Strength Training to Better Power Your Run


by Kathleen Parker

by Kathleen Parker

Do you want to improve your sprinting/running/walking ability to get maximum gain for your effort?  Well, here’s how: build lean muscle to power your run!

And you ask… how do I do that?

1.  STRONG ABS improve posture.


An upright stance will help you easily pick up speed!

In a study, runners who did core work for 6 weeks ran more efficiently, shaving 42 seconds off their 5K times.


iGnite strength by the lake

Yes, a strong back and arms combined with a lower-body routine can quicken your pace by 5%!

3. Work on building STRONG HAMSTRINGS!

bridge pose

bridge pose

What makes running really tough? Getting hurt. Studies have shown that strengthening the muscles in the back of your legs can help prevent injury.

4. STRONG QUADRICEPS are a must!

squat to shoulder press with resistance band

When runners added squats and weighted squats to their strength workouts, they could run 21% longer and were 5% faster!
Keep moving!

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