10-Day Reboot: Karen’s Day 5

iGnite 10 Day Body Reboot

by Karen Elliott

by Karen Elliott

This is my first iGnite Reboot experience and after 5 days, I LOVE the small changes in my habits and food choices. I have a busy household, so keeping up with my family while taking care of myself is a challenge. I love to cook, so my family doesn’t go out to eat often. I subscribe to a CSA –Community Supported Agriculture — program, so this Reboot has “encouraged” me to experiment with new spices and use up all of the fresh, organic vegetables! What I have easily adapted to and have enjoyed over the past 5 days is planning. Planning for meals, planning for a soak in the tub, making time to sit out in the sun or float in the pool after an afternoon workout. Half-way through this Reboot, I am looking more closely at food ingredients when making purchases. Even if I am buying something I will not eat, I am looking for better ingredients for my family.

When Molly started talking about the Reboot Program, I was very excited to learn more about it. The summer had left me fatigued from the lack of meal planning and letting everyone’s schedule pull me in different directions. The Reboot presentation and guidebook are well-laid out and easy to follow. When I first perused the guidebook, I was excited for the recipes. I was really excited that my pantry and refrigerator were already stocked with many of the recipe ingredients. I have challenged myself adding curry, turmeric, cumin, coriander, and balsamic vinegars to my vegetable dishes.

IMG_0005Mornings have been the easiest for me. It is usually very hectic getting my children awake, feeding them breakfast, and getting them out the door. I am not a coffee-aholic, I just drink it when I am out with friends. I don’t even have a coffee maker. If I want a cup of coffee at home, I use a French Press. The new routine of having a cup of hot lemon water calms me as I look over my emails, cook breakfast, and pack lunches. I am a breakfast person, so I make eggs with left-over veggies from the previous night or an egg with tomatoes and avocado. After a morning walk, I have brushed and sat in the tub. The house is empty and I can truly focus on myself and my well-being.

Snacks have been a little harder. I’m used to grabbing a Kind bar to have between meetings or in the car. So planning to have fruit plus a protein when I’m on-the-go has been challenging. One day, I skipped my morning snack and ate a little more during lunch because I was hungry. My stomach felt nauseously-full, and I felt sluggish for most of the afternoon.

My snack of rice crackers and hummus

My snack of rice crackers and hummus

Today, I tried some coconut yogurt with sliced strawberries and a sprinkle of chia seeds. I’m not sure what the chia seeds add nutritionally, but it added some texture. In the afternoon, I had rice crackers with hummus — what a filling combination. I also carry serving-size bags of almonds and dried cherries in my purse for when I am out of the house.

For lunch, I dined with some friends at Galaxy Cafe. I knew I could always order a salad if I couldn’t find something that was dairy, soy, or gluten-free. What I ordered was absolutely delicious — I think I’ll even try to replicate it at home. I had the Galaxy Buddha Bowl: steamed kale, homemade lentils, brown rice, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and all-natural free-range grilled chicken. It came with a side of chile peanut vinaigrette, which I didn’t need. Very tasty.

Buddha bowl from Galaxy Cafe

Buddha bowl from Galaxy Cafe

I have been really surprised by how easy cooking dinners has been. I do add a carb with gluten for my children, but I make extra veggies for my husband and myself. Tonight I made ground turkey pasta sauce, served over roasted spaghetti squash, zucchini sautéed in olive oil and garlic, and a green salad with lemon balsamic. So filling, and all of the vegetables came from my CSA box!


Dinner: ground turkey pasta sauce served over roasted spaghetti squash and zucchini sautéed in olive oil and garlic

Five days left, and bedtime is an area in which I still struggle. That being said, the downstairs air-conditioner has been out for a couple of weeks, so I have been sleeping in the guest room upstairs. An unfamiliar bed and a disruption in routine makes it hard for me to sleep, plus I usually read from my Kindle before I go to bed. My energy level has remained the same, but my skin feels better and I no longer have that “bloated” feeling. I miss CHEESE! — it is probably the one food item I crave and miss. I am surprised that I do not have a craving for sweets or bread. I make sandwiches for my children and pack them a “dessert” everyday — so far so good. I missed Facebook and Instagram the first day, but my curiosity has waned.

Dinner side salad: green salad with lemon balsamic dressing

Dinner side salad: green salad with lemon balsamic dressing

After a fast-paced summer and eating whatever I desired, this detox has been good for my body and the Reboot was something I needed for my mind. Thank you iGnite for taking a “wholistic” approach to the detox/cleanse/Reboot!

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