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The IT in Your Life


You can talk about it or you can do it.
— Lynn Tilton

Action Item:
Determine what your IT is and let it motivate you to live an enthusiastic, fearless and rich life.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

During the evenings while feeding and bathing my son Durant, I always have the television on and listen to the national news. I enjoy this time of day because as we wind down and settle in for the night, I get my dose of current events and world happenings.

While watching the news last week, I became interested in the preview of a Friday night 20/20 special called “Billionaire Secrets: What They Know That Can Change Your Life.”  Thankful for DVR, I recorded the special so I could watch the World Series (poor Rangers!) and then viewed the 20/20 special early Sunday morning.

My suspicion was correct, as it was a terrific! Barbara Walters interviewed four people: John Paul Dejoria, a once homeless visionary who built Paul Mitchell hair care and Patron Spirits tequila, and resides in Austin (who knew?!). Also interviewed was Lynn Tilton, who specializes in buying lifeless companies, then creates them anew, Guy Laliberte, creator of Cirque du Soleil, and Tony Hsieh, C.E.O. of Zappos, the online shoe company.

The actuality that these people are billionaires was fascinating, since I barely know how many zeros are in a billion. In fact, I learned that in the United States alone there are 403 billionaires, which is 40% of the world’s billionaire population! Again… who knew?! For sure, learning these details was very interesting, however it wasn’t the zeros behind their names that I found most impressive.  Instead what I found most fascinating was their life story, personal character, passion and ability to overcome failure.

Each of the people highlighted in the 20/20 special are like us, as they’ve experienced adversities that would cause anyone to throw in the towel. Between the four of them, their hardships ranged from at least one of the following: being left by a spouse (before becoming wealthy), homelessness, business failure, being fired, harassment at work, and the death of loved ones. And, another one of their common denominators was they had each learned from their failures/difficulties and used them as motivation to continue on and preserver. I feel accurate in my assessment when suggesting that failure or one of their set-backs was the IT that drove their passions and inspired them to never give up.

In thinking about my own life, I ponder what IT is that motivates me… I’ve experienced heartache, deaths of a best friend, classmates, grandparents and friends as well as financial and professional woes. The conclusion I have made is that each of them have shaped and molded me to pursue life with no regret. Therefore, my IT is fear of regret, and the dreadful emotions of regret that remind me to keep my words kind, to love deeply, and to live a spirited, passionate and purposeful life. Glance at this week’s Weekly Intention Guide to help you figure out your IT.

iGnite founder Neissa Springmann has come a long way! Here she is speaking at the 2010 Texas Conference for Women.

iGnite founder Neissa Springmann has come a long way away from her IT! Here she is speaking at the 2010 Texas Conference for Women.

So, what’s your IT? Could it be lack of confidence, excuses, fear of failure, risk or regret like me? Regardless of what your IT is, don’t let it hold you back. Remember that the billionaires in the 20/20 special embraced their IT and IT made them who and what they are today. Let your IT inspire you to live an enthusiastic and good life, which is sung in this weeks music video.


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The Spirit of Spontaneity

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
— What Not to Wear

Action Item:
Practice spontaneity and try something new every day. Take a different route home, enjoy a new restaurant, try a new iGnite class, or stay up late watching a movie on Monday rather than Friday.

by Neissa Springmann

by Neissa Springmann

Last week while walking my son Durant, I became overwhelmed by one of THE BEST smells in the world. As I approached Wally’s Burgers on Mesa Drive, the smell took me back to a childhood memory-to a place called Wilburn’s. Wilburn’s was a “greasy burger joint” in Riesel (where I grew up), and there was not a single healthy item on their menu (except for the iceberg lettuce salad, which by the time it was covered in Ranch Dressing and croutons, it actually had negative nutritional value). In addition, smoking inside was perfectly acceptable, and therefore there was always a layer of cigarette smoke, making Wilburn’s a real safety hazard. Despite the heart attack risk, the hamburgers were unbelievably delicious and unforgettable, which is why my mouth watered when I approached Wally’s this last week.

As the smells took me down memory lane, I contemplated when I had eaten my last greasy hamburger, and sadly remembered it was my Junior year in high school. Upon graduating from high school I literally became obsessed with a healthy diet and up until my pregnancy, I deprived myself from indulging and enjoying fatty foods, which included greasy hamburgers. So, as I continued to walk, the smell from Wally’s drove me crazy and I began asking myself the following questions:

  • What is the worst thing that will happen if you ate a greasy Wally’s hamburger?
  • Why are you afraid of eating a greasy Wally’s hamburger?
  • Are you that boring and lack spontaneity so much that you won’t allow yourself one single greasy hamburger?

As I walked and thought about these questions, all of the answers were fear based. For example, I thought, “I’m afraid that if I eat a greasy hamburger I’ll like it so much that I’ll want another… I’m afraid of the fat and calories and fear I’ll gain weight.” Fear, fear, fear! What’s that all about?!?!?

iGniters working out and living life with friends who keep each other courageous and motivated to overcome our fears when we all need that extra support!

Needless to say, I did not stop and get a greasy hamburger because I felt like at that point in the week I had not calorically earned the right, however I decided I would have one in the very near future. I concluded that while eating a predominately healthy diet is a great goal, there is nothing wrong with having a greasy hamburger once every seventeen years! In fact, that would be a joyful and spontaneous experience for me, and one that would contribute to my enthusiastic life, just like when I indulged Friday morning and snuck away to watch the movie, The Way.

Ironically, The Way (an inspirational must-see) spoke to me like Wally’s. I realize this is a silly analogy, however in essence they both reminded me to shake up my routine and be spontaneous. Just as quoted in The Way, “You don’t choose a life, you live one,” and while cliche, life IS too short to not occasionally enjoy a greasy hamburger! Furthermore and also from The Way, were the words of a female inn keeper who never walked The Camino de Santiago/the Way of St. James. When asked why she had never walked it she said, “When I was young I was too busy, and now that I’m old, I’m too tired.” Honestly, her words knocked my socks off as “too busy and too tired” are excuses that I commonly say.

So, what’s your greasy hamburger? Are you possibly avoiding spontaneity as a result of fear, like me? If you are, then you are in good company and the best news is that becoming spontaneous is no different from developing a strong muscle, increased stamina or flexibility. It simply takes stepping outside of your comfortable shell and practicing. Soon enough, you will crack your protective shell and begin seeing life with a new pair of fearless and enthusiastic eyes. Furthermore, spontaneity, like practicing regular exercise, adds heart beats and energy to your life, and who doesn’t want that?

Therefore, in the spirit of spontaneity, let’s get uncomfortable, messy and try new things. Who knows, maybe you’ll dress up like a dancing trash bag and spontaneously scare your family or neighbors. After all, it is almost Halloween!  Enjoy this week’s Weekly Intention Guide for a helpful guide in thinking about new things you can try every day this upcoming week. Also check out the video below and enjoy a hysterical Ellen moment.

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