What Being a Morning Person Can Do For You

by Molly Daniels

by Molly Daniels

I read an article that I’d like to share this with those of you who attend my 6 am classes regularly as well as those of you who have mentioned you’d like to try them. When I send emails to encourage members to try a 6am class, I really do mean every word I write when I say “It is the best time of day, and you will not regret waking up early!” 
Here’s a great article about how waking up early just might change your life for the better! With that said, I believe sleep is SO important, and if you are going to bed at midnight every night, I do not suggest waking up before the sun. Sleep helps the body to recover and rejuvenate, and you need at least 7 hours! I love getting at least 9 hours of sleep. Every BODY is different, and I know mine requires a lot of sleep. So, listen to your body when it comes to resting! AND, there is NOTHING wrong with a 30 minute nap during the afternoon. It’s actually so good for you!!!
I especially love numbers 1, 9, and 10 that are listed. Checking items off the “to-do” list without any distractions rarely happens for mostly all of us. If we get those things done before we are receiving texts or emails, think about how much more could be done during the afternoon! Also, exercise gives you energy, and if you do it early in the morning, you are setting yourself up for a day full of productiveness.
If you happen to set your alarm for 5am tomorrow morning and want a nice stretch with a beautiful setting to wake up to, please join me at the rowing dock for Core & Stretch at 6. It really is the BEST way to wake up on a Friday morning— peaceful, quiet, and relaxing.
Have a great day, and I hope to see you tomorrow!!
P.S. I do love to sleep later on the weekends!

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