Member Spotlight: Sam McClure

Roots: I am a gypsy, having grown up in Brussels, the Philippines and London before moving to the US in high school. In the US, I’ve lived in Connecticut, New York, Boston, Seattle, Miami and Chicago. I’ve been in Austin for 25 years, which is hard to believe given the transient nature of the first […]

Member Spotlight: Carol Reifsnyder

Roots: I am originally from Lubbock, Texas. I attended the University of Texas where I met my husband, Andy. We moved back to Austin in 1992, a time when Mopac had no cars and the hills had no houses. Family Life: My husband is a radiologist and has been the Chief at Breckenridge Medical Center […]

Member Spotlight: Madeleine Tilin

Roots: I grew up in Lubbock, graduated from UT Austin with a degree in journalism and moved several times before coming back to Austin in 2011. My children’s father and I both worked in publishing and enjoyed some great cities together as a result – Boulder, Chicago, Santa Fe and Oakland. We moved to Austin […]

Member Spotlight: Simone Krasan

Roots: I say I am from Seattle, as that is where I spent the longest amount of time growing up. My father was in the military, and my mother liked to travel, so we moved around a lot. I moved from Seattle to Austin, sight unseen, with two of my sorority sisters in 1995. I […]

Member Spotlight: Tammy Saxon

Roots: I grew up in Houston and set roots in Austin after graduating from The University of Texas in 1988. Family Life: I’ve been married to my husband Chuck for 28 years, and our family of six includes our oldest son Chase who is a Junior at Texas Tech University, our son Grant who is […]

Member Spotlight: Jeri Brock

Roots: I was born and raised in beautiful Kansas City, Missouri. I moved to Texas when I was 19 and never left. 🙂 Vaughn and I have lived in Austin for 31 years. Family Life: We have 4 boys. Johnson is 29 years old and lives in New York City. Cameron is 26 and lives […]

Member Spotlight: Mary Bell

Roots: I was born in Houston, but I moved to Iran when I was 3 years old. After that, my family moved to London, and then we moved back to Houston. I went to UT and stayed in Austin, living here from 1974 to 1991. We moved to Houston for 17 years until 2008. We […]

Member Spotlight: Ali Clayton

Roots: I am originally from Brownwood, Texas (think Friday Night Lights setting). I’ve lived in Austin for a little over 5 years now. HOOK EM! Family Life: I’m as single as a Pringle. No significant other or kids, but a couple of loving parents and a pretty rad 13 year old sister. Work Life: I […]

Member Spotlight: Janet Chastain

Roots: I was born and raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. I’ve been in Austin, full time, since 1993, not counting the 4 years of college, 1978-1982. Family life: I’m married to Lee and have 2 children, Madeline (19) and Daniel (18). Work Life: Current occupation: Empty nester trying to find a current occupation. Previous occupation(s): […]

Member Spotlight: Paige Clark

Roots: I’m very proud to have been born and raised in Austin. I spent four years in College Station (including one semester in Spain!) for college but came back as soon as I could. I love this city. Family life: It’s just me! I am very blessed to have a strong community of family and […]