10 Day Reboot: Maggie’s Day 6



By Maggie McCauley

Day 6:

What aspect of the Re-Boot are you enjoying the most?  I really enjoy how easy it is for me to wake up in the mornings. Most days, I snooze at least 5 times, but since I have started the Re-Boot, I have been waking up so much easier. Also, I am not as tired throughout the day!


Whole Foods fruit and veggie juice

What aspect of the Re-Boot are you finding the most difficult?  The hardest thing for me is thinking ahead to prepare meals. I usually stay at work kind of late, so when I get home, I make a sandwich or have something easy for dinner, but now I make an effort to leave a bit earlier so I can cook dinner every night.


Balanced dinner at a restaurant: grilled chicken, brown rice and grilled veggies

Quality of sleep? I slept great last night! I slept way longer than I normally do for a Saturday morning, and it was amazing!

  Energy level and mood during the day?  I had a lot of energy today. I started out being a little lazy since it was Saturday, but I ran a lot of errands in the afternoon and never once felt like I needed to take a nap.

How has your mood been?  Today was a great day! At the beginning of the week, I was very stressed and not in the best mood, but as the week went on, my moods got better. Today was definitely my best day, and that might have been because it was Saturday, but it was great! 

Are you having any specific cravings?  I always crave chips and queso. Every single day! So I’ve been craving that this entire time. I also was craving bread at the beginning of the Re-Boot, but that isn’t as bad anymore


Coconut yogurt with granola snack

Other observations related to your Re-Boot experience?  I had a really hard time with the apple cider vinegar at first. I have been mixing it into my lemon water in the mornings, and the first day, it was very tough. I think I’m starting to finally get used to the taste, so now it doesn’t bother me as much.

Tips or tricks that are working for you?  When I went to the grocery store before the Re-Boot, I bought a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. I washed and cut all of the fruit, and I was much more inclined to snack on it throughout the week because the prep was already done.

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