Cleanse Day 6: by Molly

by Molly Daniels

by Molly Daniels

We are on our last day of the cleanse, and I really do feel CLEAN and energized! I think the cleanse might have been a little easier for me than others for two reasons: I don’t drink coffee or any other caffeine, and I don’t like sweets. BUT, I do like a crunch, and I was missing it around day 3 and 4.

My goal was similar to Neissa’s in that I wanted to try to stay away from snacky-foods during the 7 days (even though most I buy are gluten-free), but when my husband continued to eat them right in front of my face, I gave in a few times.

I do attribute my “feeling clean” to my being so properly hydrated. I enjoyed the hot lemon water and apple cider vinegar in the morning and before bed (most nights) and drank tons of cranberry water.  My goal is for my kitchen counter to look like this every week!

My day 6 was great! I enjoyed scrambled eggs for breakfast. Usually, I would pour a bowl of cereal with almond milk every morning because I take the easy route in the cooking department, but with all these new pots and pans we got as wedding gifts, it’s making cooking a little more fun! I felt satisfied all throughout the morning and enjoyed teaching Saturday class.  

Catherine’s blog post came via email at the perfect time. Clayton and I were sitting on the couch, and I was starving, being indecisive (as usual) trying to decide what to eat. As soon as I saw she and Andy ate at Chipotle, I told Clayton we needed to go there for lunch! How can you beat a bowl with brown rice, black beans and tons of veggies?! DELICIOUS.

Finally, we had plans with a big group of friends to go the Austin Rodeo to see Clay Walker play. I knew this would be tough since everyone would be drinking before, during and after the concert. I craved a glass of red wine at dinner before, but withstood my craving and just drank a million glasses of water. (I made sure to go to the bathroom before we left the restaurant so I didn’t have to go in a port-a-potty at the rodeo!) Really, who needs red wine when you are THIS CLOSE to Clay Walker?! Needless to say, I was just fine without it and had SO MUCH fun.

Overall, day 6 was great, and I’m looking forward to continuing some of these great practices!

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