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Quit Something


Point to Ponder:
What do you need to quit?

iGnite Neissa

by Neissa Brown Springmann

Celebration! The first day of spring is tomorrow, March 20th and if there’s a person in the world who doesn’t love the season of rebirth, renewal and regrowth, I’d like to hear from he or she and to try to convince them otherwise. Blooming tress, longer and warmer days, and playful chirping birds are all signs that Spring has sprung and we get to begin again.

While I love the spring season, I actually have an affinity for them all. Having lived in both Austin and now San Diego, two cities who don’t have dramatic changing seasons, I’d argue that the seasons in both of the warmer climates are prevalent enough. They come at just the right time and give us exactly what we need, whether it be more time to rest or more time to play. Really, I feel that the changing seasons are nothing short of miraculous and our Creator knew exactly what we needed, at the perfect time.

Now, as we say goodbye to winter and welcome spring, you don’t have to look long or hard to find a blog post or magazine cover filled with springtime inspiration. Last week, while reading a new book, I too found what I think is the perfect way to start spring–Quit Something!

Recently, my good friend and iGnite member, Catherine Sanderson, recommended that I read Love Does, by Bob Goff. Ironically, Bob lives in San Diego and while I had been encouraged to read his book before I never took action, until Catherine sent me a very persuasive text saying, “Neissa! Do you know a book Love Does and/or Bob Goff? You would be freaking¬†obsessed!” I mean, how can I say “no” to that? In addition, Bob’s whole mission is to inspire people to dream big and make life more awesome. Again, that’s hard to pass up! So, I purchased the book and while I haven’t finished it yet, I have snagged some jewels of inspiration from Bob, like ‘quit something’!

Either Bob doesn’t reveal why or I just haven’t gotten to the part in the book where he goes into more detail, but every Thursday Bob ‘quits something’. After reading this I paused, thought about it and decided it was brilliant! After all, to routinely quit something requires us to regularly stop and evaluate our actions and life, including any pesky bad habits that we’ve picked up along the way. Furthermore, this is one of the gifts of springtime, the season of new opportunity and rebirth. In order for new life to grow, we need to pull the weeds and quit something.

One simple yet big example that Bob used was to quit texting and driving, so don’t feel like you have to quit your job, unless you’re miserable and it’s preventing you from living a more awesome life. You get to choose. And, whatever you decide to quit, if you slip up, no one says you can’t keep choosing that same habit to quit each Thursday.

To get your mental juices flowing, below are 25 examples:

  • Quit saying ‘I’m sorry’ and replace it with ‘Thank you’. (Ex. If you are late to a function and everyone waited on you, rather than profusely apologize, greet your group with “Thank you so much for waiting on me!”. Though there’s nothing wrong with a sincere apology and many times they are necessary, women tend to over apologize. Plus,gratitude is always the winner)
  • Quit complaining
  • Quit wishing, waiting, over thinking and doubting yourself
  • Quit comparing yourself to others or who you were yesterday
  • Quit talking
  • Quit the glorification of being busy
  • Quit being late
  • Quit eating on the go or in your car
  • Quit going to bed past 10:00 p.m.
  • Quit being a consumer of things
  • Quit saying anything negative about yourself or others
  • Quit worrying and being afraid
  • Quit looking at social media
  • Quit drinking soda
  • Quit using the word “like”
  • Quit using your phone while enjoying a meal with other people
  • Quit doing at least one thing for your kids
  • Quit settling in relationships
  • Quit yelling
  • Quit reading gossip magazines
  • Quit eating fast food
  • Quit saying “yes”
  • Quit saying “no”
  • Quit looking at your phone before bedtime
  • Quit trying to gain the approval of others

As you can see, there is so much healthy quitting that we can do in which new life can grow. It’s the inspiration and promise of the gorgeous spring season of opportunity! When one unfruitful door closes, a fruit-bearing door always opens.

Action Item:
Each week, quit something that isn’t helpful, necessary, and/or is dangerous and preventing you from living your dreams and an awesome life.



Thank You, Adversity

Inspiration from the iGnite Archives


Point to Ponder:
Do you view your problems as a launching pad—-a powerful and preparatory growth opportunity to take you to your next and important chapter in life?

iGnite Neissa

 by Neissa Brown Springmann

During one of mine and Russell’s weekend conversations, he inquired about this week’s journal topic. I explained that the first day of spring was Tuesday, and I am always inspired by this season because having proceeded winter, it provides a beautiful and organic example of new beginnings, growth and opportunity. The discussion went on, one thing led to another and somehow our conversation landed on the benefits of manure — gross!

You see, about a week ago our landscapers spread manure throughout our lawn. Mildly inconvenienced, our yard smelled terribly and Durant couldn’t play in it, but I knew that in the long run it was for the best and the poo pros outweighed the poo cons. So we did what we had to do and dealt with it. Very soon we will reap the benefits of the fertilizer and enjoy a bright green and healthy yard.

As our highly sophisticated conversation continued, we compared the manure on our yard to the manure in our life. We discussed different times when we’ve dealt with problems, adversity, and challenges. As painful as they were, they served and continue to serve as opportunities to experience new growth, necessary change and improved character, which is everything we need for the next round of poo, a.k.a. essential problems, adversity and challenges that allow us to reach our greatest potential, reach the next phase in our life and help someone else.

In addition, because nature is our best teacher, we concluded that the special ingredients to a having rich, healthy and vibrant lawn are exactly the same as living a rich, healthy and vibrant life. The recipe consists of:

Water – The grass and trees that once looked lifeless are now thriving and alive. The recent downpours of nutrients have given them vitality and are also producing what might be one of our most gorgeous springs ever. The trees are standing tall and proud and the wildflowers are smiling everywhere. Interestingly enough, our bodies are no different. In order for the body to function optimally, our brain to think clearly and our skin to repair, we must drink water. Just as the grass turns a brighter shade of green after an actual rain shower vs. water from a faucet, there is no substitute for the water that our body requires. Coffee, tea, juice, milk and soda are not adequate hydration substitutes. Drinking half of your body weight in ounces per day of water, cranberry water or water with a splash of lemon will give you a vitality boost!

Sunlight – In order for vegetation of any kind to grow, it must receive an adequate amount of sunlight, just like humans. Spending time outside, in the sunlight, not only provides us with vitamin D, which aids in the absorption of calcium, but it also boosts our spirits and immune system. This is scientifically proven! And, just as grass, trees and plants prosper when spoken too with kind and cheerful words, our spirit requires the exact amount of “people light”, i.e. friends, colleagues and neighbors that breathe confidence, love and encouragement in our lives. A plant cannot survive without sunlight and nor can we, therefore rid your life of darkness and fill it with light!

Fertilizer – It is incredible that something as gross and foul as manure is, it provides crucial benefits to crop and yard growth. The benefits include: improved soil structure, increased water-holding capacity, improved drainage, a source of slow-release nutrients, reduces wind and water erosion, promotes growth of earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms. As for our gross and foul life problems and challenges that we wish would go away, when faced head on and accepted as opportunities, they will always translate into a more gratifying, healthy and enhanced life.

With spring upon us, immerse yourself in the therapeutic and energizing season and enjoy all she has to offer. Relish the nourishing rain showers, bask in the sunlight and be thankful for adversity, because there is power in your problems. The special three ingredients come as a team and are filled with life blessings and opportunities along the way.

Action Item:
Immerse yourself in the therapeutic and energizing spring season and enjoy all she has to offer. Relish the nourishing rain showers, bask in the sunlight and be thankful for adversity, because there is power in your problems.

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