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10-Day Reboot: Cary’s Day 4

iGnite 10 Day Body Reboot

by Cary Fyfe

by Cary Fyfe

Hot.Buttered.Toast. I am sorry, I am, if this causes anyone to run like a wild animal to a pantry that has no — NO — bread in it. But this is where my mind is, because of Mercy Watson, and the Earth.

No, this is not a Re-Boot-induced delirium, and it will make sense — in a very odd way — in just a moment. But first, I will share a verbal and pictorial journal of my Thursday. So sit back, grab your green smoothie, and read on…

Breakfast: grass-fed sausage and a green smoothie

Breakfast: grass-fed sausages and a green smoothie

My morning begins with me whistling a tune and frying up my grass-fed sausages, little organic pigs and turkeys that got to play freely with their friends before they were…omigosh, I can’t think about that. So while little bluebirds land on my shoulder, I add my green smoothie to the picture, because the sausages look very sad and lonely on that plate. Doesn’t my smoothie look so cute in that little mason jar?? This healthy food is so pretty, and I do feel good! Really, the best part of this for me is that my very self is taking care of, well, my very self. That does feel good, and might be just enough. BUT, while I’m on this track to watch what I put in my body, I have become aware of something not-so-pretty: I like to snack. Fine, right? Would be, but I like to comfort-snack. Quite a revelation, and why I didn’t know it before is anybody’s guess.

After my dreamy breakfast, and feeling pretty smug about how “clean” I feel, (and already thinking about what I’m going to eat next), I head off to see my first student, a darling, brown-eyed seven year-old boy. My bluebirds and I work merrily with my student, and after he does his work, I get to read out loud to him, from a book called Mercy Watson. And — warning — change of tone…MERCY WATSON BE DAMNED. The bluebirds have flown, and dark clouds gather. Freakin’ Mercy is a happily rotund pink pig, and she LOVES — sorry again — Hot Buttered Toast. My favorite comfort snack.There is, I am not joking at all, a picture of hot buttered toast on EVERY page of that blasted book.

Mercy Watson and her hot buttered toast

Mercy Watson and her hot buttered toast!

Oh.My.Gosh. Seriously, it’s all I can think about now! And as I’m reading, I’m thankful I’m just reading and not having to assess or teach or anything that requires my brain to think of something other than hot buttered toast! Somehow, I make it through the session with my dignity intact, and I move on to meet my next student, a high schooler. We are studying World Cultures, and I will be safe there.

First question on the practice test is about — really, people?? — the Earth’s CRUST. So Mercy Watson be damned again, not only am I thinking about hot buttered toast, but it’s WHITE BREAD toast! That was in my lunch every day when I was a kid! That is the only “crust” that I see! I lunge across the table in a panic, aggressively grab my cranberry water, and when I see my student’s look of concern (or is it terror?), I regroup, smile, and sip that nectar like the true lady that I am. We’re back on track, and I’m going to float away to King Cranberry’s Castle, where there is no candy…or toast.

Thankfully, I make it through the rest of the day with lots of nuts and safe crunchy things that are in the book of sanctioned treats, but now — should not have agreed to write about this particular day — I am hosting my Book Club tonight. No problem, I tell myself, they’ll eat clean and won’t think a thing about it. And then the Door of Doom slams again, because these women, they love their, we love our — I’m not going to write what we love, because I’ve already tortured you with hot buttered toast. Y’all know what it is I’m talking about, don’t you? Do not run to your refrigerator, don’t do it!!

At the risk of being ejected from this Reboot, I will write one more little tidbit, about whether or not I succumbed to, um, a glass of what my Book Club pals enjoyed. I did not partake (well, I did take a sip…really, it was just a sip, ask Leslie Yzaguirre, fellow iGniter, she was there). And now I feel really, really good– not because I am denying myself treats that I love, no…that isn’t what this is about. I am, rather, taking sweet care of my body, because it houses my little spirit that has been so kind to me all these years…and I am so happy to now know, that is quite enough.

10-Day Reboot: Molly’s Day 9


by Molly Daniels

by Molly Daniels

What aspect are you enjoying the most and why?
Knowing that I am only putting fresh and pure foods into my body makes me feel clean and clear-minded. I have felt this very same way all three times I’ve done the Re-boot!

What aspect are you finding most difficult?
Being prepared is the hardest part. I do not enjoy going to the grocery store, and I also do not enjoy cooking. I usually throw things together for lunch and dinner (or my husband cooks a lot!), but I know that I need to be more mindful during these ten days. I am proud to say I did cook both Sunday and Monday night — hooray!

I made a big pot of veggie chili on Sunday night to have for the week! It's Emeril's recipe...very easy and delicious! (The recipe calls for corn, but I left it out.)

I made a big pot of veggie chili on Sunday night to have for the week. It’s Emeril’s recipe…very easy and delicious! (The recipe calls for corn, but I left it out.)

Quality of sleep?
GREAT! Sleep is never an issue for me. I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow and sleep through the night until my alarm goes off or my body naturally wakes up. I’ve been that way my whole life.

Energy level and mood during the day?
I am a morning person and always have been. I have great energy from 6am – 1pm, and I usually get very sleepy around 2:00pm. (I am a huge proponent of afternoon naps on the weekends!) I have noticed throughout the last week that as long as I hydrate well during those “sleepy hours,” I can push through my slump.

How has your mood been?
I’ve been in a wonderful mood! I feel healthy and strong, and I get to be around the most amazing women day in and day out….you can’t beat that!

Working out at Mount Bonnell in the rain with these 4 amazing friends!

Working out at Mount Bonnell in the rain with these 4 amazing friends

Are you having any specific cravings?
YES – Mexican food!! To better explain why, first of all, I do not have a sense of smell (Can I taste? Yes! But probably not as good as you.), so I do not like nor do I crave sweets at all. I LOVE and crave chips and salsa!! I don’t go to Mexican restaurants to eat cheesy foods….it’s honestly the easiest type of food for me to eat because I am a vegetarian. I love black beans, avocado/guacamole, rice and corn tortillas! I’ve been known to only order side dishes and be very happy! I will be honest and say I’ve had a slip-up with the chips (they are so hard for me to resist!), but I’ve said no to the corn tortillas staring me in the face in my pantry.

Other observations related to this experience?
I actually enjoy the 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar in the mornings! I’m not sure why I don’t continue with that once the ten days is over, but I am going to try my best to this time!


My apple cider vinegar with water every morning

Tips or tricks that are working for you?
I made sure to purchase my crunchy gluten-free snacks (almonds, nut thins with hummus, and vegetable chips) so that they are always on hand and so that I wouldn’t reach for my husband’s corn chips. I’ve also recently found these new lentil crackers with sea salt at Central Market…they are delicious!

10-Day Reboot: Ali’s Day 2


by Ali Marlin

by Ali Marlin



Aspect of the Re-Boot I’m enjoying the most? I love all the new recipes and feeling good about everything I eat.

Aspect of the Re-Boot I’m finding the most difficult?  I’d have to say the most difficult thing so far is not being able to just grab something and go. I’m having to get used to fixing meals rather than rushing out the door with a Kind Bar.

Quality of previous night’s sleep?  I slept great last night and actually do feel refreshed!



Cravings: Well, I always crave Chick-Fil-A, so those haven’t stopped quite yet. Of course, walking on campus where every other person has Chick-Fil-A bags in their hands doesn’t help, but I just take a gulp of our cranberry cocktail and move on. I’ve been surprised with my lack of cravings late at night which I used to have frequently, especially staying up late to study — but I haven’t had any the past couple nights!

Energy level throughout the day? My energy today (Tuesday) has been much better all day, where yesterday by 5:00 I was exhausted.

Smoothie snack

Smoothie snack

Mood? I’ve been in a great mood, but I think that is mostly because I’m excited for the rest of the reboot! I haven’t noticed any mood swings.

bath time!

bath time!

Any other observations? The body scrubbing was a little painful, but I’m sure my body will get used to that! Finding 30 minutes for an Epsom salt bath is definitely a struggle, but I did get to have one today and of course added lots of bubbles — yay!

unnamed-82unnamed-81Tips/Tricks: I tried my Apple Cider Vinegar in my lemon water today and that was much easier for me to drink.  For the cranberry cocktail, I put half in my 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle and try to finish it before lunch (and drink it during lunch) and then refill it to drink the other 32 oz. in the afternoon/evening.




  • I made the avocado and egg bowl for breakfast this morning for my roommate and myself. it wasn’t as pretty as planned, but it tasted delicious! I couldn’t bare to throw away the extra avocado so I put that and an egg in a muffin tin!
  • For lunch I had baked chicken, brown rice and strawberries.
  • For dinner I had the Thai beef stew from our cookbook, YUM!
  • And for snacks I had almonds, as well as a berry, almond milk and spinach smoothie!

I’m going to get the ingredients for stuffed sweet potatoes tomorrow, can’t wait to try them!

~ Ali