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If You Invest in ANYthing for your Fitness Regimen, Invest in These

by Catherine Hearn

by Catherine Hearn

Gone are the days of going into the store, picking out the cutest pair of athletic shoes you see, asking for your size, and taking them home.  Although that may be fun and quick, it’s a recipe for disaster…and injury.

If you’re going to invest in anything for your fitness regimen, please make it your shoes!   Athletic shoes are probably the most important piece of fitness equipment you’ll buy, so it’s important that you  pick the right pair.  Injury caused by inappropriate shoes can needlessly derail your fitness attempts. One of the worst feelings is to finally have the motivation and determination it takes to regularly exercise, but then have an injury stop you in your tracks. I’ve been there, and it just plain…well, sucks.  So, we’re here to give you a run-down on the why’s and how’s of athletic shoe buying so that never happens to you!

All athletic shoes are not made the same:

  • Running shoes have built-in shock absorbers and lack lateral stability because you don’t move your feet laterally when you run– you’re only going forward. They’re built to give you support and stability as you move your foot specifically through the running gait cycle.
  • Cross-training shoes are designed to be suitable if you perform a number of sports or exercise types in your workout, but they are not designed to support any specific sport very well
  • Walking shoes, among many other design features, are especially lightweight
  • Aerobic shoes are lightweight & shock absorbing to prevent foot fatigue and to cushion the ball of the foot
  • Tennis shoes have flexible soles to protect your feet from the quick side-to-side movements of tennis.
  • Basketball shoes are thick-soled and have a high top to provide extra protection against ankle and foot injuries caused by jumping.

Tips for while you’re in the shoe store:

  • Make sure you try on each shoe with the socks you would be wearing during exercise.
  • Walk across the room. Does your foot feel cushioned and supported?  Is the foot lightweight enough to perform your activity?  Is your foot  stable while moving (not wobbling or slipping out of the shoe)?

When should you buy new athletic shoes? It’s time to get a new pair when…

  • You notice worn soles, particularly if they are unevenly worn
  • The backs of the shoes appear to be broken down
  • You’ve worn your running shoes for 300 miles
  • You’ve worn your cross-training-shoes for more than 100 hours

And just in case you need one more reason to go pick out the right shoes, wearing the wrong shoes can lead to:

  • Serious back, knee and hip pain
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Shin splints (leg pain)
  • Traumatized toes
  • Painful blisters

…any of those sound familiar?

So go ahead, head to the store and remind yourself that it’s FUNCTION over BEAUTY when it comes to athletic shoes.  Your future feet, knees and hips will thank you!

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Cleanse Day 5: by Catherine

by Catherine Hearn

by Catherine Hearn

Okay, was day 5 a turning point for anyone else?!  I think this was the first day I was actually in a good mood all day! AND the first time I wasn’t craving sweets or caffeine at MULTIPLE points throughout the day.  I didn’t even think that was possible, especially with how things were going at the beginning of the week… :/

Getting in my 30 mins of exercise at an iGnite yoga class

Getting in my 30 mins of exercise at an iGnite yoga class

I didn’t realize until today that I usually wake up in the mornings with tired eyes that feel very heavy, and with pretty significant bags under my eyes. The same was true all week until this morning. I woke up feeling clear-headed and with “awake eyes” — I don’t know how else to describe it, but no eye bags and not feeling like I’m desperate to go back to bed! It was glorious. I’m assuming this is related to the no sugar and no caffeine, because those are the biggest changes to my diet with the cleanse, and my sleep patterns have stayed about the same.  Note to self: probably a good idea to keep that up as much as possible considering how much better I feel! 

Lunchtime! My go-to spinach salad with beans, rice, tomatoes, avocado, lime juice, olive oil, cilantro and salt & pepper (and whatever other veggies I can find in the fridge)

Lunchtime! My go-to spinach salad with black beans, brown rice, tomatoes, avocado, lime juice, olive oil, cilantro and salt & pepper (and whatever other veggies I  find in the fridge…)

To be honest, I spent Days 1-4 in a relatively bad mood, low on energy, and craving sugar and caffeine throughout the day. Thank goodness on day 5 I had consistent energy throughout the day and for the first time wasn’t having the urge to eat out of “boredom,” it was awesome.

Since my exercise was inside today, I got my 30 mins of outdoor time by moving my office outside for the afternoon. I loved it!

Since my exercise was inside today, I got my 30 mins of outdoor time by moving my office outside for the afternoon. I loved it — the fresh air definitely gave me a second wind.





I have especially loved the effects of cleansing from social media this week.  Not allowing myself to browse through Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook on my phone at every down moment or while I’m eating has made me realize how often I do that each day.  Although those little icons on my phone are still very tempting, it has been incredibly freeing and allowed me to be much more present in the moment, whether I’m waiting in line somewhere, eating breakfast or lunch, or just wanting to turn off my brain between work and school.  Simply sitting and relaxing is much more rejuvenating AND keeps me from comparing my own life to the lives of my friends and the people I follow online (as much as I like to tell myself that I’m not doing that).  It’s a great feeling.    Not to mention, it ups the chances that I’ll call my friends and have a solid conversation to find out what’s going on with them, instead of finding out online.  It’s time to get back in the habit of that.

Sick of cooking, we had a low-key Friday date night at Chipotle — super easy to make a cleanse-friendly bowl/salad here while Andy gets to eat a big ‘ol burrito. Win-win!

Overall, day 5 was a game-changer for me. So, if anyone started a day or 2 late and isn’t to day 5 yet, keep the faith! It’s a winner, you’ll feel the results in your mood and energy very soon 🙂

Three Mantras to Inspire You

“The power of words can move you to tears, evoke absolute joy or lead you in action. There are words of encouragement, of sympathy, of love and admiration. The right words can give you strength, define your faith, give flight to things that live in your imagination. Words will inspire you, cut you and bring you back to life. They will comfort you in your time of needs.
They will nourish your soul!”

Point to Ponder:
How about you? Do you have a 2014 seasonal saying or focus that will help you reach your goals, aspirations or simply help you get through the next several months with a smile on your face?

Action Item:
Determine how you would fill out the 2 steps of the card above
to intentionally pursue a healthier you in body, mind and/or spirit this spring!

by Neissa Brown Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

Throughout the next three weeks, we will focus on choosing a mantra, intention, or motto that will inspire and encourage you throughout this spring season. And because we believe that transparency is one of the main ingredients to cultivating a deeply connected and meaningful community, below are three personal mantras, brought to you by three of our wonderful leaders: Amy, Catherine and Molly.

“Stand tall; walk proud.”

By Amy Younkman

by Amy

This mantra is a culmination of the last several years. When I feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and ‘the weight of the world on my shoulders,’ I tend to round my shoulders inward — as a sort of protective barrier or suit of armor. Through my yoga and Pilates practice, I have become much more aware of how I carry myself through life. When I “stand tall and walk proud” I have more confidence, I feel more ready to take on my world, and I allow more things to “roll off my shoulders” rather than feel like I have to fix things and make it all right. It is as much a mental practice as it is a physical practice for me.

“Make it happen!”

by Catherine Hearn

by Catherine

I’m saying these words to myself anytime I start thinking that I can’t do something or that something isn’t possible.  It is so true — when you just say ‘I’m going to MAKE it happen, regardless!‘ suddenly the possibilities open up before you. This can cross over in to so many aspects of life — I’m excited to see the difference it makes. It has already  helped me push through a number of situations and take on a much more optimistic, anything-is-possible attitude.

“Let it go”

by Molly McCauley

by Molly

Too often I find myself taking things way too personally — some things that I definitely shouldn’t take personally.  Or, I let silly ideas and comments eat me alive and drive me crazy. I’m wired that way though — I’m a worry wart. For example, if I think someone has read me the wrong way or taken something I’ve said out of context, I can drive myself crazy about how or what I should have done differently. I’ve come to learn that I can’t please everyone, even though I want to make every person I am around happy. I’m focusing on letting these things, these worries, GO! If something happens that does get to me, I’m whispering to myself “let it go.” It has worked the past couple times I’ve tried. Life is too short to worry all the time, so let it go!


Goals Shmoals, Just What Do You WANT?

by Catherine Hearn

by Catherine Hearn

In the world of self improvement and self-help, you’re always hearing about the importance of goals. What are your goals? What are your dreams? What are your passions? And if you’re at all like me, those questions just make you want to roll your eyes and think… I don’t know what my “goals” are!  Who really does that anyways?!   But something happened in my life that made me think about them in a whole new way… a way that made complete sense to me.  And now, I see that they are just as powerful as people are always saying they are.  It just doesn’t have to be approached in such a boring way!  It’s time to make “setting goals” more approachable, more interesting, more…fun?

To make a long story short, the journey that brought me to setting and achieving “goals” and completely changing my life for the better went about something like this:

Stage 1:  Live my life as an absolute perfectionist, overachiever,  make-sure-I-look-good-in-everyone-else’s-eyes kind of  gal.  i.e.   always trying to get the ‘perfect’ grades, look as ‘perfect’ as possible (whatever that means?), be the president of my college organization, date the ‘cool’ guy, and on and on…

Stage 2: Get a standard office job doing what my college major prepared me to do…regardless of whether it really inspired or interested me. It’s what we’re all “supposed to do” after all, isn’t it? (gag)

Stage 3: Find out I have a brain tumor.   A benign, non-cancerous tumor called a pituitary adenoma to be exact. Not dangerous or life-threatening, but try explaining that to me in the same sentence as  the words BRAIN and TUMOR  in a voice mail left on my cell phone by my doctor’s office (awesome customer service, I know) , and I didn’t exactly hear the “you’re gonna be fine though” part…

Stage 4: Sit down and realize (post freak-out and crying session)… ok, clearly I am NOT in control of my life.   So, what CAN I do? Suddenly I realized that SO MANY of the things we sit around and complain about in our lives are actually within our control of changing.  Unfortunately, for most of us it often takes a moment of — oh wait, I might not have another day— to realize that.   So I asked myself,  how am I spending my days that suddenly seem more numbered?  Well, at the time… 9 hours a day at a job I didn’t like, in a 7-year relationship that wasn’t healthy, not working towards anything I had always talked about wanting to do “some day,” not really doing anything that necessarily excited me… not the best start, to say the least!  I  had been living my life entirely with the purpose of impressing others and was completely out of tune with what I personally wanted and who I really was.  This prompted me to sit down with a piece of paper and make a list (I love lists 🙂 ) — I asked myself just for fun, what are all of the things I’ve  said I’ve always wanted to do?  The list started something like this:

  • study abroad
  • complete a triathlon
  • become fluent in Spanish
  • go rock climbing
  • live in Southern California — I love the beach!
  • go to ACL (it had always sounded fun but because my friends weren’t into it, I never went)
  • drive a black bug convertible (why not?)

…and many more things, both small and big.

I decided then and there that THIS was my new to-do list. And to start on it…. RIGHT THEN. And what do you know? Within two years I had lived and worked abroad entirely in Spanish, spent  6 months living in San Diego (which led me to discover my passion for women’s empowerment & psychology of health & wellness) … and the list keeps going on.  Of course I have not checked everything off of my list, but I see them ALL as achievable and I am always working towards making at least one of them happen.  No more stagnant living for me!  My self-talk has changed from, why do that? That’s ‘not normal.’ To, why NOT? My new mantra became “no regrets,” and I became the queen of trying new things, getting outside of my comfort zone, listening to what I wanted to do instead of what was seen as “normal” to those around me —  and WOW am I a happier, more fulfilled and more joyful person on so many levels, to say the least.

I truly believe that God made us each purposefully unique, with very different, specific (sometimes random or silly) desires in our hearts.  He put all of these random desires within each of us for a REASON. We just have to have the courage to listen to them and go after them. It is THEN, along those crazy missions toward checking those small and large things off our “lists” that we will find our unique purpose and experience the abundant, exciting and joyful lives we are cut out to live.

It’s simply a matter of taking ownership.

I think this quote says it best:

The best day of your life is the day on which you decide your life is your own.
No one to lean on, rely on or blame.  The gift of life is yours, it is an amazing journey, and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.  Life is about the choices you make — choose wisely.

So I challenge you,

  1. Ask yourself: Do I take ownership for the quality of my life? Or do I blame my circumstances or other people in my life for the way things are?
  2. Sit down & write down all of the different ways (big & small) that you complete these sentences:
    • “I’ve always wanted to _____________”
    • “I really want to _______”
    • “Someday I’d love to ______”
    • “I  wish I could __________”
  3. Get to work! And remember, it’s all about baby steps.  Decide that the second you want to start complaining about something,  you will instead decide what small steps you will take to CHANGE them.

You might just find that the grass, right where you are, suddenly gets a little greener 🙂