to bitchy) he gets dumped on. Sounds fair, right? Of course not!  Well, after having a rich conversation with a stranger (that’s the unexpected and interesting piece), it dawned on me that while I was grateful in spirit, I needed to verbalize my appreciation and gratitude with a simple “Thank you” much more often than I’ve been doing.

I mean really, can you imagine what would happen to our relationships (spousal, work, children, friendships, etc.) if rather than nit-pick or take their hard work and efforts for granted, we simply thanked them everyday, even if it were forced and for the tiniest of things? I have zero doubt that this would solve the majority of our relationship struggles, because after all, no one wants to feel taken for granted and everyone wants to be appreciated.

I will admit this. Russell’s job can sometimes drive me crazy because of the long hours and time away, however the second he sends me a text or calls and tells how much he appreciates my patience and understanding and thanks me for being a great mom and wife, ALL of my defenses come down and I’m a new person, simply because I feel appreciated. And then of course I feel like a jerk because I haven’t thanked him for working hard to provide for our family, so I then thank him. It’s the appreciation and gratitude circle, and it works every time.

Now that we are no longer foreboding joy, how about we start healing, transforming and taking our relationships to the next level by verbalizing our appreciation and gratitude? And, don’t forget that verbalizing these things can be difficult for some people and must be learned. So, if you want someone to appreciate you, start by telling them “thank you” while patiently coaching them on how much you’d appreciate a “thank you” from them. Sounds silly and counter-productive I know, but everyone comes from different backgrounds and it is wise to never assume that they can easily express or verbalize emotions. This will be fun and will WORK.

Here’s to building relationships the old-fashioned way!

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WEEKLY JOURNAL: Are You Nutty, Energetic and Enthusiastic?

You can do anything if you have enthusiasm

“Nobody gets anything done unless they’re a little nutty, have great energy and enthusiasm.”
– Coach Bill Self

Over the weekend while channel surfing for brainless entertainment, I ran across an unexpected inspirational story. It was an episode of 30 for 30, an ESPN documentary series. We own a 30 for 30 DVD set, so I am familiar with and always enjoy the sports stories; however, what grabbed my attention with that this particular film was set in Austin.

To summarize, the story goes as follows: In 1891, the legendary James Naismith invented the game of basketball, wrote the basketball rulebook and founded the University of Kansas basketball program — which is one of the most storied college basketball programs in history. Then, in 2010 Dr. Naismith’s original rules went up for sale at Sotheby’s auction house and a dedicated Kansas Jayhawk fan by the name of Josh Swade passionately began raising money to bring the prized possession back to it’s original home, Lawrence Kansas. It quickly became evident to Swade that the small donations he was receiving wouldn’t be enough to reach a seven-figure goal so he immediately reached out to major Jawhawk donors. To make a long story short, Swade traveled to Austin to meet with an Austin businessman, who is also a University of Kansas graduate, in hopes that the alumnus would provide the generous financial donation. All in all, the alumnus accepted the challenge and won the hard fought bidding war. The James Naismith original basketball rulebook was purchased for $3.8 million and now resides at the University of Kansas basketball arena, in the Allen Fieldhouse.

To most of us, including myself as a sports fan, that is a ridiculous amount of money for a sport rulebook.  I mean, it bid higher than the original copy of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Lincoln, which sold before the rulebook for $3.3 million! However, in addition to Josh Swade’s relentless passion, what gave the story greater value was a quote from the current Kansas Jayhawk coach Bill Self as he referred to Josh Swade’s successful efforts: “Nobody gets anything done unless they’re a little nutty, have great energy and enthusiasm.”

Let’s face it, going to such extreme financial and time measures to occupy the rulebook was nutty, but it is also crazy cool that one person’s energy and enthusiasm could accomplish so much! Afterall, who am I to judge someone’s passion or how they choose to spend their time or money, especially when it is not hurting anyone?

Question: What are you a little nutty, energetic and enthusiastic about in your life? Is it your family, career, philanthropy, faith, travel, empty-nesting, friendships, marriage, an intimate relationship, a hobby, history, entertaining, shopping, a new project, or your health and wellness? Regardless of how you think others will respond or react, go for it and don’t look back. This is your life and what better way to live it than with nuttiness, energy and enthusiasm. It’s the iGnite way of life, and we support you 150%!


Point To Ponder:
What would you strive to do if you knew you couldn’t fail or be judged by others?


Action Item:
Listen to your heart and do something that you have hesitated to do in the past because of others’ concerns and opinions.

By Neissa

Neissa Springmann

WEEKLY JOURNAL: Living with Purpose and Passion

What do you want your legacy to be?

“You need to know what life you want (as well as what life you don’t want). Then you have to muster up the will and drive to go after it.”

– Bob Greene

Yesterday was our New Year, New You holistic women’s wellness retreat at Barton Creek Country Club. The day kicked off with exercise, breakfast and then four fantastic, inspirational and extremely knowledgeable speakers. Pam Owens, a married mother of two young children and owner of consulting firm Edge of Your Seat spoke first. I met Pam last spring after attending two intimate women’s conferences where she both spoke and served as the event facilitator. Pam’s approach to life is candid, compassionate and hysterical, which I have grate appreciation for.

Pam presented on Living with Purpose and Passion, and as always I am still thinking about her thought provoking and introspective questions — 36 hours later. I’ve included her worksheet below, as I believe living with purpose and passion is the way we all should strive to live, everyday of our life. And, as a result of Pam’s wisdom, it occurred to me that I can have more than one purpose/passion — which I do. Ridiculously, I’ve placed self-imposed rules around my purpose/passion, so it was freeing to know that not only can I have several, but they can morph and change too!

Furthermore, in pursuit of achieving joy and finding our purpose and passion, Pam asked us to identify three things that we would absolutely NOT be willing to give up, as well as three things that we need to starting saying NO to immediately. I loved this exercise, because not only do we need to know what we want out of life, but we also must be willing to acknowledge what we don’t want. It sounds simple, but answering these questions will guide our joy and provide clarity for our purpose and passions.

Below is the content of the worksheet. I hope you’ll take the time to answer the questions and explore your purpose, passion(s) and joy!

Complete the following sentences and/or answer the following questions:

  • What do you want your legacy to be?
  • How do you define success?
  • My 3 strengths are…
  • When was the last time you felt pure joy? What were you doing?
  • What I like doing the most is…
  • What is Passion? (in your own words…)
  • What are 3 things that you are absolutely NOT willing to give up?
  • What are 3 things that you need to start saying NO to, immediately?

The Roadblocks:  Which box do you check all too often?

___Less Than    ___Jealousy           ___I can’t do it    ___I’m not good enough
___Victim           ___Comparison    ___Lonely             ___Guilt/Regret

Road Test: How do I know if I’m loving my life with passion and purpose?

  1. You are totally obsessed with what you are doing
  2. You can’t stop talking about what you get to create and do everyday
  3. You feel it in your gut without a doubt, an underlying belief that this IS definitely what you’re meant to do.
  4. You wake up ready to take on the day in a new way, leaving what may have happened yesterday in its place so you can be fully present today.
  5. Resilience is your middle name.
  6. You shock yourself occasionally with just how good something you did really is!
  7. Things just seem to become effortless and fall into place.
  8. You can stay focused on what you want to accomplish regardless of the distraction.
  9. Your faith or belief in something bigger than you allows you to stay balanced on your journey.

Point To Ponder:
Are you living everyday with purpose, passion, and joy?


Action Item:
Answer the questions in the journal above and see where they take you!

Neissa Springmann

By Neissa