10 Apps We Can’t (or don’t want to) Live Without


BitmojiBitmoji Keyboard allows you to create your own personal emoji that you can use from your phone keyboard. My nieces and nephew now do Bitmoji texts all the time, with our own personal Bitmojis — who can change outfits and lipstick color to suit our moods — and I spend more time on that than on planning my dinner!

Find my iPhone

Find my iPhoneFind my iPhone allows you to track the location of all smart phones on your mobile plan.  Great for seeing where your teenagers’ phones are hanging out!

Jesus Calling

Jesus CallingOne of my favorite Apps is the Jesus Calling Devotional.  I have the actual devotional book (which I love), but what I appreciate most about the app is its convenience. Like the book, the app provides a relevant and comforting daily devotional, but what’s so wonderful about the app is that I can access it anywhere and at anytime, which of course helps on those days when I fly out of the house and don’t make time to sit down and read the devotional book! It’s not a free app, but it’s definitely worth the small expense.

My Days

My DaysThis may be a little TMI, but I was getting sick of not having an exact answer at my annual doctor check-up to the question “When was the first day of your last cycle?”  I found My Days – Period & Ovulations originally just to track my cycles electronically — which makes it super easy to retrieve that exact info anytime a doctor asks, without any guessing or estimating.  You can also use it to track symptoms, monitor fertility and more.  I find it really helpful!


MyRadar WeatherAnother favorite app of mine is the MyRadar Weather Radar app. Being that iGnite predominately operates outdoors, I rely heavily on this app and find it more accurate and helpful than the hourly weather predictions on other apps. And because the radar images are color coded and the maps are precise and can be enlarged, it’s easy to see how heavy the rainfall is as well as exactly where it is and where it’s heading. It’s allowed iGnite to make important decisions for relocating classes, but it’s also the perfect app for anyone who enjoys simply being outdoors as much as I do.



It may be a common one, but my favorite app is Pandora Radio, because I love having music on all the time!!


PoshmarkI love the Poshmark: Buy & Sell Fashion app for this reason: it is so simple! Have any women’s clothing items you want to sell and don’t want to drive anywhere to sell them? This is the perfect app for you! Take a picture of your item, price it, sell it, receive a pre-paid shipping label, take it to the UPS store, your buyer accepts, and voila — you have money in your account or dollars towards your next Poshmark purchase! Poshmark takes 20%, and you make the rest!


VivinoVivino Wine Scanner is a wine app where you can take a picture of the label of a wine that you like and it will pull up all the info, ratings and reviews about that wine. It then stores all of your wines so you can remember the ones you love. I’m always forgetting the names of wines that I try at restaurants or at someone’s house and this is the perfect app to help you remember and learn more about the wine.


WazeWaze – GPS, Maps & Social Traffic is a traffic app, you put in your destination and you can check if there is traffic, an accident, construction, a stalled vehicle… Anything that causes traffic in the direction you are heading. It also tells you the speed the traffic is moving and when it will clear up. I hate traffic, so I love this app!
I use it all the time!

What to Expect

What to ExpectFor all the preggo ladies out there, a mommy friend of mine turned me on to the What to Expect: Pregnancy & Baby app for my pregnancy and I’m loving it!  Based off of the popular book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, you customize the app to your specific due date and it tells you each week exactly what’s going on developmentally with the baby.  It also has new interesting articles everyday related to all things related to pregnancy and getting ready for baby. Great stuff!

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