Class Highlight: Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga I often see people pop into yoga class when they feel stiff, sore, or side-lined by injury. What I have found is, the real jewels of this ancient healing art truly begin to surface when one maintains a consistent yoga practice. Just like anything we want to “get good at”, we need to […]

Class Highlight: Yoga Chill

Yoga Chill Set to soothing music, this meditative class moves slowly with the breath to create a greater range of motion for the body, while calming the mind and releasing any stress that may have been built up throughout the day or week. You’ll step into your evening with less tension, more ease and a […]

Class Highlight: Lake Escape

Lake Escape If you are in need of the perfect mid-week mini-“stay-cation” then Lake Escape is for you! Set on beautiful Lake Austin, our class heads out from Walsh Landing at 9:30am on Wednesdays for our fun adventure on the boat.   Whether it is trying out water skiing, learning to wake surf {which by […]

Class Highlight: Cardio Blast

Cardio Blast Who wouldn’t want to take a class surrounded by nature with an amazing view? My Cardio Blast class is located at Mount Bonnell – a great location for a fabulous cardio endurance workout with a hill, stairs, ledges and picnic tables while overlooking Lake Austin at the top! Cardio Blast takes place on Wednesdays, so it’s the […]

Class Highlight: Total Body Strength & Toning

Total Body Strength & Toning Lean muscle mass cannot be maintained or increased with aerobic training alone. Without strength training, an adult will lose approximately 1% of their lean muscle mass per year after the age of 30!! INCREASE LEAN MUSCLE MASS AND YOU WILL BURN MORE CALORIES NATURALLY, 24 HOURS A DAY. TOTAL BODY […]

Class Highlight: Running Training

Running Training with Alli The Running Training class is a mixed level workout appropriate for the casual “lifestyle runner,” the 10k age group competitor, the experienced marathoner, and everyone in between. Moms are welcome to bring children in jog strollers to the class. Running Training follows a circuit format, wherein stops along the beautiful 2-4 mile loop around Lady […]

Class Highlight: Hydro-Fit

Hydro-Fit Class If swimming laps is not for you, consider our new Hydro-Fit program! Water exercise is all about moving water and creating resistance to get an effective non-impact workout. Hydro-fit is a full body workout that will lengthen and strengthen your muscles, build your cardio endurance, as well as increase your mobility. This workout […]

12-Day Reboot: Susan’s Day 7

This is my fourth reboot and each of them has been different for me.  Although at this point, my diet is almost identical to this program, I don’t adhere to it that strictly at a business conference or a friend’s house for dinner when I’m not rebooting.   I continue to reboot because I love the […]

Summer Travel Inspiration & Advice

Thinking about planning your summer vacation?  Look no further!  We asked 3 iGniters who are also experienced travel advisors for their favorite destinations as well as travel tips to get you on your way. These ladies specialize in customizing one-of-a-kind vacations and travel for individuals, families and large groups both near and far. When you are planning your […]

Practice Confidence Everyday

“Confidence comes not from always being right, but not fearing to be wrong.” (Anonymous) Point to Ponder: Do you often… Over-think things? People-please? Hold on to defeats? Strive for perfection? Undersell yourself? Play it safe? Doubt yourself? Action Item: This week, avoid people pleasing, over-thinking, perfectionism and self-doubt. Practice letting go of your mistakes, speaking […]