Member Spotlight: Wendy Poppenhagen


I am originally from the west coast (Nevada > California > Oregon > California) then moved to the east coast (Wellesley~Boston suburb) 20 years ago. I was fortunate to have one year (2004-2005) in Paris with my family for an incredible life experience. #movesalot

Basic family stats:
I have been married to Jeff for almost 25 years. He is a retired portfolio manager and a gin drinker (He told me to write that…He’s also very funny! 😍) Jeff and I have two girls. Lauren is 21 and a senior at Occidental College. She is a collegiate swimmer and will be graduating in May. Lindsay is 19 and a freshman at Tulane University. She is pursuing an architectural degree and currently in the middle of rush. I also have a really cute dog who I love tons. Fibber is a 10 year old Havanese. #lovemyfamily

Current/previous occupation:
I previously worked in Public Relations for a San Francisco non-profit. When I moved to Boston, I was pregnant with my second child and decided to become a stay-at-home mom. I also feel like I was a professional volunteer because I have chaired, co-chaired and volunteered for so many fundraisers and events over the years. #nowineedajob

The biggest lesson I have learned through my iGnite experience…

I don’t think I have a lesson, but I have a gift. The biggest gift iGnite has given me is the wonderful community. I was scared to move and start all over in a new city especially at my age. I no longer have any children at home, I am not in college, and I am not currently working. These factors make it so much easier to make new friends/community. I loved my friends and community in Boston, and I had a huge void to fill. The women I have met in iGnite have been so nice, kind, interesting, extremely inclusive and really fun to workout with. I am now playing Mah-Jongg with a group of incredible ladies because of a connection in iGnite. NEVER, EVER did I dream I would be learning and playing Mah-Jongg. Guess what? I love it! I have ben filled with genuine gratitude about finding a community so soon after moving to Austin. Thank you, iGnite. #grateful

I am most inspired by…
My husband, Jeff, inspires me all the time. He loves his family, super loyal, very smart, disciplined and is a….out of the box kind of thinker. He pushes me to look at the world, problems, relationships, etc. differently than I do. I always don’t agree with his perspective, but I love that I can be consistently challenged. He helps me to learn new things, empathize and have a more open mind. I think that is very cool! #thankyouJP

My celebrity look-alike…
I have been told by many people that I look like Princess Kate Middleton. #lovehertiaraandclothes

Something people may not know about me…
I am the fifth great-grandchild of Davey Crockett. #kingofthewildfrontier

Have you noticed the hashtags? Another thing you may not know about me is that I have been journaling on Instagram each day since we left Massachusetts. I post a daily picture (for one year) with hashtags describing my day. It is a bit silly and fun. I really wanted to remember experiencing Austin for the first time and photos are a great way of doing that. My daily post pushes me to discover my new city and all its adventures. When the year is done, I will get a book (or several) printed.

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4 thoughts on “Member Spotlight: Wendy Poppenhagen

  1. Anonymous

    Wendy Poppenhagen, you are so awesome! Best member spotlight yet! You ARE a wonderful writer and YES, please write a book!

  2. neissa

    Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful information, Wendy! You are a rock star and we are so thankful that you are part of our community. #verygratefulforyou 🙂


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