Cary’s Day 7 | 10-Day Body Re-Boot


by Cary Fyfe

by Cary Fyfe

My refrigerator is so happy. It houses “re-boot” yogurt, berries galore, green this, green that — it’s a virtual St. Patrick’s Day in there!  Oh…and the beloved cranberry juice. Just looking in there makes me feel healthy!

Cotton candy grapes: you can have your cake and eat it too!

Cotton candy grapes: you can have your cake and eat it too!

I say that because while I see myself as a “clean eater,” my fridge doesn’t usually look like this. Until a week ago, I thought avocados were a vegetable…that one sank me for a bit, since sometimes, that is the only green I eat all day. So off I went, making time to grocery shop (another new horizon), to gift my body a vacation from myself. And after a few steps into this brave journey, WOW. My heart doesn’t have to palpitate each morning, as it does when I have my 15 minutes of clarity and energy post-Joe.  My stomach doesn’t have to settle and re-group after each meal…it’s as happy as my fridge now, all calm waters and sunshine in there! And I really do feel clean. Clean…as in clear, energetic, content, happy that I’m taking care of my little house in which my soul resides.

Re-booting in Fort Worth with friends-who-knew-me-when

Re-booting in Fort Worth with friends-who-knew-me-when

So now the human part…I haven’t stayed on the tracks every day. I traveled to be with friends-who-knew-me-when, and I stayed quiet about what I was doing. While I anticipated some stress in that — ordering differently, not going with the group, saying no to dessert — which would raise some eyebrows — I found it a friendly challenge to stay true. Well, “true.”  I was careful about what I ate, I looked at ingredients before I plunged in, and no one pegged me as a freak…nobody noticed! I did…please forgive me…have a glass of wine. My cranberry water overheated when I left it in my car. My exercise was walking around town with friends, talking lots and laughing lots. And I did have an epiphany moment…I HAVE A STOP BUTTON! Who knew??? My taken-for-granted body finally had a voice that got through to my age-old habits, and it gently said “Sweetie, we feel nice, happy and full now, so let’s sit back and enjoy the conversation.”

I raise my glass (cranberry water, I swear!!) to each of you who are braving this adventure more wholly than I, who are taking sweet care of your precious self, and who inspire me to do the same.


Only 3 more days to go, you can do it!

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