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Who are You Grateful for?

"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives."  -John F. Kennedy

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”
-John F. Kennedy

Point to Ponder:
Who are you grateful for?

by Neissa Brown Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

Who are you grateful for? If you are like me, I would guess that this is a fairly simple question to answer and that you could create a long list of people, however, it’s likely that these people may not hear or see the words “I am grateful for you” as much as they’d like to and as often as you feel grateful for them.

It was at this exact same time last year that we launched our “I am grateful for you”, week-long letter writing campaign, and it was nothing short of beautiful! As a result of you, our members, writing gratitude letters during classes, we mailed over three hundred notes by the Thanksgiving holiday. That was approximately 2.5 gratitude notes per person, which translates to over 600 uplifted and happy hearts — with both the sender and receiver experiencing the proven benefits of gratitude. Therefore, we are absolutely committed to making this a pre-Thanksgiving tradition! My personal goal is to crush last year’s number and aim for at least three hand-written notes per person.

iGnite is emotionally invested in your well-being and we believe that the act of expressing gratitude verbally or in a handwritten note has the power to repair relationships and transform lives. And because having healthy relationships is paramount to living a low-stress and fulfilling life, we have ordered one thousand cards and we’d love to have ZERO left over when you’re done with them! The only action required is for you to attend classes throughout this week, have at least three people in mind that you are grateful for, then fill out the notes & envelopes during designated class time. The postage and trip to the post office is on us!

Finally, there is one more thing that I encourage you to pay close attention to during and after writing your gratitude notes, and that’s how you feel. Because you will have just finished exercising and/or practicing yoga, your endorphins will be flowing and you will already be feeling great, but all gratitude research proves that the result of expressing gratitude is an increase in life-satisfaction and well-being. In fact, one fascinating and very relative study by Steve Toepfer, associate professor in Human Development and Family Studies at Kent State University, found that “when a study participant wrote up to three gratitude notes about something that was important to them (not a generic “thank you” for you a gift, etc) the more they improved significantly on happiness and life satisfaction. The new and potentially important finding is that depressive symptoms decreased. Even more fascinating is that by writing these letters – 15 to 20 minutes each, once a week for three weeks to different people – well-being increased significantly.”

Gratitude. We can question its power and significance, but it’s all backed up by research. The more we express it, live in it and share it, the happier, more fulfilled and healthier we are. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s the cheapest and most effective fix on the market. Unlike everything else, there are no crazy side-effects — with the exception of extreme joy — and we can access it at our disposal. Now that’s what I call some serious good news!

Action Item:
Think about 3 people who you are grateful for and write them a personal “I am grateful for you” note this week!

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12 Gifts We Love to Give


Struggling with inspiration for what to give others for the holidays? The iGnite team shares our 11 go-to’s this year…


CEmask My favorite gift to give is a facial masque. I feel like it is one area that we all neglect or wish we could do more…of course I would love to be able to hand out a facial, but I go to the masque as an affordable alternative that just makes anyone feel good. My favorite line is Eminence Organics and here is a new one that I am going to give a try, but all are great!


socksThis year I’m finding I want to give lululemon running socks! I love wearing them because they feel good on my feet, I don’t ever have to tug at them while working out, they fit perfectly in my shoes, and all the designs are cute.   amazon-gift-cardAnother one of my favorite gifts to give is an Amazon gift card. Now that everyone in my family is getting older, we each bring a $25 gift card to our Christmas celebration and play the White Elephant gift exchange only with gift cards. I love bringing the Amazon card because it is gender-neutral, and you can buy ANYTHING off Amazon!


nestholiday_classic_hi300The Nest Holiday Candle – Wonderful scent, not too much and brings on the Christmas Spirit   cd

Betty’s Rockin’ Holiday CD – I love to make a playlist of upbeat Christmas music for my friends to have in their car while they are driving kids around or running errands.


or_708A_300   I love giving this “Peace of Mind” lotion, $10 from Origins! It has a light peppermint scent, and I just dab a little behind my ears when I need a pick-me-up!


IMG_4570-2Black monogrammed hand towels/wash cloths are my new favorite gift! I use one every day after taking make-up off. You NEVER have a dirty hand towel because the mascara, etc. does not show!  I have all white towels in all of my bathrooms in my home, but have a monogrammed make-up towel on the top of them for my daughters and guests to use. “Make Up” is monogrammed on them. You ALWAYS have white towels then! These are also perfect high school and college graduation gifts if you just need a gift and don’t want to spend a fortune on them.  I am having some monogrammed for my daughters to use in their apartments and putting them in their stockings!  You can get black hand towels/wash cloths at Bed Bath and Beyond for $2 to $4 and have them monogrammed and get them back pronto!


unnamed-50Right now I am loving the Nike Sport hair bands They come in many different and fun colors and the best part, which is why I like them so much and want to give them, is they do not lose their elasticity. The other fun hair ties I have used are super cute, but I can’t run, jump or do anything active without my ponytail coming loose and my hair getting in my face, which is a total drag. Thankfully, Nike has solved my “active lifestyle ponytail dilemma” , and when wrapped around your hair you can’t see the Nike or swoosh sign. (four pack = $10 or a bit cheaper on Amazon)


jacketSomething I’m going to get everyone on my Christmas list this year are the Ultra Light down jackets from Uniqlo.  $60.00 bucks and they come with a tiny pouch that you can stuff them into & carry them everywhere. GAP may carry them too, or target etc.


quarterlyI ran across the packages from Quarterly.co recently and love the idea of giving these this year!  You select a package personally curated and created by an artist/expert/designer/celebrity that your receiver loves, and they receive a specially curated surprise package in the mail, either one time or quarterly. So fun!


photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Every year I like to give small, homemade gifts to teachers and friends. Since there are so many decadent sweets at this time of the year, I like to give a healthy gift that teachers especially seem to appreciate. For gift giving, I wrap them in a festive holiday bag with ribbon or put them in cute holiday canisters.  For myself, I like to divide the nuts up into snack bag size servings so I don’t eat too many, and they become a convenient on-the-go snack.

I especially love this spiced nuts recipe from Martha Stewart.


judypaulartMy “go-to” and favorite gift to give is a Judy Paul “mini-print,” a 4x6in or 5x5in print mounted on wood, just the right size for a bookshelf, dresser, side-table, or special niche. Judy signs and dates each and every one of these little works of art, and they make great “personal” Christmas presents or special gifts for any occasion. You can order through her website and pick any of her images to be printed in this size. And/or you can find her at the East Side Studio Tour this weekend and next, and/or at the Blue Genie Art Bazaar, and pick up your Judy Paul minis there. They are $20 each or “buy 3 get the 4th free” ($15 each).   Shop Local! 🙂

Special Holiday Workout

As we prepare for a joyful Christmas, we wish you a very safe, festive and fun holiday.
In the event you are traveling and unable to exercise, we endorse and suggest the holiday workout below.

Special Holiday Workout

With Christmas love!

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