10 Day Re-Boot: Leslie’s Day 4



By Leslie McConnico

Day 4:

I really began the re-boot last Friday. I had geared myself up for it and just went with it.

Aspects of the Re-Boot I’m enjoying the most?  I’m enjoying trying new recipes and not drinking. Really, I wake up feeling better and less puffy.
Aspect of the Re-Boot I’m finding the most difficult? I attend lunch meetings and social events and it’s difficult to find foods that fit in. Restaurants are not too bad since they can easily accommodate restrictions.


A Perfect snack- Apples, orange and almond butter

Quality of sleep?  I am not sleeping well. I have had nightmares the last 3 nights. I wake up at 3:ish and have a hard time going back to sleep. My mouth is very dry during the night and I have to wake-up and drink more water, hoping it will also make my headache go away. Not sure what this is about since I’m drinking so much water during the day and at night.

Energy level and mood during the day? Energy level is good, except when I took an epsom salt bath after exercising in the late morning. It zapped me and I had no energy for the rest of the day. Next time I’ll do at night.


Quick, easy and delicious smoothie

How has your mood been? I had a headache beginning around 1:30 the first and second day. I do not drink coffee but I do have a diet Dr. Pepper each afternoon so I’m sure it was a combination of lack of caffeine and no sugar. I was not too grouching but not perky either.

Are you having any specific ravings? I really crave my pretzels and DDP’s. Can’t wait to have them again!! The rice chips and Mary’s crackers are helping with the crunchy but it’s just not the same.
Other observations related to your Re-Boot Experience?  I do use my scales. It is a big motivating factor for me. I do this to also try and lose weight since I’m so frustrated at being over my usual weight.
Tip or tricks that are working for you?  Variety seems to really make a difference in being able to continue each day. I’m really trying to vary everything I eat. Also, Soup Peddler has some great soups and foods that fit in really well. I don’t like cooking all my meals.



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