How to Effectively Glide in Your Breast Stroke

The versatile breast stroke can be used as a relaxing or safety stoke as well as a powerful, racing stroke.  In this video, iGnite Swim Instructor Sha Klatt explains the correct form to use while executing the breast stroke.  Using long-time iGnite swimmer Janet Chastain as her model, she demonstrates how to focus on the glide. You May Also Like: […]

Member Spotlight: Molly Frances Denham

Roots: I was born and raised into a family of five kids in Austin, four girls and one boy — lucky him. 🙂 I met my husband, Joe (Nebraska native), at Baylor. We graduated in 2013, married in 2014 and moved to the “Big City” (Dallas). We recently moved back to Austin for Joe’s new […]

Member Spotlight: Madeleine Tilin

Roots: I grew up in Lubbock, graduated from UT Austin with a degree in journalism and moved several times before coming back to Austin in 2011. My children’s father and I both worked in publishing and enjoyed some great cities together as a result – Boulder, Chicago, Santa Fe and Oakland. We moved to Austin […]

Real Women, Real Stories| Brooke’s Story: Providing Hope & Healing for Child Survivors of Sex Trafficking

Roots: I’m originally from Oklahoma City, OK. I lived in the same house same city until I left for Texas to attend Baylor. Since then, I’ve moved so many places-too numerous to mention. I have lived in Austin, TX since June 2010. Family Life: We’re one of those crazy, messy blended families. My husband, Calvin, and I […]

A Decade of Dedication

As we continue to celebrate our birthday, we are highlighting the women who know iGnite better than anyone as they have spent 10 years of fun, friendship & fitness with this welcoming community. The “Fab 5” were part of Founder Neissa Springmann’s first class in October 2006 and are still here reaping the benefits of the whole-self approach to fitness […]

12-Day Reboot: Susan’s Day 7

This is my fourth reboot and each of them has been different for me.  Although at this point, my diet is almost identical to this program, I don’t adhere to it that strictly at a business conference or a friend’s house for dinner when I’m not rebooting.   I continue to reboot because I love the […]

Celebrate Encouragement

Point to Ponder: Who in your life can you use some words of encouragement? In last week’s journal, Lift Higher, I wrote that in honor of iGnite’s tenth birthday that throughout next month we would celebrate by commemorating the people in our lives that lift us higher, as well as ways that they lift us […]

12-Day Reboot: Delaine’s Day

3 Days Down! I started out my third day with warm lemon water.  I drink this as I’m packing lunches and getting my kids off to school. I think just having that lemon water in my hand has helped me slow down and not rush my kids as much.  It is a reminder that I […]

Real Women, Real Stories | Jeanne Little: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education

Roots: I have lived all over Texas, but I’m so thankful to have spent the last 32 years in Austin. Family Life: Blessed to be married to an amazing man for almost 35 years. Lew and I have 3 children; Wesley, Anne and Elizabeth. Two weddings this year and now we have two more wonderful children; Dora […]

Summer Travel Inspiration & Advice

Thinking about planning your summer vacation?  Look no further!  We asked 3 iGniters who are also experienced travel advisors for their favorite destinations as well as travel tips to get you on your way. These ladies specialize in customizing one-of-a-kind vacations and travel for individuals, families and large groups both near and far. When you are planning your […]