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“I am grateful for bicycles! Mine, my husband’s, and my kids’ bikes! My husband commutes to/from work every day by bike, about 35 miles round trip, and he arrives home every evening already having exercised, feeling refreshed and energized from his second “workout” of the day, and ready mentally, truly “present” and “turned on,” for his family. My kids also commute by bike to/from school, and our ride home together every afternoon is my favorite part of the day; as we enjoy cycling through our neighborhood, they tell me about school and friends, we “race” and do “stunts” (all completely safe ;)), and we laugh and connect with each other in a way that just can’t happen in a car. Of course we also enjoy family bike rides to/from town lake and/or our neighborhood parks on the weekends. Cycling is such an important part of my family’s daily routine, and it adds so much to our quality of life, that I can’t imagine life without our bikes!” -Alli

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