Our 7 Favorite Halloween Costume Memories & Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, the iGnite leaders share their favorite halloween costume memories & ideas.


Kathleen:  In Walmart I found the perfect costume…my favorite food. Bacon! I love bacon! Best protein ever. I like it best when it doesn’t bend — nice and crispy!

Sha: One of my daughter’s friends did this and it was awesome!  Glow in the dark stick figure: Dress totally in black, head to toe. Buy long glow in the dark sticks of all different colors. Activate the glow sticks. With clear packaging tape, tape the glow sticks to your black outfit, for example: two yellows down your arms, two blue down your legs, girls make a triangle shape for a skirt, then a circle glow stick goes around your face. It looks so cute to see full life , glow in the dark stick figures walking down the street or on the dance floor.

Neissa: Pre-children, we did absolutely whatever our niece Claire wanted, and six years ago she loved Scooby-Doo. So, my husband Russell and I headed to the thrift store and pieced together our Shaggy and Velma costumes- all of which we felt like turned out quite well. Claire was a very happy four-year old!

Amy:   One year my daughter Sarah was fixated on the Joker and worked on her costume for months. Halloween came along on a Friday night and Sarah found herself without a trick-or-treat buddy (she STILL likes to trick-or-treat!). Hating to see the Joker so distraught, I ran to Walgreens at 9PM to get the last Batman costume (child sz. 14-16)….squeezed into it and hoped desperately that our neighbors would not recognize Sarah’s “partner in crime.” It ended up making a big memory and being lots of fun for both of us!

flash mob 2 (2)-2
Betty: My costume for this year is a Go Go Dancer — this picture is from a party flash mob I did for my sister’s birthday in California. It was so fun!
Cary: the funniest I’ve ever seen was a friend dressed as a baby. It was very brave…a guy, and he wore a giant homemade diaper with a pin in it, and that’s it. I think he carried a rattle too!
Ice Bucket Challenge costume
Catherine: I always love when people cleverly turn a current event into a DYI halloween costume. My favorite I’ve run across this year is an Ice Bucket Challenge costume. One option I saw for not dumping water on yourself all night is to use bubble wrap and cut strips into smaller pieces and attach them to a bucket so you can re-create the experience over and over again while staying dry. My favorite part: take pictures of other people in costumes going through the challenge with your bucket. It’s always fun when your costume makes you interact with other people!

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