Member Spotlight: Allison Quinones


Allison & her husband at Lake Shasta Dam in California

I am originally from Goessel, Kansas (which is 45 minutes north of Wichita). It’s a small farming community that has about 500 people within the town, but most people choose to live in the country. My grandpa and uncles own a dairy farm and harvest numerous crops. I grew up drinking raw unpasteurized milk – it tastes delicious! I have lived in Austin for 6 years and now call it home.

Family Life:
I am married to my husband, Albino. Our professional and personal lives are basically a mirror of each other.

Work Life:
I am a school social worker! I work for Communities In Schools Of Central Texas and run a program at Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy (all-girls middle school). My program serves at-risk students who might have barriers to education, therefore being at risk for becoming a drop out. I do individual and group counseling, broker services with community partners and supervise other staff and interns! I love my job. My husband is also a social worker for Communities In Schools, and he works with young men at Eastside Memorial High School. I also teach Les Mills RPM spin class at the Southwest YMCA two times a week. My husband, Albino, and I co-teach, and we really enjoy the community that exists there.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned through my iGnite experience…
Joining iGnite helped shift the view of my former engrained method of working out, which wasn’t serving me anymore. The biggest thing I learned was that I could still get results through a shorter, yet intense workout. I trained for triathlons for years and was set in a habit of over-exercising. iGnite helped redefine exercise for me and allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, thus helping me to find overall balance in my life.

The best advice I’ve been given…
The most prominent piece of advice that comes to mind is that, “One of the most common sources of stress is the belief that I am in control of my life rather than know that God is in control of literally EVERYTHING.” I think this quote basically covers all avenues for what causes stress, our human worldly desire to be in control and now allowing God to take that on for us. He always knows best.

Something people may not know about me…
I live within the Austin City Limits but on 7 acres of land with 2 horses! Best Craigslist find ever. It reminds me of home.

My guilty pleasure…
I get a kick out of the videos of people dressed up in dinosaur or shark costumes, usually doing very silly things to very terrible music. For some reason they make me laugh really hard!

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