Cleanse Day 2: by Sha

Each day of the cleanse, one participant will share how the “experiment”  is going so far for them.  We encourage you to use these daily messages as a source of inspiration, encouragement, laughter and community as we all learn more about how different behaviors and  foods affect our bodies, minds and spirits.   Please comment on the posts with your thoughts and experiences as well — the more sharing the better!

by Sha Klatt

by Sha Klatt

Day 2 of the cleanse and so far, so good. I have been strictly following the guidelines. The hot lemon water is a great way to start the day. I had doubts about the daily vinegar drink, but to my surprise, with a little honey stirred in, it’s not bad and I find it has a satisfying effect on bedtime hunger.

My personal spa :)

My personal spa 🙂

I had a mild headache each of the first 2 days and took an Excedrin (yes it has caffeine, but I didn’t want to risk a migraine).  At the end of day 2, no headache.  I’m enjoying being highly focused on my well-being for 7 days. I feel strong, successfully resisting sugar, coffee, and even a Friday night margarita.  It hasn’t been hard, because I made the decision to be dedicated to each step of the cleanse.

Breakfast:  Popeye Green Smoothie.  Pretty good, very refreshing, like something you might drink at a spa.

Lunch:  I made the Quinoa Black Bean Salad with avocado, red pepper etc.  Soooo delicious!

Delicious Butternut Squash with Kale and Almond Pecan Parmesan

I’m really enjoying the body brushing and the soak — both relaxing and pampering.  I already know that I will definitely take away many ideas from this week that will go into my long-term routine!

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