20 Phone Apps We Love

iGnite leaders share the phone apps they love and use the most.


Amy‘s Pick:



My favorite is Shazam. I Shazam songs from the radio, in the grocery store, or wherever I hear them! Then, I later go back and look at my “tags” and add them to my playlists for workouts.

Cary‘s Pick:

Words with FriendsI love Words with Friends, and I sometimes even play against myself. My son and I started a game on my iPad one day a few years ago while we were waiting for an eye doctor appointment. He left for school a few days after, and I kept the game going.  It makes me sit still, soak my feet, just stop and have a fruitless focus for a bit.


Catherine‘s Picks:


Goodbudget: An awesome way to keep a budget, this is the digital version of the “envelopes” system of budgeting.  You can sync multiple phones on the same budget, so my husband and I are able to update it independently as we spend.  It’s great at keeping us on track!




InstaCollage: I use this to make fun photo collages both for iGnite and for myself! It’s super easy to use and the clean layouts, fun frames and different photo filters make your pictures look nice and put together.




Skype: with a sister in The Netherlands and in-laws in England, this allows us to call each other (and see each other) whenever we want for FREE, as long as we have internet service! It makes the world much smaller and those people feel much closer 🙂


Kathleen‘s Picks:

Tabata Timer Interval TimerI love my Tabata Timer and my Interval Timer. I use them every day, even when not leading classes. They are great apps for doing your interval sprints around the trail or track. I also love them because they have a nice loud beep for start and stop times.

Meg‘s Picks:



The Weather Channel:  Just to make sure I don’t get surprised


Endless Alphabet


Endless Alphabet: To hush the toddler…don’t judge! It is needed occasionally, and at least it is educational.




Rhapsody: So there’s always a playlist for teaching or a workout at my finger tips



Molly‘s Picks:



Flixster: This app makes it so easy to look up movie times and locations!

Open Table


Open Table: I always make dinner reservations on my Open Table app. It’s quick, easy to do, and I immediately receive an email confirmation as well as a reminder a few days before my reservation.



Instagram: I love using Instagram to post photos! I find I’m only looking at pictures on Facebook and always skipping status updates. Instagram cuts all of that out and all you get are fun pictures.


Neissa‘s Picks:

FlashlightFlashlight: There have been a few times at night when our electricity has gone out and I’m in need of a flashlight. Even if I can’t immediately locate a flashlight in the house, I always have my phone nearby and can use this very powerful flashlight app. It does use a ton of battery, but the light is bright and it does the job until I can find our flashlights.

Sign NowSign Now: I love this app because of its convenient “sign and email” feature. Rather than pull up a document from my computer email, print it, sign it, scan and email it, with Sign Now all I have to do is sign with my finger, save the document and email from my iPhone. It’s a time-saving wonder!


Alarmed Reminders: I’m a “list person,” and inevitably when I go to bed my mind always races with things I need to do. So, instead of turning my light back on, locating my list and finding a pen, I just pull up this app and start typing away.  And I don’t have to worry about losing my list!


Sha‘s Picks:

Gas Buddy


Gas Buddy: Tells me where to go for the best gas price.




Afterlight:  Lets me edit my photos very easily


Heavens Above


Heavens Above:  Tells me what to look for in the night sky, my husband and I use it nightly!


Your bank app (whichever bank you use): I love using my bank’s phone app for check deposits.  It’s so easy and convenient, I use it ALL the time!

Leave us a comment and tell us, what are your favorite phone apps?


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