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Health Is Your Greatest Wealth


Point to Ponder:
Do you celebrate your health?

iGnite Neissa

by Neissa Brown Springmann

Whether it be suffering from the common cold, ailing from the dreaded flu, or experiencing something much more serious like cancer, addiction or a mental illness such as depression or anxiety, when our health is compromised the universal thought is how we’d give anything to be free of pain, feel good and be healthy again.

Despite being coined over 2000 years ago by the Roman poet, Virgil, his quote that “health is our greatest wealth” continues to ring true. Without our physical, mental and spiritual health, the fullness that life offers us is limited. This is not at all to suggest that we cannot experience great joy and happiness when ill, but I am confident that everyone would agree that our health is a delicate and precious gift that should not be take for granted and needs to be celebrated each day.

Due to October being iGnite’s 10th birthday month, for the past six weeks we have put a great emphasis on celebrating the people and things that iGnite our lives, such as the friends and family who encourage and lift us higher, those who love us radically, saying “yes” to ourselves and our passions, and Mother Nature.

To finalize our celebration series, this week I encourage you to commemorate your health! Maybe that’s by waking up every morning and giving thanks for your health. Or, in the event you aren’t feeling well, giving thanks for the health that you are experiencing is always a spirit lifter that will positively effect the body and mind. Also, because iGnite’s focus is on holistic health, I invite you to celebrate your physical, mental and spiritual health in the following ways:

  1. Celebrate your Physical Health– Nourish your body with water, sunshine, fresh air, movement/exercise (iGnite!), adequate rest/sleep and clean food–but don’t forget to enjoy an occasional and indulgent splurge, too. Life is not a celebration when living in deprivation.
  2. Celebrate your Mental Health– Nourish your mind by filling it with wholesome, educational and/or empowering and inspiring books. Turn off your devices, sit in silence, and pray and/or meditate, step outside of your comfort zone by doing something that you have told yourself you can’t do, create a list of all that you are grateful for.
  3. Celebrate Your Spiritual Health– Nourish your spirit by accepting compliments with a “thank you”, speak kindly to yourself and others, accept the truth that God created you as His masterpiece and you are breathtakingly beautiful, listen to uplifting music, sing and dance, have lunch with a friend, write a thank you note, light a candle and take a bubble bath, encourage and/or help someone, invite a female friend to iGnite with you, offer a smile and “hello” to a stranger.

Your health is your greatest wealth and is worthy of continual celebration. So, however you choose make it your duty to give thanks for all the health that you experience.

Action Item:
Celebrate your physical, mental and spiritual health.

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The Powerful Healing Effects of Water

Give it a Try in July IV


Point to Ponder:
When was the last time you spent time in and/or around water?

Action Item:
Set a time and day on your calendar to be in and/or around water in the next week.

by Neissa Brown Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

Unfortunately, I did not grow up in or around water. We didn’t have a public pool, only two people in our rural community of 850 had a pool, and the closest thing we had to a lake was TPNL Lake in Hallsburg, TX (where the infamous Branch Davidian’s lived). I say “the closest thing” because while TPNL did and still does serve as a lake, and many people ski, fish and tube there, we were always forced to wear flip flops in and around it because of the glass content from beer bottles, etc, settled at the bottom. Obviously it wasn’t the nicest of lakes, but as a child we couldn’t have cared less. We were just giddy to be in water!

Aside from a few summers of week-long indoor swim lessons, we didn’t have access to a pool. On rare occasion we’d go to the Waco public pool, which was a BIG DEAL, or we’d venture to Dallas and spend a day at Wet & Wild. One summer we even went to Galveston (my first ocean experience), but overall my exposure to water was extremely limited. So, as a child I always loved being in the water (even if it was running through a sprinkler) but there was a large span of time when I spent zero time in and around it, so naturally fear set in. If you don’t use it you lose it, right?!

Thankfully, as an adult I’ve been able to spend much more time in the water, and I’ve had new, wonderful and even uncomfortable experiences. Not only have I had to re-learn how to swim (thanks to my dear friend Shannon and our awesome swim instructor Sha Klatt, I’m actually a very good swimmer) but I’ve also learned to ski and surf (thanks to our water sports expert Kathleen Parker) and will do just about anything in the water now! Of course during all of these activities I swallowed a ton of water, had plenty of it go up my nose, and felt extremely goofy and uncoordinated, but it was important that being in the water felt natural to me again because when I can relax in it, it becomes a baptism-like and cleansing experience for my whole body and spirit.

I am not suggesting that you make it a goal to learn how to swim, ski and surf, but what I am suggesting is that you make being in and around water a weekly priority, which can easily be accomplished in iGnite! Like anything in nature, water has a magical effect on the body, mind and spirit, and when life feels heavy and daunting, water inevitably does the trick. Just the sight of water seems to wash away all worries, puts life back into perspective and adds the “joy spring” to our step, which is likely why the trail at Lady Bird Lake is used by thousands of people each day.

And, of course there’s the indisputable physiological benefits of water, a.k.a., hydration. To optimally function, our bodies MUST be adequately hydrated, which means drinking a minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day. Do you have achy joints and sore muscles? Drink water. Have dry skin, rashes or acne? Drink water. Struggle with constipation or abdominal bloating? Drink water. Need to boost your metabolism or drop a few pounds? Drink water. Struggle with fatigue or mental fogginess? Drink water.

Don’t like the taste of just plain water? Try our easy water replacement recipes for a tasty alternative. 

I wish I could say the above picture was me diving into the water, but I’m a belly-flopping diver. The picture was taken a few years ago during one of our class adventures at Barton Springs Pool, which consisted of squealing like school girls and then feeling so refreshed and invigorated that we didn’t want to leave. The fifteen minute dip kept us cool for hours, high-spirited and feeling our best!

I’m always amazed at how we (including myself) complicate things. We can search high and low for miracle cures, fountains of youth and sources of health and happiness, when really they’re right outside our doors and fortunately for us, they are plentiful in Austin.


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