10 Day Re-Boot: Melissa’s Day 5



By Melissa Morrow

Day 5:

Aspects of the Re-Boot I’m enjoying the most?  The lemon water will definitely become a part of my regular routine after the Re-Boot. It is easy and it quenches my craving for sugar.

Aspects of the Re-Boot I’m finding the most difficult? Living without dairy. I do not usually eat a lot of meat. Dairy is an easy protein for me. I now realize that I usually eat or drink a dairy product at every meal.

veggie chips

Quick, healthy and gluten-free snacks

Quality of sleep? I slept really well last night, it was the first night all week to get a full 8 hours and it was glorious! It has been a very busy week at work which has actually made the Re-Boot easier for me because I have not had much time to think about what I am missing.

Energy level and mood during the day?  Very good. Amazingly I have enjoyed high energy all week and it seems to be more consistent throughout the day.

How has your mood been? Today was definitely my best day all week…I am not sure if it was because of the cleanse or it being the end of a very busy week, or that the Band the Spazmatics were playing fun music in our gym this afternoon.

Are you having any specific cravings? I have been craving chocolate, sweets at the end of a meal, and the texture of cheese.


My organic berry splurge

Other observations related to your Re-Boot experience?  Both times I have done the Re-Boot I noticed an immediate decrease in my waistline and a lot less bloating.


The goats milk yogurt vs almond milk taste test

Tips or tricks that are working for you? I went to the store on the Sunday before the Re-Boot began and splurged  on a bunch of easy to grab, good, gluten-free snacks and every kind of organic berry they had so it felt like I had lots of good food to look forward to.  I conducted a cow’s milk yogurt substitute taste test, with a goats milk yogurt, a coconut milk yogurt and an almond milk yogurt.  The coconut yogurt was my favorite.  Even my kids at it up! They goats milk was a close second for me, but my kids didn’t go for it.  The almond milk yogurt…humm, let’s just say I don’t have to worry about anyone in my house eating it except me 🙂

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