10 Day Re-boot: Molly’s Day 1

iGnite 10 Day Body Reboot

Molly Daniels

Molly Daniels

Day 1 is complete, and I am feeling great! I set my intention for this Re-Boot to be just what I hit home last Thursday to the group: slow down. Don’t get me wrong – I do LOVE a good nap and a lazy Saturday on the couch, but I move at 90 to nothing mostly every day in a lot of what I do. I wanted to approach this Re-Boot a little differently than previous times because I feel like I eat well (can always be better though, right?!), don’t drink any caffeine, have a good exercise routine, and have continued a couple of the Re-Boot practices from two years ago, so I really want my focus to be on the slowing down aspect this time: taking Epsom salt baths, doing the body brushing and putting my phone away in the evening to spend more time with my husband (and frankly to give my eyes and brain a break too!). I know my body and mind will thank me!


My 6am class at Mecca

I slept very well Sunday night, so I was ready, rejuvenated and excited for my 6am class yesterday morning. Ten iGniters at 6am – LOVE it! They energize me!!

Knowing that I only had about 20 minutes between my two morning classes, I came home and drank my apple cider vinegar with my breakfast before heading out again. I then enjoyed Kathleen’s awesome 12 Days workout at 9:30 – it’s a treat (and a always good learning experience) to get to exercise and not be the teacher!


Kathleen’s Metabolic Circuit Workout

It’s very rare that I eat lunch out during the week, but I treated myself to a salad at Whole Foods with my new sweet friend, Molly Frances!  I typically don’t make salads at home for myself because it’s “too much work”, so going to Whole Foods where it’s all right there for you is so nice! My body felt nourished, my mind felt clear, and I was ready to conquer the work I had for the afternoon. I need to remember the way I felt today when I’m wanting to eat a peanut butter sandwich and crackers for lunch. Go for the greens!!


My salad from Whole Foods

Some days I hit the “2pm slump” and who knows, that might happen tomorrow, but overall, I had great energy yesterday, I slept well and am thankful for the slower time. I’ve never set an intention for the Re-Boot before, so going about this in a different way excites me, and I’m curious to see the progress I make and what I learn from it. Let’s hope my Mexican food cravings don’t start tomorrow!!

Here’s to this body experiment!

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