5-Step Glutes & Core Medicine Ball Workout

Or, for a written version of this workout:

Complete 20 reps of each of these 5 exercises, resting 20-30 seconds between each exercise. Repeat the circuit 2-3 times, according to your ability level.

1. Wall Sit with a Ball Raise

  • With a 6 pound medicine ball (or whatever weight is comfortable for you), sit against a wall in a deep, wide squat. Keep the toes facing forward with your weight in your heels, and engage your core very tightly so that if someone were to punch you in the stomach it would be firm. Firm up your core so there is no arch in your back and raise the ball up against the wall and then down between your legs. Keep your legs wide enough so that the ball can come down between your knees.
  • Complete 20 ball raises.

2. Ab Toss

  • Facing the wall, sit down on a mat with your legs out in front of you and upper body leaned back at a slight angle and hold the medicine ball at your chest.  If you have a weaker back, sit straighter up. Legs are slightly bent and soft, or if it doesn’t bother your hip flexors, more straightened out.
  • Next, throw the ball straight against the wall in a chest pass, absorbing to catch it in a fluid motion — no stopping and then throwing.
  • Complete 20 throws.

3. Basic Glute Raise on the Ball

  • Lie down on your back, placing your heels on top of the medicine ball with your knees fist-width distance apart. Place your arms by your sides and keep your shoulders pulled down away from your ears.
  • Lift your glutes high up and down for 20 reps at a steady pace, inhaling down, exhaling up.
  • To increase the difficulty level, extend one leg upwards and complete the glute raises on a single leg.

4. Russian Twist

  • Sitting on a mat parallel to the wall, place your legs out in front of you with soft knees and lean your upper body  back at a slight angle, holding the medicine ball at your chest.  Twist to the side away from the wall with the ball, engaging your core, and without tapping the ground with the ball in a healthy and safe twist.
  • Next twist back towards the wall and throw the medicine ball against the wall  in one fluid motion.  Catch and absorb the ball and twist again. Inhale on the catch, exhale on the throw. Be sure to do this all in one fluid motion, not stopping between catches and throws.
  • Complete 20 on each side.

5. Prone Superman (or “Barking Dog”)

  • Lie on your stomach a few feet from the wall with the medicine ball and lift your legs and upper body off the ground.
  • Roll/throw the ball hard along the ground against the wall and catch it as it comes back at you. Complete 20 throws.
  • Rest the neck afterwards by turning the head side to side.
  • *If you have a bad lower back, be careful with this exercise — you may want to skip it. Alternate exercise:  Perform a basic back extension, keeping the legs on the ground and raising and lowering the upper body off the ground.


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