Member Spotlight: Rebecca Young


I was lucky enough to grow up here in Austin. My mother went to the old Austin High and was one of the first students to go to Travis High when it opened. 🙂

Family life:
My husband, Russell, although born in New Hampshire, also grew up here in Leander. We met at UT during a summer internship selling books door to door. (A whole other story – ha!) We have two boys – Isaac is 9, and Austin will be 8 in May.

Work life:
In my previous life, I worked at Dell selling servers and storage systems to universities (mostly) in the Chicago area. But have to say I love “retirement”! My husband and kids keep me busy, and when they don’t, the school or other friends/family members do.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned through my iGnite experience…
iGnite has taught me how to swim! Okay, in more ways than one. Although I do completely credit Sha for any skill I now have in the pool, I can say that swimming is something we all do in everyday life. Sometimes we feel great and can swim hard – sometimes we struggle to come up for air just to make it to the other side. But, the best part about iGnite is who you “swim” with – whether it be at Mecca, TreeHouse or the JCC – it is a wonderful group of ladies to know and be friends with.

I’m most inspired by…
Many people inspire me: friends with large families, friends going through tough times with a smile, teachers who work so hard to teach all different kids in their class, volunteers/philanthropists who never stop the work….what they all have in common is work ethic. They don’t wait around for something to happen. They are the reason things happen! Nothing inspires me more than someone willing to work hard to make a difference in their lives and others.

I’m looking forward to…
Right now we are in the middle of building a house around the corner from where we live. We are pretty excited about seeing it come together and are looking forward to moving in sometime in May. 🙂

If I were a pair of shoes…
They would have to be a bedazzled pair of comfortable tennis shoes. I’m not sure I can properly explain that, but I am a casual person who also likes to dress up and dance the night away.

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2 thoughts on “Member Spotlight: Rebecca Young

  1. Sha

    Yay Rebecca! You are a delight to have in any iGnite class but you especially brighten up our swim workouts! Love your member spotlight and your wonderful smile! See you poolside💦❤️


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