Normal is Overrated


Point to Ponder:

Do you regularly decide to do things because they’re considered “normal” or what’s expected?

by Neissa Brown Springmann

by Neissa Brown Springmann

On the heels of my husband losing his job and trying to sort through all of that, participating in the exhilarating Run to the Sun benefiting Beyond Batten Disease Foundation, iGnite member Lisa Wade sending me an incredibly insightful New York Times article, and then being invited to attend a Spur Leadership luncheon at Lake Hills church,  I can with 100% confidence say that I’ve been enlightened.

First, you can imagine all of the confusion that goes along with the loss of a job. Need I say more?  Then, to get to participate in the Run to the Sun and be reminded that the most important things in life aren’t things, a job or even financial security — rather, they’re family, friendships, community and our health. There’s nothing more important!  Next, as I am sitting in the Spur Leadership luncheon featuring Charlie Strong’s wife, Vicki, I notice the Spur Leadership slogan “Normal is Overrated.”  I have to tell you, I am so inspired by that slogan!  I find it refreshing and spot-on with how we should live our lives, but I also admit that it’s easier said than done.  On so many levels normal feels mmm…mmm good! It’s safe, predictable, and as comfortable as slipping into an old and stretched out pair of fleece sweatpants, but what I’m realizing every day is that God hasn’t called me to be comfortable.  Instead, He calls me to jump off the boat, take giant leaps of faith and be completely comfortable with being uncomfortable and trusting that a net will appear.  In fact, I think this is a universal calling for each of us, which is what leads me to the profound and compelling article from Lisa Wade.

The primary focus of Journalist David Brooks’ article “The Moral Bucket List” is to identify the characteristics of people who radiate an inner light and have the perfect “eulogy virtues.”   By career standards, these people may not have the best or most financial success, but as for understanding life — they totally get it.  They live and love exceptionally.  They aren’t living the normal or safe life, rather they are living for others and living to make an earthquake-sized impact, which is something we all have the capacity of doing.

Absolutely, normal IS totally overrated, and this week I encourage you to read “The Moral Bucket List” and consider the areas of your life that you are keeping safe and normal. And, I remind you that being busy, distracted, worried, stressed, insecure, gossiping, etc, are normal.  You don’t have to do anything radical or extreme, rather just find time to be alone, still, and quiet (actually, that is radical).  It’s during this time you will hear the whispers of your spirit guiding you to a life that is less ‘normal’ and more fulfilling.

Action Item:

Read The Moral Bucket List” and consider the areas of your life that you are
keeping safe and normal.

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