Meg’s Day 6 | 10-Day Body Re-boot


by Meg O'Connell

by Meg O’Connell

The Re-boot Cleanse has been a bit different for me this time around. Last time I jumped in with both feet and felt great after the 10 days! In fact, I felt so great, that many of the practices, I have maintained. I continue to have my lemon water twice a day and I really stay away from dairy and wheat as much as I can during the week. I also was much more conscious about how much water I drank in a day…I might not have always had enough, but so much better than in my past. However, I did bring my coffee back into my morning ritual, the evening cocktail returned, and then the chocolate.

tempting birthday cupcakes!

tempting birthday cupcakes!

Therefore, when I looked at the cleanse this time around and saw that it fell right when my daughter had her birthday (how was I going to resist Red Velvet Cake in the house?), I wanted to really pick apart how my body responded to different foods. Therefore, I actually gave up coffee two weeks ago! I didn’t have a headache, which I was excited about, but today as my hubby pulled into Starbucks and it was starting to sprinkle outside and we were heading to my son’s football game, I decided to order a coffee. I enjoyed every second of it! I then began to realize that I had a stomachache and I was starting to sweat and I made the connection: “Caffeine doesn’t make me feel good, so let it go!” I really think coffee is no longer part of my ritual, but I might enjoy the occasional cup, knowing that it doesn’t make me feel good, but that it tastes so good. So I didn’t really miss the coffee and obviously my body doesn’t want it, but SUGAR is another story!  I am on day 6 of no sugar and I want it so badly! I am going to watch how I feel when I finally give it a try, but I really would like to make it for the 10 days, so stay tuned because this is going to take lots of will power.

my "cranberry cocktail"

my “cranberry cocktail”

I have loved my water and Cranberry Cocktail for the past 6 months. Over the next few weeks, I will continue to subtract and add back each of these vices that are apart of the Reboot and pay attention to which ones are my vices, which ones my body doesn’t like and hopefully reset my body physically and mentally, so that I can find a balance in it all!

What are you craving most now on day 7?  Share your experience anonymously by clicking “Comment” below.

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