Finding Joy in “The Juggle”

It’s good to do uncomfortable things.  It’s weight training for life. -Anne Lamott Tires are screeching, you’re running late, breakfast is burned  and you have on 2 different socks — It’s juggle time! As you step into the life juggle this week, remember to keep a sense of humor and even find joy in the juggle, […]

Portable Joy

Point to Ponder: Do you share your joy everywhere you go? At times I find myself living in my own idealist world, but really I am an optimistic realist. My idealist world does not exist of unicorns and rainbows and everyone frolicking in flower-covered fields with linked arms. I’ve experienced and seen enough life to […]

Finding Mindfulness…on the Mat

Finding Mindfulness…on the Mat

In the day and age of quick fixes, constant fads and “7 minute workouts,” it can be hard to slow down and ask ourselves, Is this really what’s best for my body?   In our American culture, there seems to be an ongoing obsession with ‘new forms’ of exercise; for example, the latest, greatest form of functional […]

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

  I encourage you to watch this short video summarizing new research on the positive effects of outdoor exercise on emotional state and mental health. What I find especially interesting is the finding that not all outdoor exercise is equal in its effects on our mental/emotional health…. Supporting what most outdoor exercise enthusiasts and iGniters already know, the […]

How to Have Joy in 30 Days

I used to imagine that I was my own person; that, somehow, I didn’t care what people thought of me. Then I graduated from junior high. And then my idealism was trumped by reality. The reality is that the most influential component of our lives – for better and worse – is the people around […]

Embrace “The Juggle”

Inspiration from the iGnite Archives As the summer is coming to an end and the shift to back to school and more activity is happening, we are embracing The Juggle.  Our inspiration is from a blog post from a few years back. We encourage you to read it again and determine your priorities and goals, set some realistic expectations and practice […]

10-Day Reboot: Neissa’s Day 1

  I love starting my day with hot lemon water in an inspiring coffee cup. About a year ago I began adding a dash of Cayenne pepper for extra cleansing. Breakfast:  Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats with organic blueberries.  I also made an an over easy egg for extra protein and fat. Snack: […]

Love Yourself! Inspiration for Your New Year

Point to Ponder: Do you love yourself as God loves you? Since the New Year, I set a soft goal to find new and meaningful content that would not only challenge, encourage and inspire growth within myself, but that I would also want to share with you. I didn’t take formal goal action, like write […]

Are You Listening to the Signs?

Point to Ponder: Is your antenna up for signs that are around you? As you may know, in April 2015 my family learned that we would be moving from Austin to San Diego. My husband accepted a new job and although the thought of leaving Austin was devastating, once I embraced it, I became excited […]

12-Day Reboot: Crystal’s Day 9

Daily confession…I fell off the Reboot Wagon last night. Suffered a bit of a sugar hangover today from the cookies and wine I had at an event for Austin High parents. What was I thinking?  The cookies were from Randalls…not even homemade! Oh, well, today is another day, so let there be a clean slate! […]